Washcraft, a trailblazer in the dry cleaning and laundry service market, mulls to expand its footprint in Delhi NCR through its logistic network

Ghaziabad: In a strategic move to expand its presence and redefine laundry services across Delhi NCR, Washcraft, a renowned name in the dry cleaning and laundry industry, is set to unveil its new business model with the name “WashCraft GO” initially with 50 new Electric Vehicle (EV) after a trial phase through different kinds of commercial vehicles mainly EV and CNG. The announcement underscores Washcraft’s steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional dry clean – laundry solutions while increasing accessibility for the burgeoning young working class in the region. The upcoming locations are strategically positioned to ensure convenience and seamless access for residents across Delhi NCR.

Boasting state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology, Washcraft remains dedicated to providing unparalleled laundry services that consistently surpass customer expectations. The new model will also offer the same comprehensive range of Washcraft premium services, including premium dry cleaning, eco-friendly alternatives, and express services, addressing the diverse needs of customers with improved logistics and turnaround time.

Washcraft, a trailblazer in the dry cleaning and laundry service market, mulls to expand its footprint in Delhi NCR

Commenting on the expansion, Ms. Shilpi Gupta the visionary behind Washcraft, stated, that we are always striving for excellence in both “Service” and “Sustainability”. Washcraft’s expansion does not drum up its brand’s success; rather it reaffirms our mission to revolutionize the dry cleaning and laundry industry with eco-friendly processes as well as eco-conscious logistics. Our commitment to sustainability, embracing cutting-edge technology, and delivering customer-centric services positions us as 1st choice among premium customers.”

“Washcraft embraces the incredible dedication and work ethic that women bring to the workplace. Women at Washcraft be it a franchisee partner or its employees are consistently demonstrating their commitment to meeting deadlines, ensuring our customers never face inconvenience. We believe in the power of diversity and are proud to have a workforce that combines talent, dedication, and a shared commitment to delivering exceptional service,” Ms. Gupta added.

Establishing trust that customers can place in the brand’s expertise, Washcraft operates on two distinct models with low investment – the logistical model known as “Shop on Wheel (WashCraft GO)” and the physical storefront model named (WashCraft®️ Connect). With a notable emphasis on women’s participation and empowerment, Washcraft proudly employs more than 60 percent female staff members.

Notably, all Washcraft franchises are exclusively owned by women, showcasing the brand’s commitment to fostering gender inclusivity and empowerment in the workforce. As Washcraft prepares to embark on this significant expansion journey, the brand aims to set new benchmarks in the dry cleaning and laundry industry through woman entrepreneurs and SHEROs managing its business operations. The strategic placement of the new stores & and locations, coupled with a focus on sustainability, cutting-edge technology, and women’s empowerment, reinforces Washcraft’s position as a trailblazer in the market.