Scaler introduces DevOps & Cloud Computing Program to empower IT Professionals

Mumbai, 7th March 2024: Scaler, a leading tech education start-up in India, has today announced the launch of a new upskilling program for IT professionals looking to specialise in DevOps and cloud computing. The curriculum has been carefully designed after research conducted with 100+ Senior DevOps leaders in the industry.

Abhimanyu Saxena & Anshuman Singh - Co-Founders, IB & Scaler

The curriculum covers topics essential to these roles, including Python, Data Structures and Algorithms, DevOps Tools, and AWS, and provides numerous real-world assignments to facilitate hands-on learning. Enrollment in the program requires no prior coding experience and is open to beginners with an interest in entering the industry as a DevOps engineer or a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE). The course will run for a duration of 12 months and will equip learners for positions across the following categories: DevOps Engineer, Cloud Engineer and Cloud Associate. The program also offers optional electives that will prepare learners for SRE, Infrastructure and Platform Engineering roles.

The role of DevOps in the tech landscape has only grown in significance in the years since its inception. In the last phase of 2023 alone, India saw a 60% surge in demand for DevOps roles, with 75% of companies in the industry hiring for these roles. A 70% increase in developer productivity was also witnessed in this time period. Noting these market trends, Scaler has designed the DevOps & Cloud Computing program to equip learners with the relevant skills that will help them become proficient and competitive in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Speaking on the launch of the new program, Abhimanyu Saxena, Co-founder – InterviewBit & Scaler, said, “A DevOps engineer serves as the vital bridge between software development and IT operations. The growing demand for DevOps and SRE is a testament to its necessity in modern technology environments, with companies willing to pay between INR 8 Lakhs and INR 15 Lakhs per annum and beyond to competent experts. We are pleased to offer this program, crafted in consultation with senior professionals, to help learners progress in their careers. At Scaler, it is our mission to empower learners and bridge the gap between industry demand and talent scarcity. We are confident that the introduction of our new DevOps and Cloud Computing program will do just that by training engineers to thrive and flourish in this critical and rapidly evolving field.”

Notably, the Scaler DevOps & Cloud Computing program stands out as the sole course that covers concepts for SRE job profiles while preparing learners for certifications up to the Architect level, significantly improving their employability. The program offers 1-on-1 mentorship as well as teacher assistance, providing personalised guidance and supporting learners through their academic journey. This is the only DevOps course that offers sandbox environment assignments where learners will be exposed to over 50 real-world case studies to hone their skills.

In 2023, Scaler joined forces with NSDC, aligning with the #SkillIndia mission to address India’s growing need for tech talent. They launched Scaler Topics, a unique and free, gamified learn-to-code platform offering high-quality tech content for anyone with a spark of interest in software development. Simultaneously, Scaler launched its ambitious undergraduate program, the Scaler School of Technology, which witnessed phenomenal acceptance, receiving over 54,000 applications for its inaugural batch. This success further fuels Scaler’s mission. Additionally, its established upskilling programs – Scaler Academy and Scaler DSML – continued to flourish, empowering over 30,000 working professionals in their pursuit of successful careers in software development, data science, and machine learning.