Snakes & Ladders of Life Through Mokshapatta Offers Path to Enlightenment Through Ancient Vedic Wisdom

Renowned life coach and spiritual advisor Swetta Agarwal on Sunday announced the release of her book, “Snakes & Ladders of Life Through Mokshapatta: Discover Karma, Dharma & The Path to Nirvana.”

This insightful work invites readers on an enlightening journey through the depths of ancient Vedic teachings, using the spiritual tool Mokshapatta to navigate life’s complexities and chart a path toward spiritual awakening.

“As we journey through the complex maze of life, ‘Snakes & Ladders of Life Through Mokshapatta’ offers a unique blend of ancient wisdom and practical guidance, helping us understand the intricate dance between karma and dharma,” says author Swetta. “This book is a beacon for those seeking not just spiritual enlightenment but a balanced life where material success complements spiritual growth. It is my hope that readers will find inspiration and clarity, embracing the path to nirvana while fulfilling their worldly responsibilities.”

Also present at the event were Harsh Malhotra, minister of state for Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Road Transport and Highway; Vijay Sampla, former chairman of National Commission for Scheduled Caste; Ram Vilas Das Vedanti Ji, executive chairman Shriram Janam Bhoomi Nyay Samiti; Shilpa Puri, CEO of Summit India, among other dignitaries.

The book delves into the seventy-two levels of awareness and being, providing a comprehensive approach that meets both material and spiritual needs. It emphasizes that true enlightenment does not necessitate renouncing worldly responsibilities but instead integrates them with spiritual growth.

“Snakes & Ladders of Life Through Mokshapatta” is an essential read for anyone fascinated by Vedic wisdom and those seeking practical spiritual guidance. By combining age-old knowledge with contemporary applications, the book ensures readers can achieve both spiritual and material prosperity, leading to a well-rounded and fulfilling life.