Unwind this winter in Pune with Bhimthadi Jatra

National, December 21st, 2023: Bhimthadi Jatra, founded by Sunanda Tai Pawar, celebrates its 17th year, with a captivating rural extravaganza that offers a unique and vibrant experience for visitors from all walks of life. Held annually in Pune, this extraordinary carnival seamlessly blends culture, tradition, skills, and entertainment, making it a must-visit.

With over 400,000 visitors every year, the Jatra welcomes Punekars, Mumbaikars, and art enthusiasts from neighboring cities. There is a beautiful music anthem attached to Bhimthadi this year with an aim to attract the younger generation to embrace the cultural diversity, bridging the gap between the rural and urban culture at Bhimthadi Jatra.

The 17th year is a platform empowering women to showcase their skills in handicrafts, textiles, and food preparation, contributing to their communities.

In a world where the allure of preserving and revelling in cultural heritage is irresistible, Bhimthadi Jatra emerges as a distinctive and authentic experience that beckons exploration. This annual spectacle, nestled in the heart of Maharashtra, not only showcases the region’s agricultural splendour but also unfolds as a vibrant stage for local artisans, craftsmen, and farmers to showcase their talents and products.

Bhimthadi Jatra has attracted eager visitors who are interested in buying products from rural and tribal women around India. The handicrafts at Bhimthadi are made of materials like khun, neem wood, and bamboo. Specially abled children from NGOs make coasters, warli paintings, and pen holders which are sold at the Jatra. She can give valuable input on the things showcased at the event. The home decor items are upcycled and brought to the event. Furniture, kitchenware, and other items made from neem wood and bamboo are also available.

Since its inception, Bhimthadi Jatra has attracted eager visitors who anticipate the delectable food served annually at the fair. The event also boasts repeat customers who return each year to patronize specific food stalls. Millets have been a staple in our diet for generations and have seen a resurgence in popularity recently. Attendees at Bhimthadi Jatra will have the opportunity to sample local Maharashtrian cuisine at various food stalls. Bhimthadi Jatra also provides support to entrepreneurs seeking certification for their food products and assists with proper branding and packaging strategies for their goods.

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Continuing its ongoing approach towards embracing conscious choices and clothing, sustainable fashion wear brands like The Kishkinda Trust, Viva La Vida India and Love for the Loom are going to be participating in Bhimthadi Jatra’s 17th year exhibition.

Bhimthadi Jatra itself as an event follows sustainable practices, encouraging and educating the people who are participating and those attending.

– There is a farmers market where you can purchase organically produced products from direct contact.

– There is a policy for non-plastic, non thermocol plates being used, etc.

– The flexes used at the event for advertising purposes are all sent for recycling, ensuring zero wastage at the event.

– Plastic water bottles are not allowed at the event.

– Zero food wastage is ensured as well.

Date: December 21st – December 25th, 2023

Time: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm

Venue: Agricultural College Ground, Shivaji Nagar, Pune