Hikvision India Introduces Turbo HD Lamp Camera for a wide range of use

Hikvision India has introduced Turbo HD Lamp Camera (DS 2CE18D0T-LFS) for a wide range of use in the market. This latest product in the Hikvision India product portfolio has been introduced to meet the customer requirements. These Turbo HD Lamp Cameras are applicable in various application scenarios.


 Prefer colorful imaging
As ColorVu-enabled cameras continue to gain popularity, people are becoming accustomed to the supplemental visible light that accompanies their use during nighttime.

  Require a product for two purposes: In poor infrastructure areas without street light and security cameras, they have strong demand for security monitoring and lighting.

 Require the function of deterrence: Some scenarios require security products with strong deterrence, such as large bullet, and bright light.

 Hikvision’s Lamp Camera meets the customers’ needs. It serves the dual purpose of Camera as well as light. The Smart Hybrid technology helps to meet various needs. It has low power consumption, max. 9 Watt.

 The Dual Use (2 –In-1 Camera) has the 2 MP camera with 60 meter IR , Buit in Camera and 9 white Lights.
It has 3 Supplemental lighting modes i.e IR Mode, Smart Mode and White light Mode.

  •  Before a car or person enters the area, IR gets on
  •  When a car or person appears, the white light turns on
  •   The a car or person goes out, IR gets on

 Audio Over Coaxial: Built-in mic (up to 10 m) to record audio as an important
IP67 Ingress Protection: This camera has the IP67 Ingress Protection, which means one does not need to worry about bad weather conditions for its indoor and outdoor use.
Low Power Consumption: The power supply requirement is maximum 9 watt for lamp camera, while 12 Volt 1 Amp power supply is enough.
Application Scenarios: The application scenes include the perimeter scenes. The bright light gives strong warnings and provides colorful key information. In the inadequate infrastructure scenes, it is used as both a security camera and a lamp.