Fourth Edition of FEF India Fashion Awards in collaboration with WION spotlights cultural preservation and sustainability in fashion

As the fashion landscape continues to evolve, the insights and recommendations put forth during this discussion offer a roadmap for a more inclusive, responsible, and resilient fashion ecosystem that honors our heritage while embracing a sustainable future. Day 1 of the fourth edition of FEF India Fashion Awards in collaboration with WION served as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue and reflection on the future of Indian fashion.

The panel discussion at the FEF India Fashion Awards, in collaboration with WION, provided a compelling platform for industry leaders to delve into the pressing issue of sustainability in fashion. Throughout the discourse, the overarching message resonated with the need to preserve India’s rich craftsmanship, which stands as a testament to our cultural heritage.

Industry experts fervently advocated for the seamless integration of traditional artisanal techniques with contemporary design, emphasizing the importance of nurturing a symbiotic relationship between designers and craftsmen. This sentiment underscored the belief that sustainability in fashion goes beyond just environmental concerns; it encompasses the preservation of our cultural identity and national legacy.

Moreover, the discussion brought to light the imperative for heightened awareness campaigns to educate both industry stakeholders and consumers about the significance of sustainable fashion practices. Panellists stressed the pivotal role of advocacy in driving systemic change within the fashion ecosystem, urging for collaborative efforts to shift societal perceptions and consumption patterns. Alongside awareness, there was a resounding call for governmental support, particularly in the form of policies and initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation. The consensus among participants was clear: sustainable fashion isn’t merely a trend, but there is a need for it to be a fundamental shift in mindset and practice that requires collective action and commitment from all stakeholders.