Kolkata witnesses a league of Women setting new standards in women entrepreneurship

Kolkata has become home to a thriving community of women entrepreneurs who are making a mark in their respective fields. These women have overcome various challenges and obstacles to establish successful businesses and contribute to the economic growth of the city.

On this International Women’s Day, it is interesting to see those who are setting new standards in women’s entrepreneurship. Fields are vast – the city has witnessed successful women entrepreneurs in the fields of fashion, health, hospitality and others.

A specialist in implantology and prosthodontics, Dr Moon Chattaraj founder-director of Kolkata’s medical day care facility centre AM Medical Centre feels that one has to be strategic and creatively motivated in their respective field to start a venture. “One must be tactfully molding work ethics along with risks involved in entrepreneurship,” said Dr. Chattaraj, who mentioned that one of the founders of Emammi Group, Mr R.S. Goenka be her mentor in business strategy. She noted that besides her academic and professional acumen, her entrepreneurial side gave way to serving in the field of health through a team of experienced medical professionals in the fields of Eye Dental, ENT, Skin, IVF, Fetal Medicine, Cosmetic Gynaecology, Orthopedic, Radiology, Pediatric dept, Inbuilt Diagnostic Lab with all the Modern and upgraded equipments.

With a similar passion for entrepreneurship, this young Bengali Banker might have migrated to UK, but could not forget the vast culture of fashion from Bengal. Indian Banker turned Entrepreneur in the Handloom Industry, owner of Label Myosutra, Roshni Mukherjee believes that Bengal has an astounding record in the advancement of handloom and handcrafts. “I love my profession of a banker, yet I felt the need of expert development of the women weavers and workers from this part of India to reinforce the economy of West Bengal, pointed out Ms Mukherjee. She further added, being a Bengali, it is her duty to take the culture and artwork of Bengal to the people of West and also those non-resident Bengalis who long to be with their roots.” At present, Ms Mukherjee is working with 12 women weavers from Bengal who have been weaving for her handloom products such as sarees, coats and others.

Restaurants are generally helmed by men or celebrated chefs. However, breaking the myth, city is gifted with one of its popular restaurants owned by woman entrepreneur Amrita Annie. Amrita not only pursued her passion but came up with the restaurant ‘Pancham er Adday’, themed on R D Burman’s works. A music lover, Amrita said, “I had always dreamt of a café themed on the music of 1970s and 80s, and materialised it in August 2019. I feel there should be connect with our music of the golden era for this present generation.”

For Ms. Mita Samaddar, owner of a cloud kitchen named Dharmata Canteen, was a challenge to revive the “Pice Hotel” a legacy of her father that flourished during 90s. Resuming the services of her kitchen was a mix of emotions, blending excitement with a sense of challenge and opportunity. “I resumed this during 2021, and there’s the thrill of embarking on a new journey, perhaps fulfilling long-held dreams or pursuing passions that may have been set aside earlier in life.” Catering to a wide range of customers such as students, office goers and even the boarders of guest houses, she further said that her venture has been supported by her working daughter Oindrila, who is in her mid 20s. “It is purely a Bengali food kitchen which has become quite popular in the area since my kitchen is located at the heart of the business district of the city.”