Over 1000 women take part in Woman-athon to promote Women’s Health and Empowerment

Bangalore, India – March 12, 2024 – Over 1000 women, took part in ‘Woman-athon’, a special walkathon to celebrate Women’s Day 2024, with the aim to promote women’s health and empowerment. The event was conducted by Dr. Lakshmi Roopesh, accomplished dentist, MD, Dental Den, Ranjitha Janardhan, Senior Educationist and Jayanthi Janardhan- Director- Ajji Mane Events, in partnership with Trilife Hospital. 1000 women from diverse backgrounds came together in East Bangalore’s Kalyan Nagar to participate in the Woman-athon. The event commenced at 7:00 AM, with participants enthusiastically embarking on a 3-kilometer journey towards better health and empowerment. During the Woman-athon, participants benefited from free General Random Blood Sugar (GRBs) tests and diet counselling video consultations provided by Trilife Hospital. Additionally, heavily discounted pap smear and bilateral mammography tests were offered to promote early detection and prevention of women’s health. Prior to the walkathon, a professional warm up Zumba session was conducted for the women by Dr.Tushita Roy, a fitness enthusiast who is the Senior Manager, Marketing and Branding, Trilife Hospital.

Dr. Lakshmi Roopesh shares her heartfelt gratitude, stating, “This is the second edition of Woman-athon and this overwhelming response demonstrates the collective commitment of women towards prioritizing their health and well-being. It was truly inspiring to witness women of all ages and fitness levels come together to celebrate their strength and resilience. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to all participants, sponsors, volunteers, and supporters who contributed to making the event a resounding success”.

Dr. Shafiq, AM, Co-Founder, and CEO of Trilife Hospital, said, “Woman-athon not only encouraged women to embrace fitness as a routine activity but also provided invaluable insights into preventive healthcare. The aim of the event is to drive positive change in the community. The fact that we had over 1000 women participating in this event is testimony that they are conscious about their health and fitness. We are proud to have been part of an initiative that promotes women’s health and empowerment.”

Safety measures were diligently implemented throughout the route, with an ambulance equipped with a team of paramedics and doctors accompanying the walkathon. Water stations and marshals were strategically stationed along the route to ensure participants’ well-being. Trilife Hospital also provided participants with T-shirts, medals and certificates. Ovum and Silverline Diagnostics were also partners in the event.