Zurvita Announces The Zeal 21-Day Challenge Just in Time for March 20th International Day of Happiness

Irving, TX – Zurvita is a company that aims to improve health with fortified functional foods that have tremendous benefits but also focus on the happiness that comes from loving and caring for oneself. Zurvita’s Zeal 21-Day Happiness Challenge, from March 20th to April 9th, is for anyone interested in jumpstarting their mood and health while supported by an inspiring and positive community. The cornerstone of the challenge is Zeal, Zurvita’s all-in-one clean nutritional drink proven to improve energy, mood, and more. A clinical trial proved that over 28 days of drinking Zeal twice daily, 85% of people felt better, with a 23% increase in vigor and energy and better overall mood. Fatigue was down 10%, anger was down 9%, and anxiety was down 11%. The Zeal 21-Day Challenge combines Zurvita’s special Challenge Pack, information and support to cultivate happiness-boosting habits, and an exclusive Facebook community to provide support and inspiration.

“With impeccable timing and an unwavering promise backed by a money-back guarantee, Zeal is the ultimate all-in-one nutritional solution. Our mission is clear: to empower customers to prioritize their health and happiness by cultivating a daily self-care habit. Through the Zeal Challenge, we celebrate small victories and guide individuals towards incorporating joy into their daily lives, redefining their own happiness. Led by thousands of dedicated consultants, our goal is to encourage self-investment and wellness from the inside-out”, says Ideneth Vega, SVP of Strategy, Revenue Growth, and Marketing. “It’s about nurturing yourself to thrive”.

By fortifying functional food ingredients, like the star ingredients stabilized rice bran, and gamma oryzanol, one of the most nutrient dense superfoods, Zeal provides health benefits related to cardiovascular health, immune function, antioxidant activity, weight management, and more. Zeal includes Biotin, vitamins B12, C, D, and E, iron, magnesium, zinc, and essential amino acids. With over 100 whole food constituents including 25 natural botanical raw Ingredients include stabilized rice bran, maca root, grape seed, wild blueberry, acai berry, ashwagandha, chlorella, goji berry, milk thistle, moringa, red ginseng, and turmeric.

To Participate in The Zeal 21-Day Happiness Challenge, March 20 – April 9:

  1.  Learn more on our Facebook Lives on Wednesdays up until March 20th.
  2. Buy Zeal Happiness Challenge Pack that includes easy-to-drink Zeal single travel packs, the perfect on-the-go companion for wellness, and a Limited Edition Zeal bottle.
  3. Free Shipping!
  4. 49% savings from regular price!
  5. Join the exclusive Zeal 21-Day Happiness Challenge FB Group and receive tips and guidance every day for 21 days to develop new mood-boosting habits alongside taking 2 Zeals daily. This includes weekly live Happy Hour sessions with dynamic educational activities and fun giveaways.

The Zeal 21-Day Happiness Challenge Pack includes:

  •  (3) ZEAL 10-Packs (buyer’s choice, same flavor)
  • (3) ZEAL 10-Packs (pre-selected variety flavors)
  • Limited Edition! Zeal Challenge 17 oz. bottle
  • Provides 6 meals to Zeal for Meals program
  • Entries into over $1000 in Giveaways
  • A Community to walk through the challenge together