Murugappa Water Technology & Solutions Partners with AquaKraft Group Ventures

Murugappa Water Technology & Solutions Partners with AquaKraft Group Ventures

Mumbai, 15th February 2024 : Murugappa Water Technology & Solutions Private Limited ( company Headquartered in Chennai – India and part of diversified global business conglomerate Murugappa Group today announced a strategic Water Sustainability Partnership with AquaKraft Group Ventures ( ) to address the growing demand for sustainable water solutions.

The partnership aims to offer integrated solutions in water desalination and recovery and will leverage the technological innovations, expertise, and extensive experience of both partners. The initial geographical focus will be the Middle East eventually spanning out to other parts of the globe.

Speaking on the occasion Jayateerth Nadgir, Chief Executive, Murugappa Water Technology & Solutions Pvt Ltd (MWTS) said “We are very excited with our partnership with AquaKraft as our vision is congruent towards R&D (Revolutionizing & Disrupting) the water & energy sustainability space by providing sustainable water solutions across stakeholders. At the same time, our innovations complement each other seamlessly providing a one-stop shop for water sustainability and stewardship. MWTS has diverse business verticals from traditional EPC, Chemicals, O&M and Products but deeply engaged in a Transformative approach to SOLVE the UNSOLVED with NATURE RESTORATIVE approach, MWTS continues to be the leading solution provider to have launched/partnered with global startup-ecosystem in Water sustainability, MWTS uses the 4 ACES approach A- Automation, C-Chemistry, E- Engineering, S-Services. Further on, our customers will be incentivized with AquaKredits on AquaKraft’s digital innovation, AqVerium – the World’s 1st Digital Water Bank making the proposition unique and bankable. We are grateful to Dr Subramanya Kusnur, Water Man of India, for his inspired leadership and look forward to creating long-term impact together.”

AquaKraft Group Ventures ( ), a sustainability and impact group, focused on providing actionable solutions on the ground in the area of drinking water and sanitation. AquaKraft has innovated technologies for drinking water, sewage treatment & recycling & biodigesters for sanitation, all of them which are energy efficient, green, sustainable & Water+ve. AquaKraft has been advocating sustainability since its inception in 2010 and has treated 9 billion+ litres, recycled 34 billion+ litres, harvested & saved 115 trillion+ litres of water and implemented over 9000 water +ve bio-toilets across India. AquaKraft’s focus is to be a global leader in this socio-commercial enterprise space while staying committed to its mission of providing clean water to all at their affordability index and a clean sanitation methodology that will aid in arresting the spread of disease and provide a basic human need in dignity. AqVerium( ) – The World’s 1st Digital Water bank is a significant innovation by AquaKraft to provide a first-of-its-kind platform to report and monitor water use & efficiency and incentivise good behaviour in Water with AquaKredits. The platform also offers offset of AquaKredits and a Water Sustainability Score for branding sustainability. AquaKraft is now ready for launch in international markets across the Middle East, Africa, the USA and Asia.

“MWTS & AquaKraft has been at the forefront of advocating sustainability much before the advent of UN SDGs and it forms an integral part of our ethos and business philosophy. Our partnership aligns with our joint ethos and philosophy as they strongly exemplify the same. The focus of our partnership is to provide green solutions that are climate-friendly and environmentally conscious. Having innovated and implemented our vision across the length and breadth of India has given us a strong understanding of key success parameters and the recipe to make the world water +ve. According to the research report “Middle East & Africa Water Desalination Market Research Report, 2029” published by Actual Market Research, the Middle East & Africa Water Desalination Market is expected to reach a market size of more than USD 17 billion by 2029 and our partnership is well poised to address a majority of the same.” Said Dr. Subramanya Kusnur, Founder Chairman & CEO, AquaKraft Group Ventures.