Tech-Inspired Home Decor Ideas: Learn About the Uses of Technology in your Modern Homes

Tech-Inspired Home Decor Ideas: Learn About the Uses of Technology in your Modern Homes

By Lokendra Ranawat, Co-Founder & CEO, Woodenstreet

With accelerated growth in technology, India is becoming digital in almost all fields. The adaption of technology by people is also improving the capability and demand for technology everywhere. This growth is one of the reasons which has made technology both a necessity and a luxury. And home furniture and decor is the sector which is both our basic necessity and a way to determine luxury that requires the involvement of technology. Well, the demand has already started, and you can find hundreds of products in home furnishing which are tech-inspired—sensor-controlled, automated and voice-controlled home decor items. You can find a world filled with tech-inspired home decor.

On this topic, Interior designer at WoodenStreet, Sejal Parikh, stated, “Technology is simply a medium to make our lives easier, and nothing is better than bringing its convenience to our home space. However, maintaining the balance of the tech blend with aesthetic and stylish designs in home decor is what WoodenStreet aims to deliver to the techno-driven world.”

So, read below if you are also interested in transforming your space with minimal yet innovative tech-inspired home decor ideas.

1- Voice Command Massagers

With covid amplifying our sanitising habits, it has also broadened our minds to adopt technology for avoiding health issues. One such product available in malls, fun parks, and airports is voice-automated massagers. This furniture item is the perfect combination of technology added with luxury. The voice efficiency sensor makes it easier to control the temperature, pressure and all other features with a voice command. It also becomes a tech-smart home decor element which attracts all your guests and their compliments.

2- Beds with Hydraulic Mechanism

The struggle we faced planning a day when the whole family came together to flip open the bed storage is long gone. It required hard work, unnecessary effort, and strength; and was hazardous to our health. However, with our favourite mechanism of technology, you can now flip open the bed with easy and handy mechanism. You can find these hydraulic beds and enjoy their comfort and convenience.

3- One-Click Automated Recliners

Adjusting to your body, and supporting it effortlessly, is the work of a basic recliner. However, old designs of recliners required more work than they returned pleasure. Changing the position from a sofa to reclining was itself a task. This task is also taken over with upgraded technology to make our lives uncomplicated. You can purchase reclining seats that change position with a click of a button. It also has other mind-blowing features, such as built-in speakers, a charging port, cupholders, and cushioned seats.

4- Human Sensor Aroma Diffuser

It was a hassle to prepare the material and essentials for your aroma diffuser for hours before actually using it. Now you can find attractive designs of aroma diffuser which dispenses the aroma by just sensing the human presence nearby, based on a set timer. These sensory aroma diffusers are convenient as they remain in the device and effortlessly add to the aesthetic beauty of your home decor.

5- In-Built Remote Operated Study Table

Lastly, a study table is another gorgeous and effortless home decor and furniture item laced with technology for a more manageable lifestyle. You need to flick a button to adjust the height of this study table and make it highly comfortable for a more personalised setting. The simple change in position makes it a mindblowing innovation because the adjusted setting helps avoid health issues caused because of working on an uneven surface.

Closing Words

Technology and digitalization open endless possibilities for us. We can take it as far as we want for a smart, convenient, and stress-free lifestyle. However, in a few years, with upgraded technology, creative designers and an energy-efficient solution, the world fully embraces the tech-inspired lifestyle for their homes. Start by owning the gadgets mentioned above for your home to experience and value the gift of automation.