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Amrita School of Biotechnology Addresses Global Health Crisis at ALARM 2023


New Delhi, 30th November 2023 – Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), identified as a ‘slow pandemic,’ is a critical global health threat requiring immediate attention. The three-day international colloquium, part of World AMR Awareness Week, Amrita Legion of Antimicrobial Resistance Management (ALARM) 2023, emphasized the urgency of awareness and collaborative efforts to combat this medical challenge. Organized by the Amrita School of Biotechnology at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri, the event addressed concerns about antimicrobial resistance in India’s healthcare, advocating a strategic approach to reduce dependence on these drugs.

“Misusing antibiotics fosters bacterial resistance, and the pharmaceutical industry’s inadequate emphasis on new antibiotics exacerbates this issue. In 2021, India reported 100,000 cases of antibiotic-resistant organisms, indicating pervasive resistance across diverse bacterial infections. Striking a delicate balance in antibiotic dosages is essential, recognizing that overuse significantly contributes to resistance. Our most effective tools in preserving antibiotic efficacy and safeguarding health lie in collective global efforts, innovative research, and responsible antibiotic stewardship,” said Dr. Bipin Nair, Dean & HOD, School of Biotechnology, Amrita University.

ALARM 2023 transcended traditional conference settings, providing a platform for multidisciplinary panels, experts, and policymakers. Specialized policy roundtables integrated AMR considerations into broader health and economic policies. The conference engaged the public through forums, town hall-style meetings, and storytelling sessions, translating complex scientific concepts into relatable narratives. Emphasizing the One Health concept, it acknowledged the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health.

Dr. Ranga Reddy, President, Infection Control Academy of India, highlighted, “AMR poses a threat to diverse aspects of life, challenging the achievement of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Significant contributors to the rise of AMR include sectors such as agriculture and poultry. Vigilance and appropriate treatment are vital, considering risk factors like excessive antibiotic use, hospitalization, and chronic conditions. Tailored antibiotic therapy based on susceptibility testing becomes imperative, given limited treatment options. Embracing healthy aging involves maintaining overall health and safeguarding against communicable diseases through vaccination.”

Integral campaigns like the Blue Light campaign and WAAW campaign were recommended during AMR week to underscore the importance of awareness. Healthcare professionals play a crucial role in educating patients on antibiotic use, initiating stewardship programs, and advocating for policies supporting AMR control. Foundational practices include rational antibiotic prescribing, implementing infection control measures, public education on antibiotic use, and improving sanitation and hygiene. Essential strategies, such as enhancing surveillance systems, promoting antibiotic stewardship, investing in new antibiotic development, and fostering global collaboration, underline the necessity for centralized policies to counter antibiotic misuse and abuse across various sectors.

Mr. Harshvardhan Lunia Elected Chair and Mr. Jitendra Gupta Co-Chair of Fintech Convergence Council

Mumbai,30th November 2023: Mr. Harshvardhan Lunia, Founder & CEO, of Lendingkart Technologies Private Limited, has been elected the new Chairman of the Fintech Convergence Council (FCC), which represents the fintech members of the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI). Mr. Jitendra Gupta, Founder, Jupiter, has been elected the new FCC Co-chair. The new leadership replaces Mr. Naveen Surya and Mr. Srinivas Jain respectively.

Mr. Harshvardhan Lunia.

“I am thrilled to join the Fintech Convergence Council (FCC) as its new Chair. The FCC is a leading voice for the fintech industry, and I am committed to working with the Council’s members to shape the future of finance. In the years to come, I believe that the FCC will play an even more critical role in promoting financial inclusion, driving responsible innovation, and fostering collaboration across the fintech ecosystem. Over the last ten years, I have been involved with developing fintech solutions and creating financial products for customers across India. I am positive that my experience will be useful while collaborating with leading lights of the industry. I am confident that together, we can make a real difference in the lives of people in India and around the world,” said Mr. Harshvardhan Lunia.

Mr. Jitendra Gupta

Mr. Jitendra Gupta said, “I am thankful to the industry for providing the opportunity to serve as Co-Chair of the Fintech Convergence Council. The FCC is a dynamic and forward-thinking organization, it has done great work in building credibility among regulators for its industry work. We will continue to progress on the FCC’s work in the areas of digital lending, DFSP, Insurtech, investment, Regtech, and P2P lending. In the fast-paced evolving financial services landscape, it is important for industries to be together for the growth of the overall industry while respecting players who continue to do responsible innovation. We will work with respective regulators to drive independent SROs in areas of lending or fintech in general.”

The Fintech Convergence Council, established in 2018, is as a vital advocate for the fintech sector. The council’s areas of focus include digital lending, P2P lending, insurance, investments, and Regtech within the financial ecosystem. It plays a pivotal role in facilitating collaboration and convergence among diverse stakeholders in the financial services landscape for inclusive growth of the sector, ensuring that technological advancements align with ethical principles, consumer protection, and regulatory frameworks.

FCC is actively collaborating with the ecosystem stakeholders to establish a self-regulatory mechanism specifically for the digital lending industry. It also emphasizes the importance of promoting global outreach and thought leadership to elevate India’s position in the global fintech landscape. The council keenly supports consumer awareness initiatives.

Elections were also held to elect new chairs and co-chairs of the six committees, which function under the FCC. Following is the list of new chair and co-chair in each of the committees:

Committee Chair Co-chair
Digital Lending Mr. Harshvardhan Lunia,

Founder & CEO,

Lendingkart Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Hemant Gala,


PhonePe Credit Services Pvt. Ltd

Investment Mr. Prabhakar Tiwari,

Chief Growth Officer,

Angel One

Mr. Ujjwal Jain,


PhonePe Wealth Broking Pvt. Ltd.

Insurtech Mr. Chiranth Patil,

Co-Founder & Director,

Riskcovry Insurtech Platform

Mr. Pranshu Diwan,

Chief Business Officer- Insurance

Paytm Insurance Broking Pvt. Ltd.

Regtech Mr. Ankit Ratan,

CEO & Co-Founder,

Signzy Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Jay Dembani,

Head of Products,


Digital Financial Service Providers Mr. Sujith Narayanan,

Co-Founder & CEO,

Fi Money (Epifi Technologies)

Mr. Jitendra Gupta,



P2P Lending Mr. Achal Mittal


NDX P2P Pvt. Ltd. (Liquiloans)

Mr. Rajat Gandhi,

Co-Founder & CEO,


Delta Selected Among the Best Taiwan Global Brands for 13 Years


BENGALURU, 30th November 2023 – Delta was selected as one of the “2023 Best Taiwan Global Brands” for the 13th consecutive year. Delta’s brand was also valued at US$544 million, a noteworthy surge of 28% from 2022, establishing a new record. “The Best Taiwan Global Brands” is organized by the Industrial Development Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and executed by Interbrand, an international brand valuation institution commissioned by the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research.

Ms. Shan-Shan Guo, Chief Brand Officer of Delta, stated, “It is an honor that Delta’s brand value has been recognized as growing consistently for 11 years. This year, we have seen a significant improvement. Delta has always maintained a keen market awareness, staying ahead of global trends by making long-term investments in fields such as electric vehicles, industrial automation, building automation, information and communication technology, and energy infrastructure, which has led to impressive business performance in recent years. In 2022, Delta expanded from a pure industrial brand to include a commercial brand, resulting in a comprehensive solution that is smart, energy-efficient and closer to users. Delta has closely aligned its business with its ESG strategy. Currently, 63% of the electricity consumed by our global operations comes from renewable sources, in line with Delta’s RE100 goal by 2030. Additionally, Delta has also established an internal carbon pricing (ICP) system that charges a carbon fee of US$300 per ton of carbon emissions. The funds collected from carbon fees are then invested in developing low-carbon innovation, energy resource management and renewable energy solutions. In terms of social participation, Delta Foundation is deeply committed to cultivating environmental education, and has expanded its efforts to coral restoration and actively enhancing biodiversity. As a leading ESG global company, Delta takes its commitments seriously and puts them into action. We are pleased that ESG is now one of the key topics in this year’s brand evaluation. We appreciate the judges for recognizing Delta’s long-term efforts and valuing highly our accumulated ESG performance.”

Mr. Benjamin Lin, President, Delta Electronics India said, “We are thrilled to be recognized once again as one of the Best Taiwan Global Brands. This achievement reflects Delta’s unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. I extend my sincere appreciation to the entire Delta family for their dedication, expertise, and commitment to our shared vision. This recognition inspires us to further enhance our brand, contribute to sustainable development, and create lasting value for our customers, partners, and communities.”

Delta’s brand value is surpassing US$500 million in 2023, with a huge leap in growth to achieve the exceptional result of 28%. Delta aims to drive sustainability transformation through technology, providing customers with smart and energy-efficient products and services while connecting the industry ecosystem and collaborating on value creation. In response to the worldwide green energy trend, Delta has proactively broadened its progressive business areas using its fundamental technological expertise in power management. This encompasses data center power and cooling solutions, industrial automation, building automation, EV powertrain and charging solutions, and renewable energy. Delta will continue to develop innovative technologies to accomplish its zero-carbon vision and move towards becoming a sustainable brand.

With Delta’s corporate mission “To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow”, Delta integrates ESG developments into its business operations. Besides improving the energy efficiency of products, promoting energy-saving solutions and green buildings, Delta is actively setting long-term strategies and targets to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 at its global sites. Delta is dedicated to reducing its absolute Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions by 90% by 2030, with 2021 as the baseline year, and has already accomplished a 13.5% decrease in carbon emissions in 2022. Delta also promotes low-carbon innovation by implementing an ICP system and investing carbon fee funds into multiple carbon reduction projects. At the upcoming 28th United Nations Climate Change conference (COP28), Delta plans to exchange experiences with the global community and collaborate to achieve decarbonization.

Furthermore, Delta remains committed to advancing energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions through its innovative solutions. The high-efficiency products Delta shipped between 2010 and 2022 have helped clients save 39.9 billion kWh of electricity, which is equivalent to reducing roughly 21.05 million tons of global carbon emissions. Delta is also actively creating healthy and energy-saving buildings around the world through technology and so far, has built or made donations of 32 green buildings, as well as two certified green data centers. Among them, 17 certified green office buildings and 5 certified green buildings, donated for academic purposes, have saved a total of 26.91 million kWh of electricity in 2022, equivalent to reducing 15,400 tons of carbon emissions.

Property prices in Greater Noida West appreciate 21.6% YoY; emerges as a hotbed of affordable residential investments: Magicbricks

Noida / New Delhi, 30th November 2023: According to Magicbricks, property prices in Greater Noida West appreciated 21.6% YoY while rents have surged 13.15% YoY making it a hotbed of affordable residential investments. Further, Magicbricks Research revealed that Greater Noida West has witnessed the highest growth in supply (8.62% YoY) compared to other localities in Greater Noida, which has propelled demand in the area as well.

The area is attracting demand from both domestic and NRI customers, with residents from Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida and Mumbai constituting 90% of domestic demand. NRIs from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and UAE constitute 85% of the international demand in Greater Noida West.

Sudhir Pai

Sudhir Pai, CEO of Magicbricks, said, “This year has witnessed a noticeable inclination towards spacious residences, fueling a surge in demand for properties in peripheral regions like Greater Noida West. Boasting reasonably priced housing options, rapid infrastructure enhancements, and close proximity to employment hubs, Greater Noida West has swiftly ascended as a highly sought after locale within the NCR. This remarkable growth isn’t just indicative of an investment hotspot but also signals a promising market primed for continual expansion and innovation.”

The report further observed that homebuyers favored apartment sizes exceeding 1250 sq ft, contributing to 54.5% of the total demand; and more than 50% home seekers sought properties in the budget of Rs. 5000-7500 psf.

Huawei Sustainability Forum: Jeffrey Sachs Advocates Tech Solutions to Address SDG Challenges

[Shenzhen, China, 30th November 2023: ] Huawei’s 2023 Sustainability Forum and its regional sessions concluded yesterday. Themed “Thriving Together with Tech: Realizing Sustainable Development,” the event involved five regional sessions in China, Italy, Ghana, Pakistan, and Brazil, where best sustainability practices from Huawei and its partners were demonstrated. Attendees from all over the world explored how digital infrastructure can better drive sustainable development and help build a greener and more inclusive intelligent world.

In Brazil, Huawei is working with local operator Veloso Net to deliver stable connectivity to over 30% of the unconnected population in the state of Amazonas. Huawei also announced plans to cooperate with the International Union for Nature Conservation (IUCN) to implement a Tech4Nature project, which will protect biodiversity while fostering the development of local communities.

Jeffrey Sachs, President of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, Commissioner of the UN Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development, and Professor at Columbia University, delivered a keynote speech in which he discussed how global challenges are becoming increasingly complex. “We live in a period in which the challenges are getting greater and the need for breakthrough technologies, such as those Huawei brings us, is ever more urgent.”

Sachs listed three key objectives that require whole-of-society action: (1) making sure that every place in the world has at least basic prosperity; (2) promoting social inclusion so that all parts of society can achieve wellbeing, not just the rich or residents of cities; and (3) enjoying economic wellbeing while stopping environmental destruction.

Sachs also highlighted the vital role that digital technology has to play in achieving these objectives. “Technologies, at least potentially, can reach everybody in a society and can even reach the poorest people in the world, as long as they are near a base station, as long as they can get digital connectivity, and as long as they have a device,” Sachs continued. “Now, we need to deploy technologies, combined with financing, to enable these solutions to reach all parts of the world.”

Attendees emphasized that digital technology would help improve the resilience of both nature and humanity in the face of risks and challenges and drive sustainability. Jeffrey Zhou, Huawei President of ICT Marketing, noted: “Together with our partners, we are using the power of digital technology to drive digital inclusion and enable an inclusive and sustainable digital world.”

In Yunnan, China, improved connectivity enabled by Huawei’s 5G solutions has increased the efficiency of coffee farming and the quality of the beans. With digital infrastructure in place, e-commerce and video streaming have boomed, elevating the local coffee industry and making local coffee a prized brand among consumers.

In Italy, Huawei’s TECH4ALL Nature Guardian project, in partnership with WWF Italy, has deployed cloud- and AI-based acoustic monitoring systems at 16 eco-farms and traditional farms. The project found out that approximately 10% more species live within eco-farms than in traditional farms.

In Gokina, Pakistan, Huawei and its partners have brought connectivity to the local community, enabling telemedicine and distance education. Villagers in this remote village can now access quality medical services when they need them.

In Ghana, Huawei worked with partners to build the first floating hydro-solar hybrid plant in West Africa. The plant will fuel a cashew factory in the Bono Region and create employment for over 800 citizens including women.

The First Lady of the Republic of Ghana, Her Excellency Rebecca Akufo-Addo, appreciated Huawei’s contribution to the country’s sustainable development.

She said: “The world is going green and projects such as the hydro-solar hybrid plant show that Ghana is on the right path, towards the realization of a sustainable and eco-friendly digital future.”

“What I am hoping for is that Huawei’s tremendous capacity in 5G, in appliances, in systems design, in content and platforms can be harnessed with other large-scale programs,” said Sachs. “We need to make clear to the world that we have the solutions, that we have the mechanisms to put them in place at scale.”

On November 21, Huawei also announced that it has already brought connectivity to 90 million people in remote areas across the globe, as part of its commitment to the International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) Partner2Connect pledge. The event also saw the launch of the ITU Generation Connect Young Leadership Programme in Partnership with Huawei.

GoKwik collaborates with Flipkart to offer SuperCoins for D2C shoppers

Delhi/Bengaluru,30th November 2023:: GoKwik, one of the largest eCommerce enablers in India, has collaborated with Flipkart to offer the latter’s SuperCoins program to D2C brands on KwikCheckout (GoKwik’s checkout solution). SuperCoins is a multi-brand rewards ecosystem created by Flipkart to provide benefits to users on its platform and those on its partner brands.

With this collaboration, GoKwik will be able to enable SuperCoins redemption on KwikCheckout, with a vision of providing a delightful and seamless shopping experience to Indian D2C shoppers and merchants on its network.

Flipkart SuperCoins will be integrated within KwikCheckout thus allowing Flipkart customers, and those on Myntra, Cleartrip, and Shopsy, to redeem their earned SuperCoins on an extensive network of digital-first brands. This will in turn help these brands to provide a superior experience at checkout, thereby improving conversion and customer retention.

With a one-time login and single sign-on flow enabled in both KwikCheckout and SuperCoins, shoppers can redeem these coins directly at the checkout page without being redirected. Once logged in they will be able to redeem SuperCoins on any of the D2C brands in the GoKwik network that have enabled this feature on their checkout. The points that they have earned so far will also be visible to them upfront, thereby enhancing the shopper experience.

The collaboration will also contribute to new user acquisition and reactivation of dormant customers by leveraging the current customers for SuperCoins coupled with GoKwik’s extensive 100 million+ shopper network. With SuperCoins, shoppers can unlock savings and enjoy incentives and offers from multiple brand partners including Myntra, Cleartrip, Shopsy etc enhancing their shopping experience and making their purchases more rewarding. Participating brands will, therefore, witness increased transaction volume and an increase in average order value (AOV) as customers shop for their preferred products at discounted prices.

Speaking about the partnership, Chirag Taneja, Co-Founder and CEO, GoKwik said, “eCommerce and Flipkart have become synonymous with each other. Welcoming Flipkart as our partner and integrating SuperCoins into our checkout will be beneficial for our merchants to drive higher conversions & retention. As a result of this collaboration, eCommerce consumers will be the biggest beneficiaries by having access to SuperCoins beyond the Flipkart universe of platforms. It will lead to a unified eCommerce ecosystem where both customers and brands thrive.”

Flipkart will also co-market and list activated merchants in the SuperCoin zone to raise awareness about the availability of SuperCoins on the brand’s own portals. This visibility on Flipkart’s platform will enable participating brands to increase their brand awareness & consideration.

“Over the past year, the SuperCoins ecosystem has transformed into a thriving loyalty and rewards program, offering customers an enriched array of opportunities to earn and redeem rewards. Our goal is to empower customers to derive maximum benefit from SuperCoins, not just within the realm of Flipkart but also in their transactions beyond, while simultaneously fostering growth for our brand and platform partners. We are pleased to join forces with GoKwik to expand the SuperCoins program to D2C brands on its network. Harnessing GoKwik’s distinctive and cutting-edge technological solutions, we aim to orchestrate a mutually beneficial landscape for both brands and shoppers.” said Prabh Singh, Senior Vice President, Customer Growth and Ads, Flipkart.

GoKwik is committed to solving the challenges eCommerce brands face and enabling their growth by creating unique, holistic, innovative and technology-backed solutions for every stage of the shopping funnel. With an extensive network of 100M+ shoppers, GoKwik has helped over 1000 brands increase conversions by 35% while also reducing return to origin (RTO) losses by up to 40%.

Brands on the GoKwik network include Lenskart, Neemans, Man Matters, Mamaearth, etc., ranging from fashion, beauty, health and nutrition, electronics and other key categories of the online shopping space.

This collaboration aims to empower D2C brands on the GoKwik network with SuperCoins, fostering growth. It showcases the commitment of both companies to drive innovation, provide value, and deliver delightful experiences for customers and brand partners.

‘It’s our story, it’s everyone’s story’, shares Sharad Kelkar while talking about his latest release Slum Golf

Mumbai, 30th November 2023: Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service, recently released its sports drama series, ‘Slum Golf’ which chronicles the story of a young boy Pawan and his unwavering determination to pursue his dream of being a professional golfer. With a strong and inspiring narrative, the series follows his story of triumphing over personal obstacles and making his way from the slums to the golf field. Starring Sharad Kelkar, Mayur More and Arjan Aujlain in pivotal roles, the series is streaming on Amazon miniTV for free.

Sharad Kelkar

Sharad Kelkar who portrays the role of Coach Rane in the series, shared what makes the story of Slum Golf unique and noteworthy. “It’s our story, it’s everyone’s story who is dreaming of becoming something or achieving something. I think one can relate to the show. Maybe the sequences are different or maybe the situations are different in this show but you can connect with that. There might be hindrances in the way to achieve your goal but it’s your efforts and your consistency which will make you win over all these problems and achieve the dream or the goal you wanted to,” he expressed.

Delving deeper into the distinctiveness of the series, he continued by sharing on why it is a must-watch. He said, “First of all, it’s free on Amazon Mini. Indians love free things. Secondly, it’s a lovely show, it’s a beautiful sports drama that we don’t see much of in India. It’s about golf, so you’ll learn a lot about it. Thirdly, it is highly motivational, it will inspire you to achieve your goals.”

Indulge in this endearing tale and experience the range of emotions with Slum Golf on Amazon miniTV available on Amazon’s shopping app, on Fire TV, and on Play Store

5 Regional Hip-hop Tracks From MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT That Will Leave You Grooving All Day!

This season of MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT is all about ‘REPRESENTATION’, which the hustlers are doing at their finest. The show is truly unifying India through rhythm and rap proving that hip-hop knows no geographical, linguistic or genre-specific boundaries. Hustlers are infusing their unique flair and celebrating diversity by performing in their native languages in the show representing music from every corner of India. Plunge into this musical array from MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT’s playlist, where every beat echoes the true spirit of this incredible hip-hop journey!

Kayden Sharma

Kayden Sharma, the dynamic rapper from Hyderabad, brings out the true essence of his language in each song that he raps on week after week. Ever since his song Street Celebrity gained popularity overnight, left not only the Hyderabad fandom but the entire nation grooving to this infectious rap. His distinctive regional dialect when rapping is evidence of his strong connection to his roots; showcasing the language proudly on National Television.

Mrunal Shankar,

Mrunal Shankar, known for her unique voice and great talent has sung her rendition of Mor Bani Thangat kare, a popular Gujarati folk song from the film ‘Ramleela’ that starred celebrated actors Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh. Mrunal’s rendition not only showcased her vocal finesse but also added a fresh & captivating twist to the culture.


100RBH, a conscious rapper from Amravati, Maharashtra has impressed audiences with his impactful performances that tackle important issues through hard-hitting rhymes. He has amazed the Squad Bosses week-on-week, getting continuous Radio Hits from Badshah. He became a sensation after his song, Amravati Potta, a song that reflects his hometown and has become a cultural anthem.


Burrah, renowned for his idea of healing everyone through music, created a soul-stirring track Main Sochi Jaavan. The song has made an incredible mark with the message of healing from depression. He has truly won the hearts of many! Not only the Punjabi community but the nation was touched by his soulful performance.

Vijay Dada

Vijay Dada, who represents ‘Chaar Teen’, the Govandi-Mankhurd area in Mumbai known for his Bambaiya touch to Hindi, gave a seamless spin during the zone flip challenge by switching from Hindi to Tamil and sang Chinnamma which stunned the audience and left the EPR and DeeMC impressed!

MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT is a statement to India’s exceptional talent and is spreading the message of diverse cultural music all across the globe.

The Chancellor of Arni University: Vivek Singh Reshaping Higher Learning in Himachal and Beyond

Vivek Singh , Chancellor of Arni University

Vivek Singh , Chancellor of Arni University

Himachal Pradesh , November 29, 2023: Vivek Singh, the dynamic and purpose-driven Chancellor of Arni University (AU) in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, is spearheading a transformative journey in the higher education landscape. His relentless passion for reshaping the future of higher learning brought him to Himachal nearly a decade ago, where he emerged as a pioneer and change-maker. By blending innovative learning techniques, a focus on soft skills, and cutting-edge courses, he has turned Arni University into a magnet for students from across Northern India, leading to a remarkable increase in student enrollment from 200 to 2000 in just a few years.

Under Vivek Singh’s visionary leadership, Arni University has witnessed an astonishing surge in its student population. From a humble 200 students when it gained UGC accreditation in 2009, the institution’s enrollment has skyrocketed to 2000 in 2023, with steady growth in each academic session.

Vivek Singh’s commitment to innovation is evident in AU’s approach. The university offers a diverse array of programs, promotes interdisciplinary learning, and focuses on soft skills and personality development, setting it apart from its peers. AU offers a range of new-age courses that encompass emerging fields like artificial intelligence, data science, sustainable development, and more, equipping students to excel in the rapidly evolving job market.

This combination of factors has not only attracted students but also contributed to the growth of Himachal Pradesh’s higher education landscape. Arni University has become a vital part of the region’s educational fabric, empowering students to excel academically and prepare for successful careers. The university’s vision of “Skill Comprehensive Higher Education” underscores its forward-thinking approach, specifically focusing on building sustainable livelihoods in a challenging geographical region – Himachal Pradesh.

Vivek Singh’s vision extends beyond employability; he aims to ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship among students. Arni University serves as a holistic educational ecosystem, where students are equipped with the tools needed to excel in their chosen fields, contribute to society, and make a lasting impact on the world. The institution fosters versatility, promotes experiential learning, and encourages an interdisciplinary approach, enabling students to pursue their passions and achieve their dream careers.

In a recent groundbreaking initiative, Vivek Singh announced special provisions for students from defense families seeking admission to different courses. The university has been empaneled for the

Jammu and Kashmir Scholarship Scheme, offering admission to students recommended by the Indian Army’s Northern Command Headquarters. This initiative is a testament to AU’s commitment to serving those who have served the nation.

Vivek Singh’s visionary leadership has transformed Arni University into a hub of innovative learning and social responsibility. The institution’s meteoric growth in student population, its commitment to new-age courses, and its focus on nurturing socially sensitive individuals have not only impacted Himachal Pradesh but also extended the reach of quality higher education to Northern India. Under Vivek Singh’s guidance, Arni University is on its way to becoming a beacon of education and empowerment for the entire region.

By – B K Jha

VIBGYOR Group of Schools Opens Admissions: Nurturing the Future of Young India

Mumbai, 29th Nov 2023: The admission process for the Academic Year 2024-2025 is on at the VIBGYOR Group of Schools, across its 36 schools in 13 cities.

VIBGYOR group of schools is a leading brand in India providing 21st-century academic curriculum to its students along with Sports, performing arts, and holistic development. VIBGYOR aims to shape the next generation of thinkers, leaders, and global citizens.

VIBGYOR group, which is completing 2 decades in quality educational leadership in the year 2024, has restructured its fee structure from play school to Grade 12, to provide the maximum benefits to the parents and students. This reflects the school’s dedication to fostering an environment that encourages both academic excellence and holistic development.

“We at VIBGYOR are not just teaching students, we’re preparing them for a globalised world. Our curriculum is designed to nurture both the mind and the heart, ensuring our students are not just academically excellent but also future-ready. As we open the doors to a new academic year, we welcome the opportunity to inspire their dreams and empower them. Our commitment to academic excellence and holistic development remains steadfast. We look forward to nurturing a community of passionate learners, critical thinkers and responsible citizens. Join us in this exciting journey of discovery, growth, and success.” – Mrs. Kavita Kerawalla, Vice Chairperson, VIBGYOR Group of Schools.

Key highlights of the VIBGYOR experience include:
● Integrated Academic Curriculum taught by World-class faculty.
● Technology Integration
● Sports and Performing Arts as an integral part of the curriculum.
● Post School Activities
● Embark School Clubs
● ACE Programme: A 2-year integrated & customized programme for students pursuing Science in Grades 11 & 12 with Lead Mentor at ARIV Education Mahesh Shetty.
● VIBGYOR MUN: A conference that brings together young leaders from various educational institutions to engage in an impactful diplomatic simulation.
● Climate Academy: Asia’s first school to get an opportunity to collaborate with a Belgium-based Organisation the Climate Academy.
● VIVA: Inter-school cultural festival that brings together a rich array of activities, spanning games, sports, musical renditions, captivating dances and enchanting performances.
● EUMIND: An exchange programme for VIBGYOR High Goregaon West and Malad East partnered with CSW Van de Perre School, Middelburg in the Netherlands.

As the Indian educational landscape rapidly evolves in this age of globalisation, VIBGYOR remains committed to equipping its students with the tools, knowledge and resilience they need to succeed and thrive, both locally and globally.

Parents and guardians interested in enrolling their children at VIBGYOR Group of Schools are encouraged to reach out via the school’s official website or contact the admissions office directly. The team at VIBGYOR is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and transparent admissions process, guiding parents every step of the way.