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Top 4 Baby Products to Clean with Liquid Cleanser

Babies interact with a lot of day to day elements via their hands and the mouth, thus making their surrounding environment’s hygiene a prerequisite for parents and guardians alike. Baby’s immunity is not strong at birth. It develops gradually as baby grows. Therefore, it is very important that everything that goes into baby’s mouth is properly cleaned and disinfected. Baby feeding bottles, teats, soothers, toys, fruits and vegetables, if left uncleansed even for some time can result in growth of commonly found bacteria and fungi. Hence, you need a specialized product that not only cleans but also disinfects. While there are numerous cleaning products available in the market, liquid cleansers stand out for their effectiveness and versatility.

Liquid Cleanser-2

In this article, we’ll put some light on the top three baby products that can benefit from cleaning with Chicco liquid cleanser — a messiah for your baby when it comes to upholding the environmental hygiene around them.

1. Feeding Bottles:
Liquid cleansers for feeding bottles offer a convenient and effective solution for maintaining a hygienic environment for infants. These cleansers are specially formulated to be gentle on bottle materials while effectively removing milk residue and eliminating harmful bacteria. Their ease of use makes them a practical choice for busy parents, providing a quick and efficient cleaning solution for baby bottles, ensuring a safe and sanitary feeding experience for their little ones.

2. Breast Pumps:
Improper cleaning of breast pumps can lead to bacterial growth and contamination of expressed milk. Chicco Liquid cleansers offer a convenient and effective way to clean breast pumps, ensuring that they are thoroughly sanitized after each use. Simply disassemble the breast pump components, soak them in a solution of liquid cleanser and water, and then rinse them thoroughly with water.

3. Baby Toys:
Baby toys are an integral part of your little one’s development and entertainment that are also prone to accumulating dirt, saliva, and other residues, making regular cleaning essential. Liquid cleansers offer a gentle yet effective solution for cleaning baby toys. One can simply dilute the cleanser in water, soak the toys, and scrub gently to remove dirt and bacteria and make it a safe playtime.

4. Fruits and Vegetables:
To maintain food safety and hygiene, the cleansers are formulated to effectively remove pesticides, dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants that may be present on the surface of fresh produce. The cleansers are easy to use, requiring a simple soaking or rinsing process to thoroughly clean fruits and vegetables. This practice not only promotes health and safety but also contributes to the overall well-being of babies.

To conclude, liquid cleansers are indispensable for cleaning a variety of baby products. By incorporating liquid cleansers into your baby care routine, one can ensure that baby’s essentials remain clean, hygienic, and safe for their use. It should always stand out with its exceptional features. Chicco liquid cleansers are crafted from 100% food-grade and natural ingredients, thus prioritizing safety for your baby. With a remarkable ability to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and fungi, the thorough disinfection of feeding items. The cleanser’s effectiveness extends to removing stubborn milk residue and banishing unpleasant odors, providing a clean and inviting feeding experience. The right ones out there are usually dermatologically tested, offering peace of mind, and guaranteeing gentle care for your baby’s delicate skin.

Investing in Yourself: 6 Affordable Ways to Boost Your Skills and Career Prospects

Bengaluru, 29 February, 2024 – 1. Online Courses: Numerous platforms offer affordable courses in various fields such as programming, digital marketing, graphic design, and more. For instance, platforms like Coursera and Udemy provide a wide range of courses at reasonable prices, allowing you to learn at your own pace. Utilize platforms like LinkedIn Learning, which offer a vast library of courses covering various topics, often available through a free trial or with a subscription. Courses on LinkedIn Learning cover everything from software development to business management, providing valuable skills for career advancement.


2. Books: Utilize public libraries or online resources to access a wealth of knowledge. Look for books covering topics relevant to your interests or career aspirations. For example, “Atomic Habits” by James Clear is a popular choice for personal development, while “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg offers insights into leadership and career advancement.

3. Podcasts: Listen to podcasts focused on personal development, industry trends, or specific skills you want to enhance. Podcasts like “The Tim Ferriss Show” and “How I Built This” provide valuable insights from successful individuals across various industries.

4. Industry Certifications: Look for affordable certification programs or exams that can validate your skills and improve your credibility in your field. Certifications such as Google Analytics or HubSpot Content Marketing Certification can enhance your resume and demonstrate expertise in specific areas.

5. Financial Assistance: For college students and young working professionals needing extra financial support for educational expenses or unexpected emergencies, consider utilizing mPokket, an instant loan app tailored to their needs. mPokket provides quick and hassle-free loans, ranging up to Rs. 45,000, helping you cover expenses without disrupting your education or career goals.

6. Language Learning Apps and Resources: Enhance your communication skills by learning a new language through affordable language learning apps or free online resources. Apps like Duolingo and websites like BBC Languages offer interactive lessons in multiple languages.

Investing in yourself doesn’t have to break the bank. With these affordable resources and apps, you can actively enhance your skills and advance your career prospects.

Huawei Launches Three Innovative All-Optical Products to Open Up F5.5G Commercial Use

[Barcelona, Spain, February 29, 2024] During MWC24 Barcelona at Huawei Product and Solution Launch, Bob Chen, President of Huawei Optical Business Product Line, launched the industry’s first DC-oriented OTN product, OptiX OSN 9800 K36; the industry’s first intelligent OLT product, OptiXaccess MA5800T; and the industry’s first FTTR+X product, iFTTR OptiXstar F50 for ultra-broadband backbone, 10G access, and all-optical smart home scenarios. The three innovative products help operators build an F5.5G all-optical target network and accelerate development of 10G ultra broadband, together opening up the commercial use of F5.5G.

In November 2023, ETSI released the F5G Advanced Generation Definition. Huawei has worked with leading operators around the world to carry out F5.5G innovation and practice, with key F5.5G technologies and products including Wi-Fi 7, 50G PON, 400G, 800G backbone networks and OXC already in wide use. 10G connectivity is fundamental to the popularization of intelligent applications. Many countries and regions around the world have released 10G development plans and initiated the construction of 10Giga City. To boost further development of F5.5G, Bob Chen, President of Huawei Optical Business Product Line, noted that operators need to build an F5.5G all-optical target network that supports “1+3+4” core features amid 10G ultra broadband development. That is, centered around 1 network goal: 10Gbps ultra broadband; achieving 3 network capabilities: 10Gbps ubiquitous access, metro network reducing latency to 1ms, and backbone network achieving 99.9999% availability; building 4 network architecture: backbone network deploys 400G, 800G OTN to connect data centers, metro network requires 100G to COs, access network uses 50G PON to homes and enterprises, and connects 10Gbps to room.

To support the construction of the F5.5G all-optical target network with “1+3+4” architecture, Huawei has launched three innovative all-optical products.

Ultra-broadband backbone: Huawei has launched OptiX OSN 9800 K36, the industry’s first DC-oriented OTN product. It has three innovations. First, it provides single-wavelength 1.6Tbps, 33% higher than the next highest rate — 1.2Tbps. It also reduces the per-bit cost by 30%. Second, it has an innovative dual-3D orthogonal architecture that doubles the number of supported slots, and delivers a single-subrack switching capacity of more than 100T, easily coping with traffic surges. Third, its built-in intelligent unit enables ms-level detection and real-time intelligent fault analysis, thereby improving network availability.

10G access: MA5800T, the industry’s first intelligent OLT product, brings three upgrades. First, the capacity of a single slot on the device reaches 2T, more than twice the industry average, and can evolve to 200G PON. Moreover, it is compatible with existing GPON and 10G PON. Second, the product implements physical isolation for services through an innovative architecture, ensuring E2E deterministic latency and jitter for premium services. Third, its built-in intelligent computing unit improves user experiences in all aspects.

All-optical smart home: iFTTR F50, the industry’s first FTTR+X product, supports more functions besides network connection. It has three innovations. First, with a C-WAN architecture plus Wi-Fi 7, iFTTR F50 increases the access rate to 3000 Mbps. Second, based on accurate clock synchronization, it shortens the roaming handover time to 10ms and eliminates packet loss. Third, its built-in storage and computing unit provides users with a maximum of 8TB storage space and intelligent album search functions. Meanwhile, with excellent Wi-Fi capabilities, the F50 is the first product to obtain the performance certification of the World WLAN Application Alliance (WAA), ensuring premium digital home experience for users.

Bob Chen, President of Huawei Optical Business Product Line, said, “2024 is the first year of F5.5G commercial use, and fixed networks will take a new leap forward. Amid the development of 10G ultra broadband, Huawei released three innovative all-optical products: DC-oriented OTN product OSN 9800 K36, intelligent 10G OLT product MA5800T, and FTTR+X product iFTTR OptiXstar F50, helping operators build the F5.5G all-optical target network with “1+3+4” core features, continuously broaden service boundaries, and advance the intelligent world.”

MWC Barcelona 2024 will be held from February 26 to February 29 in Barcelona, Spain. During the event, Huawei will showcase its latest products and solutions at stand 1H50 in Fira Gran Via Hall 1. With the 2024 commercial launch of 5.5G, Huawei is collaborating with operators and partners around the world to pursue exciting new innovation in networks, cloud, and intelligence. Together, we will drive 5G business and foster a thriving industry ecosystem, creating a new era for intelligent digital transformation

Joy e-bike Honoured with “Prestigious Rising Brands of Asia 2023-24 Award

Bengaluru, 29th February 2024: In recognition of its efforts to transform India’s mobility landscape, Wardwizard Innovations & Mobility Limited (WIML), a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles under the ‘Joy e-bike’ brand, has been honoured with the “Prestigious Rising Brands of Asia 2023-24 Award” at the Global Business Symposium (GBS), hosted by BARC ASIA, ERTC Media, and Herald Global in Dubai, UAE.

“Prestigious Rising Brands of Asia 2023-24” is a listing of remarkable brands who have redefined the benchmarks in their respective fields through their legacy and sustainability in the market. The list involves the most renowned as well as fastest growing brands that have authenticated their objectives to create the future by embracing a combination of their advanced products or services and have contributed in transforming the economy.

joy e bike

For Joy e-bike, this award is a testament to its outstanding contributions in redefining industry benchmarks and sustainability. Being honored as one of the Prestigious Rising Brands of Asia Awards 2023-24 underscores the brand’s unwavering dedication to innovation, cutting-edge products, its significant role in driving economic transformation and the amount of customer trust & loyalty towards the brand.

The selection process for the Prestigious Rising Brands of Asia 2023-24 underwent rigorous scrutiny across three distinct phases. Initially, secondary research involved analyzing industry reports, market surveys, and brand reports, alongside other available industry resources. Following this phase, a list of 500 brands was generated. Subsequently, brands shortlisted from this phase underwent in-depth primary surveys among the target audience, assessing parameters such as trust, image, sustainability, goodwill, positioning, recall, growth, reach, and innovations. The 200 shortlisted brands then went for a final round, where BARC Asia and the jury members finalized the Top 50 Brands.

The final phase involved a comprehensive analysis of both primary and secondary research findings, alongside completed registration forms, by a research agency. The top 50 brands were listed based on further scrutiny by jury members from diverse backgrounds, including Media & Advertising, Public Relations, Consultants, and Data Analysts. This meticulous process ensured that only the most deserving brands were honored with the prestigious award, recognizing their excellence and contribution to the industry.

Recently, Joy e-bike has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing 100,000 electric two-wheeler sales in India. The company commemorated this achievement by rolling out its 100,000th unit, Mihos-A Made in India Product, from its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Vadodara. Additionally, the company has recently been honored with the Fastest Growing Brands 2023 award by Asia One.

ASUS fortifies its pan India retail strategy with the launch of its New Pegasus Store in Noida

India, 29th February 2024: As a step towards fortifying the brand’s retail footprint across the country, ASUS India, a Taiwanese tech giant today announced the launch of the Pegasus store in Noida. The new Pegasus store is spread across 400 sq. ft. and is set to host an extensive range of electronics and computer hardware, including the ASUS flagship products such as Vivobooks, Zenbooks, Republic of Gamers (ROG) laptops, Gaming Desktops, All-in-One Desktops, and accessories. This marks the brand’s first Pegasus store in Noida, bringing the total count of Pegasus stores in Delhi to 7. Additionally, it increases the brand’s outlet tally in Delhi NCR to 31.

ASUS Noida Pegasus store

Commenting on the launch of the store, Arnold Su, Vice President- Gaming and Consumer Segment ASUS India said, “We take immense pride in announcing the expansion of our retail footprint in the country. Recognizing the paramount importance of Delhi NCR as a key market, the launch of our new Pegasus store in the growing city of Noida marks a significant milestone in our endeavor to offering consumers across India with an unparalleled experience of our offerings. Through a meticulously planned retail expansion strategy, we are committed to cultivating offering our customers with a hands-on experience while forging valuable connections with them.”

OTTplay Premium and KCCL Introduce Unbeatable Combo of High-Speed Internet and Premium OTT Content

National, 29th February, 2024: In a strategic move to meet the escalating global demand for high-speed internet and diverse entertainment options, OTTplay Premium, India’s first AI-powered streaming platform, has joined forces with Kerala Communicators Cable Limited (KCCL), the largest Multiple System Operator (MSO) in Kerala and a top-ranking MSO with the largest connection base in India.

ott content

This game-changing partnership is set to redefine the landscape of home entertainment and high-speed internet access, offering an unparalleled package that includes 50 MBPS internet connection, a massive 4000 GB data limit, and access to 14 premium OTT platforms. Subscribers will also enjoy a rich array of content, featuring popular platforms such as SunNXT, Sony Liv, Zee 5, Lionsgate Play, Distro TV, Namma Flix, ALT Balaji, Play Flix, iStream, Fancode, Dollywood Play, Shorts TV, and Raj Digital.

What makes this offering truly innovative is the affordable pricing at just Rs. 616, making it one of the most cost-effective and comprehensive entertainment and internet packages in the market. This partnership between OTTplay Premium and KCCL aims to cater to the growing consumer demand for high-quality content and high-speed internet at an accessible price point.

Recently, the announcement of this partnership took place during a grand ceremony at Radisson Blu Kochi, Kerala. Key representatives from both OTTplay and KCCL teams were present at the event, marking a significant moment for the industry. This event symbolized the commitment of both entities to revolutionize home entertainment and high-speed internet services in India.

Representatives from both sides have conveyed their enthusiasm on the announcement, stating:

Mr. Avinash Mudaliar, CEO and Co-founder of OTTplay expressed his excitement about this partnership, saying, “Our mission at OTTplay Premium has always been to enhance the streaming experience for our users through cutting-edge technology and a vast content library. Teaming up with KCCL allows us to extend our reach and offer a comprehensive package that combines the power of personalized streaming with high-speed internet access. We believe this partnership will set new standards for the industry.”

Commenting on the partnership, Aboobecker Sidique, President-COA said , “Company adopted OTT bundled schemes previously but tie-up with OTTplay is a full-fledged one to meet the demand of operators and customers.”

Mr KV Rajan, Geneal Secretary-COA said, “KCCL has sustained competition from big corporate giants in entertainment industry of Kerala and launching of OTT bundling offer with OTTplay will be a new leap to retain customer base.”

Mr Govindan, Chairman KCCL and KVBL highlighted, “The growth story of KVBL in broadband as the 8th largest FTTH broadband provider in India and reiterated that it will grow further by diversification of its service offer including OTT bundling”

Mr Sureshkumar,MD,KCCL and KVBL explained, “New attractive OTT bundled schemes with higher Mbps and attractive rate to ensure maximum market penetration.”

Mr Padmakumar N,COO,KCCL and KVBL said, “Wired broadband penetration in India is only 5% of total broadband and there is high potential for wired broadband to grow with attractive offers like OTT bundling.”

Mr Shakeelan,Chairman,TCCL also attended the launching function.

OTTPremium is proud to be the leading aggregator in the south, and this partnership adds another feather to its cap. This collaboration is expected to have a transformative impact on the way consumers experience entertainment and internet services at home. The bundled offering is now available for subscription, and both companies are confident that it will quickly become the go-to choice for households seeking a seamless blend of high-speed internet and premium entertainment.

GoDaddy Launches Free Guide for Entrepreneurs on How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Their Business

National, 29 February, 2024 – In an increasingly digitized and competitive business world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerges as a valuable tool available to entrepreneurs and small businesses seeking to remain competitive and adapt to current market demands. According to GoDaddy’s 2023 Data Observatory, 64% of the surveyed small business owners reported obtaining up to half of their annual revenue through digital sales channels.

With the aim of providing practical, accessible, and free guidance to entrepreneurs and small businesses on how they can use Artificial Intelligence to help boost their businesses, GoDaddy presents its new guide “Artificial Intelligence for Small Businesses,” with information to help them understand, adopt, and harness the power of this tool.

“At GoDaddy, we are committed to empowering small businesses with the with all the tools and resources to help them start and grow a business. We know that day-to-day operations can be challenging when it comes to the adoption of new technology like artificial intelligence. Our ‘GoDaddy Guide’ can help entrepreneurs understand these tools to help with content creation, product design, customer service, and data analysis,” said Apurva Paltnikar, Senior Director Marketing, GoDaddy India.

From task automation to predictive data analysis, AI offers a wide spectrum of possibilities to enhance growth and innovation in smaller businesses. Further, the guide will explore some practical applications of AI in small businesses, such as:

  1. Content generation: Simplifies content creation by automating the generation of posts on social networks, blogs, images, and videos.
  2. Product design: Provides new design possibilities, refines prototypes, and streamlines the innovation process.
  3. Customer service: Reduces response time and increases accuracy by integrating chatbots or virtual assistants.
  4. Data analysis: Interprets large volumes of information, identifying patterns and predicting trends that enable data-driven decision-making.
    Additionally, it will include recommendations on how to select the most suitable AI tools and platforms for the specific needs of each company, including ChatBots like ChatGPT and Perplexity, text creation solutions like Jasper and Anyword, and design tools like GoDaddy Studio and DALL-E, among many others.

Entrepreneurs will also find tips on how to achieve better results when introducing instructions to generate content through Artificial Intelligence software.

Finally, the guide also addresses key aspects related to ethics and data privacy in the context of Artificial Intelligence, offering practical advice on how to ensure truthfulness, transparency, and security in the use of this technology, including reviewing content generated by AI, protecting sensitive information, humanizing AI-generated content, and considerations regarding intellectual property.

Portronics Makes Refilling Tyres Hassle-free with Vayu Lite Portable Tyre Inflator

New Delhi, February 29, 2024: Portronics, India’s most loved portable gadgets brand, has introduced the Vayu Lite, a multi-purpose tyre inflator for motorists. The Vayu Lite’s compact build, portable form factor makes it an essential item in every road warrior’s travel kit. Whether you’re on a long road trip, camping adventure, or simply commuting to work, the Vayu Lite’s portability allows you to carry it wherever you go. This means you can address tire emergencies or maintenance needs anytime, anywhere, without relying on external assistance.

The Vayu Lite sports a digital LED display and can be powered via its 12V DC cigarette lighter port. Once it is plugged into this power source, the user needs to enter the desired pressure value—up to 150psi—with the buttons near the display and start the filling process. The Vayu Lite will fill the tyre until the pre-configured pressure inside the object and automatically switch off. Users can also use the buttons provided to start and stop the device from filling the air.

The portable tyre inflator is very versatile; it comes with three nozzles that lets users refill motorcycle tyres, car tyres and footballs as well. The Vayu Lite also has a built-in bright LED light that lets users refill a tyre in poor lighting or serve as a caution light to warn vehicles passing by.

Salient features

  • Portable Powerhouse – Easy to carry.
  • Digital Display–For checking and monitoring current air pressure
  • Powerful Motor – 120 Watt
  • Multipurpose Nozzles – Available in 3 sizes
  • Long Cord – 2.7 Metres long power cord
  • LED Lighting -Reliable for night-time and emergency conditions

Axis Bank Introduces ‘Donation Category’ on BBPS

Bengaluru, 29 February 2024: Axis Bank, one of the largest private sector banks in India today announced the introduction of donation on Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS). This pioneering move makes Axis Bank the only BBPS Biller Operating Unit to enable trusts / charitable institutions to accept the contribution via any BBPS-enabled front ends. The facility is designed to change how donations are made, by making it more accessible, transparent, and convenient for people to support noble causes.

With the introduction of the ‘Donation Category’ on BBPS, charitable institutions can collect offerings digitally in a seamless manner ensuring complete transparency and further deepen trust with donors/devotees through this solution. By accepting the payment digitally, the charitable institutions are also able to lower the direct and indirect costs associated with donations in cash. As the sole BBPS Biller Operating Unit, capable of offering this unique service, Axis Bank has customized solutions for various trusts to enhance the payment experience and provide superior service to donors. Furthermore, the integration of link-based payments offer an end-to-end solution for trusts and charitable institutions.

Customers will immediately receive a payment confirmation receipt, adding to the ease of the process. The solution also enables the issuance of 80G certificate to the donors / devotees.

Vivek Gupta, President & Head – Wholesale Banking Products, Axis Bank said, “Axis Bank has been at the forefront in rolling out pioneering solutions for its clients. The bank has consistently displayed agility in responding to client requirements. Introduction of donation is a giant leap for the BBPS ecosystem. This is the first solution of its kind in the market and helps charitable institutions to accept donations seamlessly with end-to-end tracking. This initiative is an example of innovation in India’s Digital journey that ensures complete transparency for the donor and thus builds trust in the ecosystem. Our team’s dedication and efficiency led to the remarkable achievement of launching this category in under two weeks – a record time for introducing new categories on BBPS.”

Defense Derby’s March Update: New Prince Frog III Unit and Seasonal Event

New Delhi, February 29th, 2024: RisingWings, a creative studio of KRAFTON, Inc., has released its March update for the popular real-time PvP tower defense mobile game, Defense Derby.

Defense Derby_March Update

This update introduces Prince Frog III, a new physical-type unit from the beast faction. This single-melee dealer unit applies debuff effect to monsters. His special ability, Dominion, increases the damage dealt to monsters and enhances this effect based on the number of Derby Chips the player possesses. The prince, who synergizes well with units of the same faction and type, requires strategic use of Derby Chips, taking into account his effect and the need for scouting. Players can acquire Prince Frog III via the Shop of Blessings, Lucky Draw, Featured Summon, and Step Up Pack. The Derby Brawl – Prince Frog III Mirror Match, available until March 13 at 5:30 AM, offers players an opportunity to experience the new unit and earn rewards like Eternal Feathers and Season Points.

March also marks the release of a new unit and the Mystic Woods season. Coming March 13, players can anticipate the arrival of Little Satyr, a new physical-type spirit faction unit. Little Satyr’s abilities include firing a powerful Slingshot every certain number of attacks, which deals area damage and stuns the affected monsters for 2 seconds. The Derby Brawl – Little Satyr Mirror Match, running from March 13 to March 27 at 5:30 AM, will showcase this new unit.

In celebration of the spring season, a Puzzle Event is also being held. Players can complete the missions to collect all the puzzle pieces and then claim rewards such as Legendary Unit Summon, Gems, Cubics, and Crystals. The Puzzle Event will last from March 13 to March 27 at 5:30 AM.