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Cashfree Payments Appoints Harsh Gupta as the Chief Revenue Officer

Bengaluru, 31st May 2024 : Cashfree Payments, India’s leading payments and API banking solutions company, announced the appointment of Harsh Gupta as its Chief Revenue Officer. In his new role, Harsh will spearhead the company’s growth initiatives along with expanding market presence in India. Harsh will lead the company’s go-to-market strategy across sales, revenue operations, and more, as Cashfree Payments enters its next stage of growth. He will be responsible for building and scaling strategic partnerships too.

Commenting on the appointment, Akash Sinha, Co-Founder & CEO, Cashfree Payments said, “I am excited to welcome Harsh. His wealth of experience and record of guiding companies through dynamic growth stages will be of great value to Cashfree Payments’ ambitious plans going forward.”

With over 15 years of experience, Harsh has a remarkable track record of scaling high growth businesses, driving product innovation and establishing strong strategic partnerships. An IIM-Lucknow post-graduate, Harsh’s strategic acumen has consistently resulted in improved operational efficiencies and enhanced market competitiveness for the organisations he has been part of. He has previously worked with leading digital payments firms, Ernst & Young, WNS Global Services, among others.

Harsh Gupta

Harsh Gupta commented, “I am thrilled to be part of Cashfree Payments as it boldly progresses towards the next stage of growth and transformation. I look forward to helping shape the next phase of our journey, ensuring we meet our long-term goals.”

Arun Tikoo, the current Chief Business Officer and a seasoned executive at Cashfree Payments, will transition into a bigger strategic role, where he will spearhead international expansion of the company’s business across new markets by aligning it with the larger goal of servicing 10+ emerging geographies in next 3 years.

These appointments come at a pivotal moment for Cashfree Payments, which has made several strategic hires over the past year to support its growth ambitions and market expansion plans.

Cashfree Payments is a leading RBI licensed payment aggregator and a payment service provider in India processing transactions worth USD 80+ billion annually and is a trusted choice for over 6,00,000 businesses for digital payment solutions. Since receiving the PA license in December 2023, the company has onboarded thousands of large, medium and small scale merchants helping them seamlessly transact and grow. The company has been at the forefront of redefining the way businesses approach digital payments, verification and payouts through its wide range of tech-first offerings. Over the last few months it has introduced industry-first products like FlowWise, KYC Link, Risk Shield and more. Outside of India, Cashfree Payments is expanding its presence in the UAE region through its acquired partner, Telr.

Eaton’s Mobile Tech Day Showcases Cutting-Edge Solutions in Bangalore and other cities across Karnataka

Bangalore, INDIA Intelligent power management company Eaton showcased its Mobile Tech Day 2024 in Karnataka earlier this month. The roadshow aimed to exhibit Eaton’s state-of-the-art solutions in electrical, mobility, and aerospace technologies that are set to revolutionize industries. The 40-foot advanced trailer traveled the length and breadth of India, connecting Eaton’s industry experts with customers face-to-face. The trailer was stationed across Hosur, Bangalore, and Hospet in Karnataka.

This exciting journey began in April 2023, with a grand flag-off ceremony in Haryana. This unique initiative has already made its mark—covering 13 states and extending its reach to over 77 cities.

Commenting on Eaton’s portfolio of Electrical solutions, Syed Sajjadh Ali, Managing Director, Electrical Sector, India, Eaton, said, “At Eaton, we recognize the enormous potential that India holds and are eager to explore opportunities to collaborate in the country’s infrastructure and commercial growth. As a leader in electrical products, systems, and services for power quality, distribution, control, and wiring, our electrical business offers technology-driven solutions that address the critical needs of diverse markets such as industrial, utility, commercial, residential, and information technology. This Mobile Tech Day campaign brings an exciting opportunity for Eaton to showcase our industry-leading technology solutions and product offerings to customers and end-users in the region.”

Commenting on Eaton‘s Mobility portfolio, Shailendra Shukla, Managing Director, Mobility Group, India, Eaton, said, “Eaton’s power management & eMobility solutions position us as an ideal partner for leading players and vehicle OEMs in India’s focused segments, enabling their growth and success. We are also the preferred choice for the aftermarket space, and we partner closely with our distributors, resellers, and users for our aftermarket products and solutions. Eaton‘s portfolio includes innovative products and alternative fuel solutions aimed at minimizing carbon footprint and creating a sustainable future. We take pride in the fact that we engineer to meet the specific needs of each segment with industry best practices. By doing so, we help our customers manage power more safely, reliably, and efficiently. Our eMobility business provides a robust portfolio of solutions by combining elements from our Mobility and Electrical businesses.”

The Tech Day highlighted Eaton’s innovative products spanning business sectors – Electrical, Mobility, and Aerospace. Within the exhibit, Eaton’s electrical division boasted diverse solutions tailored to meet individual customer needs. The electrical solutions included a comprehensive suite of medium voltage switchgear solutions. The products from Eaton’s electrical business, caters to a wide range of applications, offering both standardized and customized options to meet specific customer needs. The key solutions featured include medium voltage switchgear: Xiria, RVAC, Low voltage switchgear: ACB, MCB, MCCB, RCD, Fusegear: Bussmann range of HV/LV/EV fuses, Power Quality: 9PX and DXRT (1-ph online UPS), 93PR (3-ph UPS), EV Chargers: 22kW AC charger, and Software Solutions: Brightlayer.

In the mobility technology space, Eaton showcased Clutch Assemblies, Transmission: 9-speed and 4-speed (compatible with EVs), Traction control: MLD NoSpin Differential, and Air management: engine valves and valve actuation.

In Eaton’s aerospace solutions, the highlighted are complete aircraft electrical power solutions: circular and rectangular connectors, back-shells, signal and power contacts, fiber optic solutions, cable assemblies and conduits, power conversion, and hold down and release actuators.

Apex Restaurant & Market Solutions Celebrates First Anniversary

Missouri-based company grows by 14% since its merger, expands into Colorado and Iowa markets

Greg Porembski

Pictured from left to right are Jim Schweppe, Brian Porembski and Greg Porembski.

(St. Louis, Mo., May 30, 2024) – Apex Restaurant & Market Solutions recently celebrated its one-year anniversary, marking the merger of St. Louis-based Elite Cuisine and Kansas City’s Superior Vend-All. During the past 16 months, Apex has grown by a combined 14% across all its business operations.

Apex Restaurant & Market Solutions is the largest independently owned corporate food service company based in Missouri with headquarters in St. Louis and Kansas City, Mo. The organization expanded its reach by opening offices in Columbia, Mo., Des Moines, Iowa and Denver, Colo.

Apex is also the largest independently owned commissary in the Midwest. The more than 200-person company has added 17 employees to its growing team, as well as opened 16 new micro markets in the past year.

Founding partners Jim Schweppe and brothers Brian and Greg Porembski continue to own and operate the company with Schweppe serving as CFO, Brian as CEO, and Greg as COO. Apex retained the name Elite Cuisine for its corporate dining and catering services.

“This has been an outstanding year filled with incredible growth, exciting opportunities, and a renewed commitment to serving our customers across the country,” said Apex Restaurant & Market Solutions CFO and Founding Partner Jim Schweppe. “We have broadened our footprint into new regions and strengthened our foundation, and we look forward to even greater success in the years to come.”

Godrej Infinity, in partnership with SolarSquare, Unveils Pune’s Largest Housing Society Rooftop Solar Project

Godrej Infinity,

30th May 2024: Infinity Cooperative Housing Society, in partnership with SolarSquare, recently inaugurated its 400 kW Rooftop Solar System, Pune’s largest housing society solar project getting commissioned in a single go under PM Surya Ghar scheme. This project is also the largest-ever solar power plant for a cooperative housing society in SolarSquare’s portfolio.

This project, the first of its kind at such a scale, is set to receive a substantial central subsidy of Rs. 70 Lacs under the PM Surya Ghar scheme initiated by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. The groundbreaking solar project spans across the 8 towers of Infinity, utilizing cutting-edge technology including Premier’s Mono-PERC half-cut bifacial 540 Wp solar panels and SolarEdge’s power optimizer-based inverter technology. It also features SolarSquare’s Intelligent WindPro Mount™ cyclone-proof structures.

“With the flip of a switch at Infinity CHS, SolarSquare is illuminating the path to a cleaner, brighter future. Today, we unveil more than just a solar project; we empower the community at large with energy independence and environmental stewardship. The project is set to bring Infinity an annual electricity bill savings of over Rs. 1 Cr and help reduce over 10000 tonnes of carbon emissions over the lifetime,” said Nikhil Nahar, the Co-founder of SolarSquare.

The ceremony was graced by esteemed dignitaries and key stakeholders.

  • Chief Guest: Sh. Chetan Tupe, MLA, Hadapsar Assembly
  • Mrs. Ruchi Puri, Chairperson, ICHS Ltd.
  • Mr. Pankaj Kumar, Secretary, ICHS Ltd.
  • Akash Sontakke, ICHS Solar Committee Lead
  • Nikhil Nahar, Co-Founder & Director of SolarSquare

Upon surveying the new solar plant project, Sh. Chetan Tupe, MLA, Hadapsar Assembly congratulated the society and expressed his admiration for the efforts of all the people involved. “This groundbreaking solar project sets a benchmark for other societies in Pune to go sustainable. Global warming was once an alien term, but today it is at our doorstep, causing drastic weather conditions. If we don’t act now, our future generations will have no future. The 400kW solar system installed by SolarSquare, with the aid of a Rs. 70 Lacs subsidy under PM Suryaghar Muft Bijli Yojana, is a commendable step towards a sustainable future. I personally laud the efforts of the committee at Infinity Society and hope that other societies follow their lead.”

Mr. Pankaj Kumar, Secretary of ICHS Ltd., highlighted, “Our decision to adopt solar was driven by our constantly escalating electricity bills for common areas and our desire to contribute to the nation’s sustainability. With the country’s demand for power rising and natural resources depleting daily, it was imperative to take action.”

Mr. Pankaj Saxena, a Committee Member of ICHS Ltd., added, “By making each consumer self-reliant and opting for sustainable solutions, we maximise the use of renewable energy, which will help preserve our natural resources for future generations. We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”

Following the inauguration, India’s top rooftop solar company, SolarSquare, conducted an enlightening session to discuss the seamless process and various advantages of harnessing solar power within housing societies.

The program ended with a vote of thanks from Mr. Vikas from Infinity CHS. SolarSquare further applauded the efforts of Infinity CHS by recognizing them with the climate hero memento.

Easy Solar Rooftop revolutionizes renewable energy solutions for every home

Easy Solar Rooftop

New Delhi, 30th May 2024: In a groundbreaking move towards sustainability, Easy Solar Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Easy Solar) has unveiled a transformative solution poised to revolutionize renewable energy access for homeowners worldwide. With its innovative technology and unparalleled efficiency, Easy Solar Rooftop is set to redefine the landscape of residential energy consumption.

Developed by Easy Solar, the solar rooftop panels combine innovation, efficiency, and affordability to empower households to embrace clean energy and contribute to a sustainable future. These panels offer a plethora of benefits for homeowners seeking to adopt renewable energy and reduce their environmental footprint. Firstly, they are designed for seamless integration into residential properties, ensuring a hassle-free installation process. Once installed, they require minimal maintenance, providing homeowners with peace of mind and long-term reliability.

Reflecting on the new products and the larger vision of the company, Mr. Lokesh Vats, Director of Easy Solar Solutions Pvt. Ltd. said, “At Easy Solar, we are committed to making renewable energy accessible to all. With solar rooftop panels, we empower homeowners to take control of their energy consumption and make a positive impact on the environment. This innovative solution represents a significant step towards a more sustainable future, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this movement. Our solar rooftop panels represent a significant step towards a more sustainable future, empowering homeowners to take control of their energy consumption, reduce their carbon footprint, and make a positive impact on the environment.”

One of the most significant advantages of Easy Solar’s solar rooftop panels is their high efficiency, enabled by state-of-the-art technology. This efficiency allows homeowners to maximize energy production from the sun, thereby reducing their reliance on traditional energy sources and lowering their electricity bills.

These solar rooftop panels come equipped with an intelligent monitoring system, enabling homeowners to track their energy usage and savings in real time. This feature empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their energy consumption and optimize their usage patterns for maximum efficiency.

Easy Solar’s solar rooftop panels are built to withstand the elements with a weather-resistant design, ensuring durability and longevity. This means homeowners can rely on their solar panels to continue generating clean energy for years to come, regardless of environmental conditions.

Smart Door Locks: The Cutting-Edge Way to Safeguard Your Home

Smart Door Locks

With the introduction of smart door locks, which offer improved convenience and security, home security is changing and heading towards greater things. With keyless access, these cutting-edge locks do away with the need for conventional keys and lower the possibility of lockouts. With remote access features, homeowners may use a smartphone app to lock and open their doors from any location, providing peace of mind even while they are away. Voice commands and automation routines may be easily controlled through integration with smart home devices. Touchscreens, fingerprint identification, and temporary access codes are a few examples of features that improve security and user experience. In addition to offering activity logs and real-time warnings, smart door locks let homeowners keep an eye on who enters and leaves.

YDM 7116 Smart Door Lock

The Yale YDM 7116 Smart Door Lock in gold offers a comprehensive security solution with multiple access methods. The Pricing is Rs 65,999 & It features biometric fingerprint recognition, PIN codes, RF card access, Bluetooth connectivity, and mechanical keys, providing versatile entry options. The lock is app-enabled, allowing for remote management and monitoring via a smartphone, with WiFi available as an optional add-on for enhanced connectivity. Its sleek gold design adds a touch of elegance to any door while ensuring robust security. Ideal for modern homes, the Yale YDM 7116 combines advanced technology with convenience and aesthetic appeal, making it a top choice for smart home security.

Golens X88 Luxury Smart Door Lock

The Golens X88 Luxury Smart Door Lock is a cutting-edge security solution offering eight unlocking methods, including 3D Face ID, fingerprint recognition, mobile app, RFID card, PIN, OTP, mechanical key, and advanced camera technology. The Pricing is Rs 52,500 & This keyless entry digital lock ensures maximum security and convenience, allowing for seamless access management via a smartphone app. The integration of 3D Face ID and camera technology enhances security by verifying users with high accuracy. Ideal for modern homes and offices, the Golens X88 combines luxury with state-of-the-art technology, providing a sophisticated and reliable way to secure your property.

LAVNA Smart Digital Door Lock (LA24 Black)

The LAVNA Smart Digital Door Lock (LA24 Black) offers advanced security and convenience for wooden doors. The Pricing is Rs 34,999 & Features multiple access methods, it includes fingerprint recognition, Bluetooth, WiFi, mobile app control, OTP, PIN, RFID card, and manual key access. The integration of Bluetooth and WiFi allows for remote management and monitoring via the mobile app, providing flexibility and peace of mind. Additionally, the lock features a camera for enhanced security, capturing images of visitors. Its sleek black design ensures it complements modern home aesthetics while delivering robust protection. Ideal for those seeking a versatile and high-tech locking solution, the LAVNA LA24 is a top choice.

Godrej’s Catus Connect and Catus Touch Pro digital lock

Godrej’s Catus Connect and Catus Touch Pro digital locks offer advanced security for wooden doors with sleek black steel finishes. The Pricing is Rs 35,998 & The Catus Connect provides five access methods: fingerprint, PIN, mechanical key, RFID card, and mobile app, ensuring versatile and convenient entry. The Catus Touch Pro offers three access methods: fingerprint, PIN, and mechanical key, focusing on essential, robust security features. Both models emphasize user-friendly operation and high security, making them ideal for modern homes. With Godrej’s reputation for quality, these smart locks combine cutting-edge technology with elegant design, enhancing both security and aesthetic appeal for any door.

Abhishek Bajaj is all set to captivate viewers as the charming ‘Ayaan Grover’ in Jubilee Talkies – Shohrat.Shiddat.Mohabbat

Abhishek Bajaj

Sony Entertainment Television recently announced the launch of its next fiction offering, ‘Jubilee Talkies – Shohrat.Shiddat.Mohabbat’, a romantic and passionate drama that follows the journeys of Shivangi Sawant, a humble girl from a small town in Maharashtra, and superstar Ayaan Grover, who enjoys a fandom like none other.

Shivangi’s deep love for cinema drives her to pursue her father’s dream of restoring their cherished possession, ‘Sangam Cinema’, to its former glory, and she believes a superhit delivered by ‘Ayaan Grover’ will help her change the fate of Sangam Cinema. Upping the ante of glitz and glamour in this narrative will be actor Abhishek Bajaj, who will portray the role of Ayaan Grover.

Expressing his enthusiasm for being a part of the show, Abhishek Bajaj says, “I’m really excited to bring ‘Ayaan Grover’ to life on-screen. A superstar who has risen through the ranks in Bollywood with his charismatic personality, he is a complex individual grappling with his own insecurities and familial burdens. His story is so intriguing, and I can’t wait for viewers to come along for the ride. I hope audiences will connect with Ayaan and his struggles, and I’m excited to share his story with the world.”

Tech Mahindra Partners with Quantum Computing Leader Pasqal to Advance Applications

Paris, France – 30th May 2024 – Pasqal, a global leader in neutral-atoms quantum computers, today announced a strategic collaboration with Tech Mahindra, (NSE: TECHM), a leading global provider of technology consulting and digital solutions to enterprises across industries. This collaboration aims to accelerate the development and adoption of quantum solutions across diverse industries globally.

Together, Pasqal and Tech Mahindra will cooperate to develop quantum computing solutions tailored for various sectors. This strategic alliance will focus initially on three main areas:

Empowering Tech Mahindra’s workforce – selected employees will receive comprehensive training in quantum technology focusing on utilizing Pasqal’s QPUs.

Use case identification and development – as part of a collaborative effort, personnel from both organizations will work on identifying and creating high-impact use cases in critical sectors such as Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Environment and Sustainability.

Client education and engagement – educating clients on the vast potential of quantum technology and its practical industry applications, thereby boosting adoption and innovation.

Nikhil Malhotra, Global Head at Makers Lab, Tech Mahindra, said, “The collaboration with Pasqal aligns with our commitment to integrating quantum computing with cutting-edge technological solutions that address complex challenges across industries and help them scale at speed. Together, we aim to empower our customers to harness quantum computing’s capabilities and pioneer groundbreaking solutions in finance, healthcare, sustainability, and beyond.”

The collaboration will work on building use cases, including drug discovery and optimization in pharma, material discovery for manufacturing and other industries, satellite planning for aerospace, complex datasets analysis and complex financial modeling in BFSI, cybersecurity enhancement, and energy consumption optimization in Utilities, to name a few.

“Pasqal is committed to making quantum computing accessible and beneficial to businesses around the world. This alliance with Tech Mahindra will create a strong foundation for real-world quantum applications. Together, we can bridge the gap between cutting-edge laboratory research and industry adoption”, said Loïc Henriet, CO-CEO of Pasqual.

The multiyear collaboration will drive innovation in services and product development while serving as a source of revenue for both Pasqal and Tech Mahindra.

Charging Towards Sustainability: The Circular Revolution of EV Battery Recycling

Charging Towards Sustainability

By Mr. Ankit Sharma, Co-Founder & Director, Vidyuta Materials Pvt. Ltd.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are not just the future of transportation—they represent a pivotal step towards a sustainable energy ecosystem. However, as the adoption of EVs grows, so does the question of what to do with their batteries once they reach the end of their primary life cycle. Fortunately, through refurbishment, repurposing, and recycling with the help of sustainable cathode materials, we can extend the lifespan of lithium-ion EV batteries and unlock valuable resources for a greener tomorrow. Between 2010 and 2018, battery demand surged annually by 30%, reaching 180 GWh in 2018. Continuing this trend, the market is projected to expand at a rate of approximately 25% per year, hitting 2,600 GWh by 2030. This growth is primarily propelled by the electrification of transportation and the increased use of batteries in electricity grids.

The rapid expansion of the lithium-ion battery industry has revolutionized energy storage but poses environmental challenges in cathode manufacturing due to primary material extraction. To address concerns such as resource depletion and emissions, the industry is increasingly embracing recycling as a sustainable solution for cathode material production.

The Power of Circular Economy

In embracing a circular economy model, we recognize the importance of maximizing resource efficiency and minimizing waste. By refurbishing, repurposing, and recycling EV batteries, we not only reduce environmental impact but also create economic opportunities within the battery industry. This paradigm shift towards circularity is essential for fostering sustainability and driving innovation in energy storage.

The production or manufacturing of sustainable cathode materials would further give a fillip to the EV battery recycling industry to meet the vision of a circular economy.

Repurposing for Second Life

When EV batteries reach the end of their primary life, they still retain substantial energy capacity. Instead of disposing of these batteries, repurposing them for second or third-life applications using sustainable cathode materials presents a more sustainable alternative. Rapid advancements in battery recycling technologies have enabled us to achieve impressive recovery rates, a process known as urban mining. As battery volumes are projected to increase significantly by 2030, the urban mining industry is poised for substantial growth.

Global Trends in Battery Recycling

Europe leads the charge in battery recycling, supported by robust regulatory frameworks that mandate producers to manage the end-of-life of their batteries responsibly. China, the largest EV and battery market globally, has also implemented policies requiring manufacturers to recycle a significant portion of used batteries by 2025. In the United States, initiatives like the Department of Energy’s focus on developing recycling technologies highlight a growing emphasis on battery recycling. With the Li-ion battery market projected to soar, the recycling sector and cathode materials industry are poised for substantial growth, offering lucrative opportunities for sustainable innovation.

Shaping the Future in India

Niti Aayog forecasts India’s EV battery recycling market to skyrocket to 128 GWh by 2030, up from just 2 GWh in 2023. This surge is fueled by over a 200% year-on-year growth in EV sales post-pandemic. However, recycling modern batteries, with their complex material composition, demands specialized policies and infrastructure for India to achieve its recycling objectives. Apart from that, the government’s introduction of Battery-Waste Management Rules-2022 underscores a commitment to responsible battery management. By incentivizing recycling and promoting the use of sustainable cathode materials in new batteries, India aims to reduce reliance on imports and foster domestic battery manufacturing. This proactive approach aligns with India’s broader vision of sustainable development and economic growth.

A Vision for a Sustainable Future

At the vanguard of the energy storage sector, numerous Indian entities dedicated to battery recycling lead the charge in innovation. Focusing on the production of cathode active materials (CAM) for lithium-ion cells, these pioneers exemplify a dedication to sustainability and technological progress. Their vision entails establishing a closed-loop battery ecosystem, poised to transform the energy storage landscape not only in India but also globally. Through inventive recycling methods and strategic resource management, these companies or startups aspire to realize a future characterized by abundant, cost-effective, and eco-friendly power solutions.

Apart from that, Indian players in the battery recycling ecosystem are also making efforts towards reducing the reliance on critical minerals from other countries such as China, which today remains the biggest problem for countries such as India. By using sustainable energy transition materials through recycling, repurposing, and low-carbon refining within the group company, they aim to ensure a sustainable supply chain while minimizing its carbon footprint.

Unlocking the Potential of Sustainable Cathode Materials

The rise of the lithium-ion battery industry has brought about environmental challenges in cathode manufacturing, primarily due to the extraction of primary materials like lithium, nickel, cobalt, and manganese. Recycling emerges as a sustainable solution, offering multiple benefits. It conserves natural resources by reducing the demand for primary extraction, curbing energy consumption, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions in cathode production. Additionally, recycling minimizes waste, pollution, and costs associated with material extraction and processing. By fostering closed-loop production, recycling ensures a stable supply chain of critical materials and promotes a circular economy approach, vital for sustainability in cathode manufacturing. The industry is witnessing a shift towards recycling technologies, driven by collaboration and innovation, to meet the increasing demand for lithium-ion batteries sustainably. Embracing these practices is essential for a greener future in cathode production.


The future of energy storage lies in embracing sustainability and innovation. By recycling used EV batteries and embracing sustainable cathode materials, we mitigate environmental impact and unlock resources for future generations. Responsible battery management, collaboration, and a commitment to sustainability are paramount as we build a greener, resilient energy ecosystem for generations to come. In this direction, cathode material recycling offers sustainable solutions, including resource conservation, energy reduction, emission cuts, waste minimization, cost efficiency, and supply chain resilience. As we transition towards a circular economy model, the importance of this approach cannot be overstated.

EZVIZ participates in Smart Home Expo 2024; Launches new products

 EZVIZ participates

Mumbai, India (30th May 2024): EZVIZ, a global smart home solution provider, showcased its latest innovations in smart home security at Smart Home Expo 2024, India’s biggest platform for smart home offerings held in Mumbai. The company received an overwhelming response at its debut appearance at the Smart Home Expo 2024, unveiling an impressive lineup of products designed to revolutionize modern living.

EZVIZ showcased its latest 4G-enabled products in the camera range, smart door lock systems, and door viewers, all of which are integral components of the smart entry product lineup. Additionally, EZVIZ made waves by introducing its pioneering line of smart vacuum cleaners, marking the company’s entry into the smart home appliance sector. The response to EZVIZ’s products was overwhelmingly positive, with attendees and industry experts alike lauding the company’s commitment to innovation and user-centric design. Previously, EZVIZ has achieved the TOP3 market share within the Indian Market with their iconic designs.

Commenting on this, Bipin Gupta, Product Manager, EZVIZ, said “We are elated to participate in the Smart Home Expo 2024, India’s largest Smart Home Technology event. The expo posed a great opportunity to showcase our latest product innovations. The enthusiastic response to our new range of products reaffirms our position as a leader in the smart home industry. It underscores our commitment to providing consumers with cutting-edge solutions that simplify and enhance their everyday lives. With a renewed focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, EZVIZ looks forward to further strengthening its presence in the smart home landscape and delivering unparalleled value to its customers.”

Product List & brief synopsis –

Dual Lens Camera Series-H7C & H9c
Experience unparalleled indoor vision with the EZVIZ H7c Dual. Using two powerful lenses to ensure comprehensive coverage from top to bottom, the camera provides whole-room protection like never before. Equipped with human motion detection, two-way calling, and crystal-clear day/night vision, it keeps you connected to your home from anywhere and doubles up your sense of safety with much more flexible features.

Furthermore, the new addition to EZVIZ’s highly acclaimed PT Series, the dual-lens H9c 2K demonstrates the future of security automation with multiple unique technologies. Its two cameras work interactively to protect larger areas with minimal manpower, achieving results comparable to a multi-camera system. It alerts to important events, follows ongoing activities, and patrols key locations from time to time – all automatically.

Smart Door Locks-DL05
The DL05 sticks to the core values of a truly smart lock – easy to unlock, smart in controls, and safe by design. Connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, it boasts flexible unlocking methods and connects you to your home wherever you are via the EZVIZ App. Under a modern and sleek appearance, its sturdy lock body and multiple safety features help guard your entrance properly.

Vacuum Cleaner-RH1
The RH1 from EZVIZ tackles sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming all at once then self-cleansing its own brush. It goes anywhere in your home to find and remove those dirty stains. Designed for all types of hard floors, it simplifies household chores and makes everyday cleaning shorter and sweeter.

EZVIZ products are designed to cater to various security needs and can be utilized for toddler monitoring, elderly parents, pets, and the indoor and outdoor areas of homes, villas, offices, and businesses. All products are meticulously developed to achieve superior quality, visual appeal, and ease of use.