300 smallholder farmers from Ratnagiri come together to launch Aamoré: A new way to experience Alphonso Mangoes

300 smallholder farmers from Ratnagiri come together to launch Aamoré: A new way to experience Alphonso Mangoes

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New Delhi, 15th April 2024 – Konkan Ratnagiri Bhoomi Agro Producer Company owned and managed by Ratnagiri Farmers, today launched Aamoré – a new D2C brand of Alphonso mangoes owned by smallholder farmers. With a community of over 300 smallholder farmers at its core, Aamoré aims to revolutionize the global perception of Indian agriculture and the iconic Alphonso mango.

Through extensive collaboration and innovative practices, Aamoré brings the highest standards of quality and freshness to Alphonso mango lovers around the world. The initiative is focused on empowering local farmers by equipping them with the tools and knowledge necessary to produce export-ready fruit. This includes the establishment of state-of-the-art packhouse operations, sophisticated scanning technology for each mango, strategies to eliminate spongy tissue, and comprehensive traceability from farm to fork.

In the pilot year, Aamoré Alphonso mangoes are making their debut on the world stage, reaching consumers across the USA, Europe, the UK, Abu Dhabi, and select cities in India. The global launch for a product of this nature symbolizes a confident step forward for Indian smallholder farmers. Currently, customers in Delhi NCR can order Alphonso mangoes from aamore.co.in.

Speaking on this landmark occasion, Ravish Chavan, Chief Program Officer, Konkan Ratnagiri Bhoomi Agro Producer Company said, “Aamoré is all about the innovation and empowerment that we strive to instil in our farming community. It is a testament to what Indian farmers can achieve with the right support and resources. By presenting Aamoré on the global market, we’re not just offering a premium product but also challenging the traditional confines of smallholder farming. Our farmers are not just cultivators; they are forward-thinking entrepreneurs ready to make their mark on the world.”

Aamoré focuses on the two core pillars of the community, the farmer and the consumer. For Farmers, it is an opportunity to realize significantly higher incomes, sustainably and independently. On the other end, for consumers worldwide, Aamoré delivers an unparalleled experience of the highest quality of Alphonso Mangoes; a fruit that is authentic GI Certified and lives up to the promise of being the King of Fruits.