AVEVA Unveils the Power of the Connected Industrial Economy at AVEVA Day India 2023

AVEVA Unveils the Power of the Connected Industrial Economy at AVEVA Day India 2023

Mumbai, India5th October 2023 AVEVA, a global leader in industrial software, driving digital transformation and sustainability, will host AVEVA Day 2023 – the premier event forindustrial innovation and collaboration in India. Two events will be rolledout in two major cities, Mumbai and NewDelhi, on the 6th and 10th of October 2023 respectively. AVEVA Day India will focus on new strategies to connect people, purpose and performance across industries.

AVEVA Day India will highlight the company’s commitment to creating a completely connected world where industrial teams use data to collaborate within and beyond their own four walls.The theme of the event,‘Empowering the Connected Industrial Economy’,willexplore a data-centric way of thinking where all players in the industrial value chain recognize that through collaboration they can create greater value for everyone,leadingindustries towards aconnected, efficient, and sustainable future.

An industrial organization looking to become more sustainable can leverage AVEVA’s digital technology to harness the power of data and AI-enriched insights to conserve energy and operate more efficiently. AVEVA software is being utilized to promote circularity by improving sustainable design for both greenfield and brownfield projects, supporting environmental compliance and certification, enhancing asset management and optimization, and indicating routes to decarbonization.

Emon Zaman,

Emon Zaman, Senior Vice President, Head of Asia Pacific, AVEVA,who will lead AVEVA Day India in Mumbai and New Delhi, said: “Organizations are witnessing the emergence of new, connected industrial networks, by connecting people and data across ecosystems to make value chains more agile, profitable, and sustainable – what we call the connected industrial economy. The industrial sector increasingly relies on data to maximize business value – but like other materials, this key industrial resource only becomes useful when it is extracted, processed, and delivered to the right people at the right time – securely and in context.”

“At AVEVA, we help our customers and partners build intelligent, connected networks while driving responsible use of the world’s resources.We are strong advocates for sharing data with customers and partners to break down silos and maximize the impact across the value chain. Previously siloed engineering, operations, information, and business technologies are now converging – our software enables industrial teams to unify and visualize their data into a digital backbone so that they can engineer smarter, boost efficiency and collaboration, and optimize supply chains. We call this industrial intelligence-as-a-service.”

“As the most populous country in the world, it is key that India maintains sustainable industrialization and urbanization while enhancing the quality of life and well-being of its citizens. AVEVA’s smart city solutions and industrial software can enable this standard and continue to play a key role in India’s progress, by bringing together data from across the industrial lifecycle, accelerating the low-carbon transition anddriving the circular economy.”

“We are keen to share AVEVA’s product roadmap with our customers and partners in Mumbai and New Delhi. We will demonstrate how our digital solutions can drive measurable sustainability and efficiency improvements, assisting India in establishing a robust path towards a net-zero economy.”

Global executives from AVEVA will also be presentto engage in discussions on how digital innovation can drive sustainable growth, namelyRussell Herbert, Global Oil, Gas & Energy Industry Principal;Marc Ramsey, Vice President, Partner Sales in APAC;Mark Richards, Regional SaaS Director;Ajit Kulkarni, Vice President, Asia – Pacific, as well asJay Mallya, Senior Vice President, R&D India.

Attendees can look forward to keynote presentations from AVEVA executives as well as regional customers and partners who have deployedAVEVA’s solutions to speed up innovation and value generation by eliminating internal and external data silos. They will also gain insights into howAI, digital twins and edge-to-cloud computing enable more agility, resilience and sustainability,connecting people and ecosystems.

AVEVA’s solutions bring together data from across the industrial lifecycle andempower teams to transform the way they work,from the plant to the cloud and beyond.To learn more about AVEVA Day India 2023 and how AVEVA is at the vanguard of the connected industrial economy, please clickhere.