Vinod Cookware Reinvents Green Kitchens with The Launch of Its New ‘Ceramica Zest’ Collection

Vinod Cookware Reinvents Green Kitchens with The Launch of Its New ‘Ceramica Zest’ Collection

Vinod Cookware Reinvents Green Kitchens

5th October 2023, Mumbai: Vinod Cookware, a beloved household name in the country, has taken a step closer to green kitchen practices with the launch of Vinod Ceramica, under its Vinod Zest range. This innovative cookware, crafted from natural mineral ceramic, not only ensures 100% toxin-free cooking but also boasts exceptional stick-free properties, redefining how Indian households approach healthy and hassle-free meal preparation. Customers can find four options for this product range: a 24 cm Kadai & Frypan and a 25cm and 28 cm Tawa, at a price range of INR 1000 to 1500. The sustainable green cookware is both durable and cost-effective, seamlessly combining the best in aesthetic and functional design with the benefits of ceramic to ensure that food effortlessly slides off the pan for a smooth and efficient cooking experience. The product will be available on Amazon as well as Vinod Cookware’s official website. Additionally, buyers will be able to avail an introductory discount of 15% along with festive discounts as applicable.

This fresh design is a healthy and supportive addition to the brand’s current non-stick cookware collection. It has been carefully crafted to address the needs of health-conscious individuals, cooking enthusiasts, and those who prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly cooking above all. Boasting a range of innovative features and eco-friendly materials, the Vinod Ceramica range allows users to prepare dishes with minimal fats or oils. Its versatility is designed to cater to families, singles, and anyone with an interest in sustainable living. This addition reflects the brand’s commitment to providing solutions that cater to evolving consumer preferences, making it a valuable choice for those seeking innovative, health-conscious cookware options.

On the launch of the new product, Sunil Agarwal, Director of Vinod Cookware said, “We are thrilled to introduce the Vinod Ceramica, a game-changer in the world of green cooking. This state-of-the-art cookware not only ensures toxin-free meals but also redefines the way we approach cooking by making it hassle-free and enjoyable. At Vinod Cookware, we believe that cooking should be an experience that enriches lives and nourishes bodies, and Vinod Ceramica perfectly embodies this philosophy. We are excited to empower our customers with the best in durable, eco-friendly cooking solutions that enhance nutrition, flavour, and convenience. With the Ceramica range, we take a step closer to greener kitchens and healthier living.”