Coca-Cola India & Anju Bobby Sports Foundation Empower Women Athletes

Coca-Cola India & Anju Bobby Sports Foundation Empower Women Athletes

Coca-Cola India

Bengaluru, 9th April 2024: In line with its commitment to sports, Coca-Cola India through its Foundation, is supporting the country’s athletes with essential amenities and training equipment as part of its three-year partnership with the Anju Bobby Sports Foundation. Spearheaded by Olympic champion Anju Bobby George, the Foundation has been nurturing the next generation of women athletes including the very known long jumper- Shaili Singh. This partnership aligns with Coca-Cola India’s #SheTheDifference campaign, an initiative to celebrate, uplift, and support women throughout the value chain. As part of this partnership, Coca-Cola India is committed to empowering women athletes to bring about positive change in the sports and gender equality landscape.

Coca-Cola India, through its Foundation, has made significant strides in bolstering the representation of Indian women athletes in the Olympics. The company has transformed four shipping containers into a physiotherapy room, storage facility, pantry, and restroom. The company also facilitated top-tier gym equipment and supported the establishment of a spacious practice ground equipped with rainwater collection tanks for sustainable water usage. In addition to infrastructure development, Coca-Cola has helped with the academy’s lease rent for three years, ensuring a stable operational foundation.

In a nation where many female athletes emerge from small towns and villages, facing limited access to training facilities, coaching, and financial support, this collaboration aims to level the playing field. A PWC report highlights the remarkable shift in the gender balance at the Tokyo Olympics, with 44% of Indian participants being women.

Commenting on the partnership, Rajesh Ayapilla, Director-CSR and Sustainability for Coca-Cola India and Southwest Asia (INSWA), said, “At Coca-Cola India, we believe in the power of sports to inspire, empower, and unite communities. Our longstanding partnership with the Anju Bobby Sports Foundation reflects our commitment to fostering the next generation of Indian women athletes. With sports being an integral part of both organizations’ DNA, through such initiatives, we are dedicated to creating a supportive environment where athletes can thrive. We are proud to sponsor talented individuals like Shaili Singh, reaffirming our commitment to empowering women in sports and contributing to their success on the global stage”.

“I feel honored to be associated with such a brand like Coca-Cola India. They were the first ones to support our cause and their contribution has been instrumental in creating a world-class training facility in India at the Anju Bobby High Performance Center, Bangalore. Today, we have some top-quality track and field equipment, and some of the quality gym equipment, and our athletes here are focused on making the most of these facilities to help India win its Olympic medal. Personally, as well, I feel if I could win India’s first world championship medal, it’s my duty to share my knowledge and experience with these young women, thereby contributing to India’s success”, said Anju Bobby George, Founder, of Anju Bobby Sports Foundation.

The social impact of this initiative extends beyond individual achievements in the field. By empowering women athletes, the Foundation along with Coca-Cola India is nurturing future leaders who will contribute back to the sports community as coaches, trainers, therapists, and administrators.