Syngenta MD Susheel Kumar applauds Haryana farmers’ adoption of new technologies

Syngenta MD Susheel Kumar applauds Haryana farmers’ adoption of new technologies

Syngenta MD Susheel Kumar

Kurukshetra/Karnal, 8th April 2024: Reiterating its commitment to empowering farmers, Susheel Kumar, Country Head and MD of Syngenta India, a leading Swiss-based agri-science company, on Saturday applauded the ease and speed with which Haryana farmers have adopted the use of drones and other technologies including CropWise Growers App. Joining a drone flying demonstration by Syngenta-trained drone pilots at the Integrated Beekeeping Development Centre (IBDC) in Kurukshetra, Kumar said Haryana was poised for faster growth with a mix of enabling policies and progressive vision of farmers. IBDC is an Indo-Israel agriculture project established by the Department of Horticulture, Govt. of Haryana for the development of beekeeping in Haryana. Kumar visited the facility and expressed keen interest in the activities of IBDC. The support to IBDC is in keeping with Syngenta’s commitment to sustainability and conservation of pollinators.

A native of Haryana, who loves to call himself ‘son of the soil’ Kumar said Syngenta will continue to support initiatives of the Haryana government to empower farmers through futuristic farming techniques and practices. “Farmers safety is at the heart of Syngenta and towards this we carry out stewardship activities to train farmers on safe spraying,” Kumar added.

Syngenta’s R&D Center is a 25-year-old state-of-the-art facility in Karnal carrying out breeding activities of seeds like Okra, Watermelon, Tomato, and cucumber. “Through its continued emphasis on high-quality research, the Centre is dedicated to providing the finest varieties for best yields and economic gains of farmers in Haryana and north India,” said Kumar while demonstrating to the farmers the various activities being carried out here.

Later, Kumar also joined a group of farmers who demonstrated drone flying. “Under our CSR program, in collaboration with Syngenta Foundation of India, we launched a drone pilots training program under which we have trained 100 drone pilots in Haryana including 18 women, from across 16 districts of Haryana. This is a game-changer for it will not only provide new employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for the youth, but will also enhance efficiency for our farmers, and help in their yields. It augurs well for the future of farming in Haryana, as drones help in precision spraying of crop protection solutions saving resources and time,” Kumar said.

With the increasing role of drones in boosting agricultural productivity and empowering farmers, this initiative aims to equip farmers of Haryana with the benefits and implications of modern farming practices and also educate farmers about the transformative potential of drones in farming, including efficiency improvements, cost reductions, and the promotion of sustainable practices.

Syngenta’s farmer-focused CSR and stewardship efforts, such as I-CLEAN (Inculcating Cleanliness, Learning, Education, Awareness, and New Habits), I-SAFE (Inculcating Safety Awareness for Farmer Empowerment), WeCare, Soil Care, and Drone Awareness Yatras, have played a key role in bringing positive transformations at the grassroots level.

Syngenta has been implementing SoilCare projects across states since 2019. In Haryana, we conducted 1000 Soil tests and provided Soil Health Cards to farmers in 2023 along with education on how to analyse the test report and the way forward.

“Under WeCare where we partner with schools and academic institutions to educate young children on safety needs and leverage them as ambassadors. This initiative brings about a behavioral change in farmers,” informed Kumar.

Emphasizing on the key role of technology in achieving sustainable agriculture, Kumar said that Syngenta India is at the forefront of enabling farmers to embrace innovation, not only for a greener future but also for increased productivity and improved income. Highlighting the significance of technology integration in agriculture, he noted that the world faces escalating food demand and environmental challenges. He underlined how technology adoption in agriculture can ensure food security, resilience, and resource-efficient farming systems.

Dr KC Ravi, Chief Sustainability Officer, Syngenta India Pvt Ltd highlighted Syngenta’s commitment to technology-driven progress across the country and support farmers towards rural prosperity by bringing new technology and sustainable solutions in time given unique challenges and needs of Indian farmers. He mentioned the launch of drone spray solutions and the successful implementation of commercial spray services across several states, including Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka is a step towards realizing our commitment.