Eze Perfume marks Pride month with a new digital campaign that celebrates diversity and inclusivity

Eze Perfume marks Pride month with a new digital campaign that celebrates diversity and inclusivity

Eze Perfume marks Pride

Bangalore, 13 June 2023– Eze Perfumes, the first D2C perfume brand from the house of Sawai Fragrances, the leading manufacturer of fragrance elements, is all set to unveil an innovative campaign with a film to mark the Pride month that commenced on June 1st. The digital film titled #ExpressYourEze celebrates diverse identities and aspirations of the Gen-Z generation, which is fluid and not bound by conventions. The Eze Perfume campaign showcases the diversity and inclusivity that Gen-Z embraces. The film reflects the shift in gender expression and the breaking of traditional norms. It believes in encouraging and empowering Gen-Z to explore their authentic selves and take pride in their individuality.

The campaign film captures the essence of the brand’s vision for its Gen-Z patrons through its vibrant, path-breaking visuals as well as a tagline that states, ‘While the world is busy trying to create differences, we are busy celebrating them’. Recognizing the unique characteristics and needs of this generation, Eze Perfumes has created a range of fragrances that resonates with their aspirations and individuality; it includes 8 fragrances – 3 for men, 3 for women and 2 in the unisex category.

According to Mr. Pushkar Jain, CEO and Perfumer, Sawai Fragrances, “We believe that every individual deserves the freedom to express their true selves and embrace their unique identity. The film #ExpressYourEze represents our commitment to celebrating diversity, inclusivity, and the spirit of Gen-Z. Through our fragrance, we aim to empower this generation to confidently express themselves and take pride in who they are. And what better time than the month of June, which is celebrated as the Pride month across the world. As it is often said, ‘Love is love is love’ no matter who you give your heart to or how you express it.”

Ms. Kanishka Jain, Director at Incredible Indriya says, “The digital film #ExpressYourEze is a vibrant testament to the spirit of Gen-Z, breaks free from traditional norms, reflecting the shifting landscape of gender expression. As a fragrance brand for this generation, we embrace diversity and inclusivity, offering a range of fragrances that resonate with their unique aspirations and needs. With 8 captivating scents, Eze Perfumes empowers Gen-Z to confidently express themselves, regardless of societal conventions. On the occasion of Pride month, we are elated to celebrate the beauty of individuality and create a world where differences are cherished”.

Gen-Z in India is an aspiring generation, aged between 18-25 years, who are constantly seeking their identities and connections with like-minded individuals. Around 40% of them are found to live in the top 10 cities across the country. Eze Perfumes understands their need for self-expression and a sense of belonging and aims to provide a fragrance that aids and supports their journey of personal growth.

This generation, often referred to as the ‘Now Generation’ or ‘Digital Natives’, has been shaped by their exposure to digital platforms and social media. But there is more to them than just their need for instant gratification. They have a deep interest in social causes, care for the planet, hold strong ethical values, and have little patience for stereotypes. Eze Perfumes recognizes the streak of inclusivity that marks their temperament and has crafted a fragrance experience that aligns with their evolving perspectives.

Eze Perfumes is known for its unique home-grown perfumes that deliver a world-class fragrance experience by combining traditional and modern scents. By marking Pride month with a film that celebrates diversity and inclusiveness, it reiterates its position as the new-generation perfume that’s aspirational as well as free-spirited in its choices.