Incredible Chef’s Challenge – ICC 2023

Incredible Chef’s Challenge – ICC 2023

Incredible Chef’sWorld of Hospitality [WOH], is all set to unveil its live chef’s competition in Bengaluru. In association with South Indian Culinary Association (SICA), the prestigious culinary arts competition will see over 250 professional chefs representing Bengaluru’s food service industry present their culinary skills at Tripura Vasini, Palace Grounds from 13-15 June 2023.

The competition is a highly sought-after platform for several chefs in the city to bag accreditation for their skills and also to improve by listening to detailed feedback from the internationally acclaimed chef jury panel. The dedicated master classes hosted by partner brands further help them choose their ingredients wisely and also open vivid networking opportunities, hence bolstering industry-supplier relations.

As everything around us is transforming, the Culinary Arts keep changing in real-time to meet the contemporary palate needs of the patron. Innovation has led the industry to thrive time and again and some latest trends showcase chefs are pushing the boundaries in bringing to the table unexplored dishes. Some focus on the age-old lost remote recipes intending to revive the historic cuisines while others strive to rewrite history by birthing a brainchild of their own. Did you hear about vegan sushi or roti pizza before? That’s the kind of dynamism you can witness at this power-packed chef’s competition.