Indians reign supreme with Mahzooz the UAE’s leading weekly draw

Indians reign supreme with Mahzooz the UAE’s leading weekly draw


India, 8th July 2023:Indians living abroad have always built wealth during the prime of their life, in preparation to return home financially more stableafterretirement. It is, however, not uncommon for manyof these ‘NRIs’ to get lucky and win sizableprizes while abroad in the Gulf countries, substantially advancing their financial freedom targets.

Known to be the land of opportunities, the UAE, namely Dubai, is no different, particularly thanks toMahzooz, the country’s leading weekly draw that has changed thousands of lives around the world through its generous weekly prizes and community outreach. Among the many winners whose lives have completely changed, are over 100,000 Indians who took home over INR 310 crore in prize money over the past two years.

Offering equal chances to all participants in its fair, transparent, and generous weekly draws, Mahzooz, Arabic for “lucky”, continues to showcase the UAE as a land where dreams can be fulfilled. For the 100,000 Indians who were fortunate with Mahzooz, it has always been a true game-changer, especially for 17 Indian expats who became multi-millionaires, after winning top prizes ranging between INR 2 crore to INR 44 crores.

These winners come from many different walks of life, such as Dali, the mechanical engineer who won INR 44 crorein the 102nd draw and 25-year-old farmer turned laborer, Thinakar who won INR 22 crore In his first attempt in 2022 at the 57th draw.

How does it feel to become a millionaire overnight? Dalip shares this inspiring story of his win saying: “I had goosebumps when I received the email from Mahzooz on that memorable night. With the sizable prize money, I have been able to pursue all the aspirations for my family while investing back in my home country”. Dalip’s greatest desire was to retire and reside in a state-of-the-art house in India and he has been able to fulfil this dream for him and his family members through Mahzooz.

Mahzooz’s 21st multi-millionaire, Thinakar’s massive windfall with Mahzooz has dwarfed his debt problems so much so that he has decided to reunite with his family and asked his eldest sibling working in Saudi Arabia to move home to jointly run a business and cultivate their land. “The largest sum of money I had seen until I won Mahzooz was INR 20 thousand. Only because of Mahzooz I now have 10,000 times that amount” says the youngest of three brothers.Thinakar shoulders the responsibility of educating underprivileged children in India and has used a major chunk of his windfall to improve the school facilities in his village: “I was never a studious person, but I know that good education can open windows of opportunities. I wa Mahzooz s able to come to the UAE only because I finished 12th grade and completed a vocational course”.