JioCinema Sets the Stage for the World of Angel Investing with ‘Indian Angels,’ the World’s First Angel Investment Show on OTT

JioCinema Sets the Stage for the World of Angel Investing with ‘Indian Angels,’ the World’s First Angel Investment Show on OTT

JioCinema Sets the

Mumbai,17th October 2023 Digikore Studios (NSE: DIGIKORE), has announced the launch of “Indian Angels,” the world’s first angel investment show which will be streamed on India’s leading OTT platform Jio Cinema. Indian Angels will not only offer angel investors the opportunity to support emerging startups but will also extend a rare invitation to viewers to become investors themselves.

The show boasts an exceptional panel of angel investors, each of whom has risen from humble beginnings to achieve remarkable success. The distinguished lineup includes Ankit Agrawal, Founder and CEO of InsuranceDekho; Shreedha Singh, CEO and Co-founder of T.A.C – The Ayurveda Co; Kunal Kishore, Founder and director of Value 360; Ajinkya Firodia, Managing Director of Kinetic Engineering Ltd.; Rikant Pittie, Co-Founder of EaseMyTrip and director and Aparna Thygarajan, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer of Shobitam.

Abhishek More, Founder and CEO of Digikore Studios echoed their sentiments, adding, “At Digikore Studios, we are exceptionally proud to be part of this pioneering venture. ‘Indian Angels’ embodies the essence of innovation and the boundless possibilities of OTT platforms. It transcends mere entertainment; it signifies a movement that promises to reshape our understanding of investment. So get ready for a transformative journey that will have a profound impact on India’s investment landscape and the trajectory of Indian businesses.”

JioCinema spokesperson expressed their excitement, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce ‘Indian Angels’ to the world—a transformative show that transcends traditional entertainment. This innovative endeavor places investment opportunities at the forefront of your screens, democratizing angel investing for all. Prepare to be inspired, educated, and empowered as you witness the dawn of a new era in business entertainment.”

The inaugural episode of “Indian Angels” is slated for release in late October, followed by the unveiling of two episodes every week on the JioCinema platform. “Indian Angels” is set to make startup investing more accessible than ever for everyday people. If you’ve always wanted to invest in startups but felt held back by a lack of knowledge or a formal platform to assist you, this show is a game-changer. It’s like your chance to be a part of the action, just like the big players. “Indian Angels” levels the playing field, giving everyone with the passion for investing a shot at shaping the future of exciting new businesses. It’s not just another show; it’s a movement that empowers regular folks to chase their investment dreams.