Modular Interoperability Layer Union to Integrate with the AggLayer, Connecting the Polygon and Cosmos Ecosystems

Modular Interoperability Layer Union to Integrate with the AggLayer, Connecting the Polygon and Cosmos Ecosystems

DOVER, DE—20th April 2024 — Union Labs, the modular interoperability layer, will be integrating with the AggLayer, a decentralized service developed by Polygon Labs that safely connects chains to enable shared state and liquidity, to facilitate message passing and asset transfers between the Polygon ecosystem chains connected to the AggLayer and the broader Cosmos ecosystem. This integration will position Union as a key IBC gateway in and out of the AggLayer, a unified zk-bridge connecting sovereign, modular chains while maintaining the unified liquidity and UX of the monolithic architecture.

The integration will unlock greater liquidity access and movement between AggLayer-connected chains and IBC-enabled chains, ensuring a trustless, efficient, and low-latency process. Layer 2 solutions leveraging Polygon CDK will benefit from the seamless access to liquidity without vendor lock-in, freedom for technical innovation through open standards, and unrestricted liquidity movement and composability with other Web3 protocols, provided by the integration.

“The integration between Union and the AggLayer, developed by Polygon Labs, extends beyond a physical integration; it is a testament to both projects’ commitment to addressing the siloed nature of blockchains while upholding sovereignty,” said Karel Kubat, Founder of Union Labs. “A secure link between AggLayer-connected blockchains and IBC-enabled chains will greatly benefit projects in both ecosystems and developers looking for the freedom afforded by the modular design and zk-proof bridging technology.”

The AggLayer is a shared zk-bridge contract enabling all CDK-based chains to seamlessly tap into the liquidity and user base of Layer 1s while benefiting from unified liquidity among Layer 2s themselves. The modular design allows developers to customize networks according to specific needs and zero-knowledge proofs ensure cryptographic security.

“Union’s integration into the AggLayer is a significant milestone for both the Polygon and Cosmos ecosystems leveraging the AggLayer’s unique architecture to unlock modular and monolithic benefits for both ecosystems,” said Marc Boiron, CEO of Polygon Labs. “It streamlines liquidity flow for current projects and users while catalyzing innovation.”

Union, recently joined forces with Scroll, Noble, Movement, and Celestia to enhance liquidity flow across the modular tech stack, further enhancing the utility of native assets within the Polygon ecosystem and reducing liquidity and user fragmentation throughout the entire rollup ecosystem.