NAREDCO Launches “NAREDCO Eco Warrior” Initiative on World Environment Day

NAREDCO Launches “NAREDCO Eco Warrior” Initiative on World Environment Day


New Delhi, 5th June 2023 In a remarkable effort to combat climate change and promote environmental sustainability, the National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO) has proudly initiated “NAREDCO Eco Warrior” on the occasion of World Environment Day. This groundbreaking initiative aims to encourage NAREDCO members to participate in a mass plantation drive at their projects and public places on 5th June, with a target of planting 10,000 trees.

NAREDCO, being a prominent industry body in the real estate sector, recognizes its responsibility towards protecting and preserving the environment. The “NAREDCO Eco Warrior” initiative signifies the organization’s commitment to sustainable development practices and creating greener spaces for future generations.

With the alarming rise in global warming and ecological imbalance, it has become crucial for all sectors to come together and take concrete actions. NAREDCO believes that real estate developers can play a pivotal role in transforming urban landscapes by integrating green practices into their projects. By fostering a culture of environmental stewardship, the industry can help mitigate the adverse effects of climate change.

Mr. Rajan Bandelkar, President of NAREDCO, expressed his enthusiasm about the “NAREDCO Eco Warrior” initiative, stating, “As responsible members of the real estate community, we have a collective duty to protect the environment and promote sustainable practices. By encouraging our members to participate in the mass plantation drive, we aim to create a positive impact on the environment and make our cities greener and healthier.”

Under the “NAREDCO Eco Warrior” initiative, NAREDCO members are urged to organize plantation drives at their respective projects and public spaces. The focus is not only on planting trees but also on nurturing and maintaining them to ensure their healthy growth. NAREDCO will provide guidance and support to its members to help them implement sustainable plantation practices effectively.

Furthermore, NAREDCO plans to collaborate with environmental experts and organizations to enhance the impact of this initiative. By joining forces with governmental bodies, NGOs, and local communities, NAREDCO aims to create a holistic approach to environmental conservation and promote a sense of shared responsibility.

NAREDCO encourages other industry bodies and organizations to join hands and support the “NAREDCO Eco Warrior” initiative, fostering a collaborative effort towards environmental sustainability.