Red Bangle gears up for more growth, repositions and expands to serve the diverse needs of Indian brands

Red Bangle gears up for more growth, repositions and expands to serve the diverse needs of Indian brands

Red Bangle

 21st November 2023: Red Bangle, a fast-growing technology-enabled video production agency, offering film and video solutions worldwide, has today announced its transformation to a Brand Content Production Agency in India. Co-founded by Lakshmi Rebecca and Sunil Patrapati in 2017, a global video agency, in its new avatar, the company offers bold and meaningful strategy, campaign, and content services to brands in India. It aims to be a strategic partner to businesses seeking to drive ambitious brand growth and deeper engagement with their consumers.

Gearing up for the next phase of growth, Red Bangle is preparing to onboard a new NCD and CFO soon, reinforcing its commitment to excellence and registering its presence in Delhi soon by opening a new office in the city. With plans for 1.6X growth this year and an ambitious target of doubling (2X) its growth in the coming year, the company is poised to solidify its position as a leader in the creative content and digital marketing industry.

Sharing the context for this transformation, Lakshmi Rebecca, Co-founder and CEO of Red Bangle, said, “From day zero, we had a larger vision and we’ve stayed true to that and we’ve been building for the future. When we started out, we made a conscious choice to fill a specific gap in the global video market, and we have had a lot of success on this path. Today, the time feels right to expand our horizons with holistic services that address a large need in the Indian market today. We’ve always been thinking and solving problems for our clients, and now we can move from being a service provider to a strategic partner for them. And we want to achieve this with some of the best talent in the industry.”

Red Bangle’s expanded offerings leverage its credibility in this market and are in-line with global industry trends. The Indian content marketing industry is poised to grow at 17.3% per annum and will triple its worth in the next 7 years to US $144 billion in 2030 as per Research Dive report.

Commenting on the transformation, Sunil Patrapati, Co-founder and CTO of Red Bangle, added, “Over the last six years we’ve built a lot of trust in the film and video production market, and our clients have always asked for more from us. The opportunity is ripe for our expansion. And India is a very exciting market to pursue this in.”

With its expanded range of services, reach and capabilities – Red Bangle will cater to the diverse needs of the Indian market. Its three new core services – THINK, CREATE and PLAY – are each designed to meet the unique requirements of businesses. The details of these new offerings are given below:

· THINK: Red Bangle’s THINK service focuses on creating strategy-led brand content solutions that not only move the revenue needle but also touch the hearts of the audience. This service takes the client from research, strategy and creative development to production and media in one seamless journey.

· CREATE: The CREATE service is focused on delivering creative campaigns and engagement driven by insightful ideas. Red Bangle’s team of creative professionals craft fresh campaigns that resonate with the target audience and leave a lasting impact – helping the client go from insights to creative and, from production to media in one seamless journey.

· PLAY: Red Bangle’s PLAY service offers premium end-to-end solutions for content production across formats and scale. Whether it’s a regional project or a national campaign, PLAY ensures top-notch film and video production that aligns with clients’ goals.

As part of its expansion, the company recently appointed Vivek Chandra Shenoy as the Vice President of Strategy and Marketing, and Ankur Bora as the Senior Vice President of Business Development & Client Servicing. Reflecting its growing influence and dedication to lasting partnerships, the company onboarded over 30 new clients this year.

Since its inception, Red Bangle has been investing in technology for better creative project management, collaboration, and creative asset organisation. Going further, it has now readied teams to leverage the power of generative AI to increase efficiency and push the boundaries of creativity. Today, as a Brand Content Production Agency, the company will be a one-stop shop helping brands leverage communications and content to drive growth.