SD Polymer Pvt Ltd becomes Largest Certified Polymer Recycling Company in India Under Plastic Waste Management Rule 2016

SD Polymer Pvt Ltd becomes Largest Certified Polymer Recycling Company in India Under Plastic Waste Management Rule 2016

New Delhi, 19th June 2023: SDPPL, India’s leading player in the polymer industry, is proud to announce that the government has granted it the biggest recycling certificate in India under the PWM rules of 2016. With this accreditation, SD Polymer firmly establishes itself as the largest approved recycler of plastic waste in India, allowing it to greatly increase its production capacity and contribute to a more sustainable future by creating a circular implementation of plastic waste in the economy through various OEM’s programs such as Bumper to Bumper drive where SDPPL is collaborating with various Automobile waste generators and car dismantling unit for dedicated part wise collection of used/end of life plastic parts, segregating them through the advanced tracking system, recycling them with the latest technology and manufacturing recycled compounds that can substitute 100% virgin polymer compounds in Automotive and white goods industry.

Since a long time ago, SD Polymer has been committed to promoting sustainability, but its efforts have been constrained because the required license was not available. But now that this license has been granted, SD Polymer can carry out recycling operations in a planned and effective way, in line with their dedication to environmental responsibility.

With a staggering 3,67,000 tonnes of annual capacity and the recently acquired recycling certification, SD Polymer can now claim to be the largest single certificate holder for plastic recycling in India. The accreditation confirms SD Polymer’s leadership position in the sector and serves as a testament to its dedication to environmental stewardship.

SD Polymer has chosen Grownet to serve as a recycling certificate aggregator as part of its sustainability initiatives. By streamlining processes and increasing productivity, this strategic partnership will further strengthen SD Polymer’s goal of promoting a circular economy through responsible plastic waste management.

The most advanced Polymer RND lab in the area is located at the SD Polymer Faridabad plant, which is now fully operational. With a daily processing capacity of 1250 tonnes of plastic recycling, the cutting-edge unit demonstrates SD Polymer’s significant ability to handle plastic waste and turn it into useful resources.

Sensitizing the general public to the value of plastic recycling is one of the main goals of SD Polymer’s EPR certification. The general public is a significant producer of plastic waste and is essential to promoting proper disposal techniques. In order to create a cleaner and greener environment for everyone, SD Polymer aims to inspire individuals and communities to responsibly dispose of their plastic waste.

Additionally, SD Polymer will be able to produce value-added goods through plastic recycling thanks to its expanded production capabilities. To maximize resource efficiency and lessen the environmental impact associated with plastic consumption, SD Polymer converts plastic waste into high-quality materials.

Mr. Dhanish Goyal,

“We are thrilled to have received our EPR certification,” says Mr. Dhanish Goyal, spokesperson of SD Polymers. “We are now the largest producers in India with this license, a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility.” He also added, “The increased production capacity of SD Polymer puts us in a good position to influence change and significantly advance the circular economy.” The business is excited to work with partners, communities, and stakeholders to jointly create a greener future.