Teerthanker Mahavir University Celebrates Dev Shastra Guru Puja at Siddhi-Riddhi Bhavan

Teerthanker Mahavir University Celebrates Dev Shastra Guru Puja at Siddhi-Riddhi Bhavan

Moradabad, October 4, 2023– Teerthanker Mahavir University marked a momentous occasion at Siddhi-Riddhi Bhavan with a grand celebration of Dev Shastra Guru Puja. The event, spanning seven days, saw the auspicious ceremony of ‘Shantidhara’ with a golden shower gracing the esteemed Kuladhipati family, including Mr. Suresh Jain, GC Manish Jain, and Executive Director Akshat Jain.

Under the auspices of Pratishthacharya Rishabh Jain Shastri, the event included revered rituals such as Dev Shastra Guru Puja, Solah Karan Puja, and intricate ceremonies following the Dashalakshan Vidhi Vidhan.

In parallel, an enlightening cultural evening unfolded in the auditorium, featuring soulful renditions of bhakti songs, including Parasnath Stotra. The medical college students presented captivating presentations on women’s empowerment and the harrowing consequences of gender-based violence, delivering a strong message against prenatal gender discrimination.

Speaking on the occasion, Pratishthacharya shared insights about Jain traditions and rituals, emphasizing the importance of ‘Swaha’ and ‘Swasti’ in invoking blessings and purifying the soul. He highlighted the significance of ‘Dana’ (charity) and its practice within one’s means.

Delving into the essence of Uttam Tap Dharma (supreme penance), he stressed that true purification of the soul can be achieved through rigorous self-discipline. Drawing parallels with nature, he likened Tap to rainwater purifying a snake’s venom and transforming banana leaves into camphor.

Furthermore, he explained the importance of performing rituals and ceremonies in accordance with dharma to manifest the desired outcomes. He encouraged the audience to recite the mantras of Uttam Tap Dharma and cultivate a sense of righteousness.

Pratishthacharya also narrated inspiring stories, including those of two brothers embarking on a pilgrimage to Shikharji Tirtha and the significance of ‘Swaha’ and ‘Swasti’ in the ‘Pratishtha Paath’ chapter.

Notable attendees included First Lady Veena Jain, Richa Jain, Nandini Jain, and many others who added significance to the event. The ‘Shantidhara’ ceremony was graced by Charitar Sethi, Rajesh Sethi, Chahat Jain, Kaavya Jain, Adish Jain, Sambhav Jain, Sarthak Jain, among others, with the blessing of a silver urn.

The event also witnessed the Abhishek ceremony with the first golden kalash performed by Adiraj Jain, the second by Sambhav Jain, the third by Aman Jain, and the fourth by Sanskar Jain. The eight Pratihar ceremony was performed by eight young girls – Sneha Jain, Suvidhi, Riya, Juhi, Raunak, Diya Kararangi, Anshika, Harshika, and Trisha Jain.