The Belgian Waffle Co Sparks Curiosity with its ‘Hunt for Coolest Fan’ Campaign

The Belgian Waffle Co Sparks Curiosity with its ‘Hunt for Coolest Fan’ Campaign

The Belgian Waffle

19th February 2024 The Belgian Waffle Co is stirring up excitement among fans with their new campaign right from the pre-buzz phase. The delectable brand is on a hunt for its Coolest Fans and the #MyWaffleMove campaign is creating quite a chatter amongst its target audience on social media.

The leaked footage of the staff can be seen on every meme page curiously engaging in conversations about making the ‘coolest move’ and sharing across social media to secure an iPhone 15 and other exciting goodies. On further probing, the Belgian Waffle Co confirmed the information being true on their social media handle. The twist not only highlights the inventive spirit but also amplifies the curiosity that surrounds the upcoming contest which will last till 4th March.

The upcoming contest is already enticing enthusiasts with the chance to win incredible prizes. Two lucky winners will take home the highly coveted iPhone 15, while runner-ups will get Bose Headphones, Boat smartwatches, and thousands of gift vouchers.

The pre-buzz posters, crafted with a ‘missing’ angle’, tease the audiences with the grand gratification awarded to coolest fans. With witty one-liners and captivating imagery, the upcoming campaign has been strategically seeded across meme pages, amplifying its reach and igniting curiosity among the audience.

As fans spot these intriguing posters in multiple locations, anticipation builds, driving curiosity and speculation on the upcoming contest. The Belgian Waffle Co invites all waffle enthusiasts to stay tuned and participate in the quest to claim the ‘coolest fan’ title.