Oasis Fertility, Kurnool celebrates 2nd year Anniversary

Oasis Fertility, Kurnool celebrates 2nd year Anniversary

Oasis Fertility

Kurnool, 19th February 2024 Parenthood is a special journey and not all can conceive naturally due to several reasons. Infertility is on the rise in India due to delayed parenthood, obesity, unhealthy lifestyles, hormonal imbalances, environmental factors, etc. Many postpone fertility consultations without being aware of the fact that fertility declines with age. However, advanced treatment options can help couples overcome infertility and have their biological child. Creating awareness about a healthy lifestyle, the impact of age on fertility and the possibility of having personalized fertility treatment options is the need of the hour.

Oasis Fertility, Kurnool celebrated its 2nd year Anniversary by organizing an exclusive event to felicitate expectant mothers and babies born out of IVF. The occasion was graced by Dr Vijaya Lakshmi D, Clinical Head & Fertility Specialist, Oasis Fertility, Kurnool in which several families participated and made it a memorable event.

The centre has all advanced technologies under one roof and has expertise in CAPA IVM (Capacitation In vitro Maturation), a safer and harmonious advanced fertility treatment approach with a lesser number of injections and no side effects especially for women with cancer, and PCOS. India’s first CAPA IVM baby was born at Oasis Fertility, Warangal last year and the first CAPA IVM conception in Andhra Pradesh was done at Oasis Fertility, Kurnool and the lady is in the 5th month of pregnancy.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Vijaya Lakshmi D, Clinical Head & Fertility Specialist, Oasis Fertility, Kurnool stated, “I am very happy to be part of this wonderful event. My heartiest congratulations to all the parents for making the right decision at the right time. Both the male and the female partners need to come out of their inhibitions and openly discuss their issues with a fertility specialist if they are unable to conceive even after a year of trying. At Oasis Fertility, we have advanced technologies like PGT (Pre-implantation Genetic Testing), ERA (Endometrial Receptivity Array) to help couples with repeated IVF failure and advanced maternal age have their biological child. As male infertility is on the rise, we have AndroLife clinics that exclusively caters to all aspects of male infertility. Through treatment options like Microfluidics, and MicroTESE (Microscopic Testicular Sperm Extraction) we help men with poor or zero sperm count achieve fatherhood with their own sperms instead of going for donor sperms. According to Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction there are 28 mn people suffering from infertility in India. Among every ten couples there is one couple suffering from this problem. The reasons for rising infertility are stress, obesity, changing lifestyle and dietary habits, lack of sufficient sleep, alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, and other modern age problems. The most modern and advanced infertility treatment is now accessible for couples in Kurnool itself, these were available in major cities alone earlier. In recent past we have also seen a rise in the male infertility, earlier it used to be 20% to 30%, now it has reached alarming rate of 40% to 50%.

Lifestyle factors play a major role in conception and therefore a healthy diet, regular exercise, and sleep hygiene are essential. Through Fertility Preservation, we help men and women with cancer preserve their fertility and achieve parenthood at their convenience in the future”.