TVS Eurogrip exhibits prominent agri-related products at Krishi Darshan Expo in Haryana

TVS Eurogrip exhibits prominent agri-related products at Krishi Darshan Expo in Haryana

TVS Eurogrip

Mumbai, 22nd February 2024: TVS Eurogrip, one of the fastest-growing global brands in 2-wheeler, 3-wheeler and Off-Highway Tyres, participated in 12th edition of Krishi Darshan Expo held from 17th to 19th February- in Hisar, Haryana. A wide range of agriculture and off-highway tyres were displayed at stall OA-32. The fair was organised by Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, NRFMTTI, Hisar.

Speaking about the participation, Mr. S Mathan Babu – Vice President, OHT Sales & Marketing, TVS Eurogrip said, “We were glad to showcase our latest agriculture tyres at the expo. We have been participating in the Krishi Darshan expo for many years now. The event attracts manufacturers, service providers, government departments and institutes and serves as a great platform. We have had engaging conversations with the agri & farming community who visited our stand at the expo.”

For the first time in India, TVS Eurogrip tyres displayed an elaborate selection of sizes from the Tigertrac R-1W tractor radial portfolio. India is a growing market for agricultural tractors and there has been a steady trend of modern tractors being introduced every year by leading manufacturers. Radial tractor tyres offer superior traction, efficient self-cleaning and better load-carrying capacity when compared to their bias equivalents. Also, radial tyres have vastly superior driving comfort. This is very relevant since tractors do not have a suspension system like conventional passenger vehicles. Thus, the tyre, apart from providing traction, load carrying capacity etc, is the sole shock absorbing part for the machine.

A wide range of implement tyres from 12, 15.3 and 16 inch rim sizes were displayed too. These tyres suit a varied range of towed implements. The pattern IM 18 is one of our most popular design for balers, small trailers, and tankers around the world. The PT 09 tyre is by far the most popular tyre for power tillers and hand tractors. It offers a high traction tread design built with a strong carcass with cut and tear resistant compound.

TVS Eurogrip had also showcased products from the agricultural range for other applications such as sugarcane harvesters, balers, trailers, power tillers, reapers and more. Sugarcane harvesters for instance use 16.9-28 Industrial tyres for the machines are used on severe underfoot conditions and are prone to damage by stubbles. The TVS Eurogrip BL 09, with its strong carcass, cut and tear resistant compound and a non-directional tread design with blocks and lugs is apt for such usage, in cane harvesters. The tyre is ideal for dry as well as wet underfoot conditions. Its inter-lugs provide strong protection from punctures and the ‘Y’ block lugs provide very stable and smooth road transport service.

Krishi Darshan Expo is organized year-on-year to create a single venue interface for Indian Agriculture and farming community to come together for mutual benefits. The 12th edition of the expo focused on latest technologies and innovations for strengthening the future of the Indian agriculture sector. Many exhibitors and visitors showcased current developments and futuristic techniques at the expo.