Unplug and Unwind: The 7 meditation apps for people seeking mindfulness

Unplug and Unwind: The 7 meditation apps for people seeking mindfulness

Today’s rapidly evolving and fast-tracked lifestyle can play havoc with the minds of people and make it cumbersome to find peace and serenity. Thinking and acting beyond a set routine can be a challenge, especially amid a rise in mental health concerns in society, most of which go unnoticed and untreated. Mercifully, technological spillover and advancement have come to society’s rescue. Now, one can find a variety of meditation applications online, that are suitable for first-time meditators and experienced alike. This mindfulness day, for those looking forward to unplugging and unwinding, these following 7 apps can be the coolest companions as they offer one-stop solutions for contemporary people seeking mindfulness.

1, Idanim: Creating a better ‘now’ through meditation and wellbeing

Originating in India, Idanim is gaining popularity owing to its extensive collection of more than 1000 guided meditations that target more than 40 categories for battling with anxiety, stress, sleep deprivation, low energy levels, and so on. The app takes the users on a journey of consciousness and detoxification and is prudently crafted to suit the varied mental levels and stages of meditation of the users. The resources offered under the app are vast and consist of daily live meditations with teachers, self-assessment dashboards that provide the users with insight on their progress, etc. The instructors beautifully guide the users toward accepting their present self, and make each day worthwhile emotionally and scientifically.

 2. Insight timer: a community of mental health providers

Insight timer is transforming the path to tranquility by facilitating free guidance to deal with sleep, anxiety, and stress issues. It inculcates healthy habits among individuals and encourages them to follow a constructive routine that uplifts their well-being. It provides more than 150,000 soothing and effective tracks that are professionally curated by psychologists, mindful leaders, and spiritual gurus. The meditations provided are guided, timed, and musical. Listeners are able to connect with the music and feel at ease instantly. It also keeps the users motivated all day with lively quotes, mood trackers, and journal keeping.

3. Calm: Making a merrier and healthier world

Nominated and recognized on several well-known platforms, Calm has become a user’s favorite sleep app with its guided meditations supported by valuable audio programs, unique music tracks, and scenic portrayals of relaxing techniques. The app is run by passionate and mindful enthusiasts who lead with the belief in total commitment, fairness, inclusiveness, and efficiency. It provides several useful free resources, along with stories to restore sleep.

4. Headspace: A simple guide to sleep and meditation

Headspace is an easy-to-explore application that aims to bring joy and a good night’s sleep to the users. It focuses on different aspects of mindfulness including sleep, stress management, and building positivity. The app is home to diverse articles on coping with key mental and personality issues related to self-esteem, healthy body image, self-compassion, and self-discipline, to name a few. There are different programs for meditators at every stage, starting from beginners to experts. Also, there is a sea of written content that takes into account and aims to deal with routine life problems that take a toll on mental health and self-confidence.

5. Medito: Building a world of mindfulness and compassion

Amidst the hustle-bustle of the city environment, Medito also follows an organized approach to creating well-being for users and helping them find a breakthrough in mental happiness. It runs separate courses for meditation based on the user level, and also offers a few unique techniques that cover work-life balance, walking and body scan meditation, as well as meditation using kindness and mantra. The app has abundant resources for improving mental health and work performance. It also supports blogs based on several real-life challenges and devises effective, feasible, and friendly methods to face them.

6. Sattva: Inspiring through meditation

The core strategy of this app is to use mantras and chanting to attract tranquility, positivity, calmness, and mental abundance. It affirms ancient Indian roots and links them to meditation to provide authentic and guided content for modern meditation. By introducing the users to various mudras, Sattva offers a personalized experience that is supplemented by live video consultations, group sessions, and motivating one another with blissful tracks and powerful chants. User-friendly tools like maps, graphs, and charts are available for users to track their journey.

7. Tide: A nature’s way toward calm and mindfulness

Tide adopts various relieving sounds and techniques to work on users’ focus, sleep, breath, and meditation. The app employs a combination of distinct sound themes that serve different purposes by aiming at moods, mental spaces, and concerns. For meditation, it applies an impressive collection of imagery to instill healthy emotions and inspire lifestyle changes, health benefits, and performance enhancement. Overall, the appeal and functioning of the app are attractive, serene, visually informative, and effective.