New Launch: Provenance Gift Boutique & Coffeehouse: New outlet in Prabhadevi I Winter Special Menu & Exclusive Christmas Hampers

Provenance Gift Boutique

Just in time for the festive cheer of Christmas and the New Year, Provenance has inaugurated its gourmet gift boutique and café within Ligne Roset, a luxury French home décor store at Prabhadevi in Mumbai.

The curated library of fine foods and gifts, Provenance, shines the spotlight on emerging brands and artisans from India and beyond.

Designed by The Busride Design Studio, the café is spread across 350 square feet which offers an interactive format of browsing merchandise, showcasing the versatile gourmet chocolate collection from Provenance while also enjoying coffee and desserts.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the café features chunky, monolithic, grey terrazzo island tops that look like rocks in a garden. Atop each island is a museum-like wooden cabinet with a display of the world’s best chocolates interspersed with curiosities from across the globe. Reminiscent of the ‘Cabinets of Curiosities’ that used to crown the parlours of the world’s great travellers and explorers, each cabinet is a fine curation of edibles and collectables.

The café and gift boutique’s offerings include one of the largest collections of chocolates and gourmet treats from India and across the world. Think chocolates and cookies by Maxim’s de Paris from France, Willie’s Cacao from the UK chocolates made with 100% natural ingredients, with no preservatives or artificial flavours, Dolfin Chocolates from Belgium, and many more. They have more than 100 variants of chocolates available in their chocolate library.

The café introduces a Special menu which includes mushroom melt, sweet chilli and sweet swirl, Spinach corn and feta Danish, Ham and cheese croissants, along with some winter delicacies, such as strawberry and cream tarts, strawberry eclairs, and more!

Provenance will also offer patrons its signature craft coffee and desserts such as rose pistachio cake, chocolate cookie crunch cake with sea-salt caramel, and gluten-free almond orange cake, along with other gourmet delectables and products meticulously curated from across the world.

In addition to fine chocolates, Provenance also offers several other iconic artisanal gourmet treats, such as Truffle Potato chips by Torres, handcrafted Papabubble candy from Spain, and Maxim’s chocolate and cookies from France. Each brand showcased at Provenance is selected for its authenticity, high quality and focus on craftsmanship. There is something for everyone – chocolate lovers, tea connoisseurs, coffee lovers, fitness enthusiasts as well as those who prefer milk, white, dark, vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free or organic chocolate gift baskets or gift boxes.

Whether you’re feeling indulgent this festive season or need something exciting to send to a loved one – Provenance has curated gourmet Christmas gift hampers, boxes and baskets to fit your gifting needs. The Christmas collection includes Advent Calendars from Maxim’s des Paris and Dolfin, other festive treats from ROYCE’ Chocolate, Willie’s Cacao and a curation of seasonal delights like mulled wine mix, Christmas cookies, candy canes, macaron biscuits and much more! The hampers start at ₹795/- and go up to ₹10650/-

The following are some of the Best-Selling Christmas Hampers:

  • Maxim’s Advent Calendar (24 Assorted Chocolates) — ₹2,524
  • The Winter Wonderland Gift Box — ₹3,775
  • The Christmas Movie Night Gift Hamper — ₹5,665
  • The Christmas Pantry Gift Basket— ₹7,700
  • The ‘MerryChristmas’ Gift Box — ₹10,650

Packed with warmth and love. Provenance Bespoke Gift Hampers are set to redefine festive gifting and can be shipped all over India. Guests can curate a gift as per their budget and preferences and the in-store gift concierge can help you design your hamper — with customised packaging, branded message cards, ribbons, brand logos and colours etc.

The Evolution from Budgets to Annual Operating Plans: A Paradigm Shift in Corporate Planning

In a notable departure from conventional financial planning, businesses are increasingly shifting their focus from traditional budgets to more dynamic Annual Operating Plans (AOPs). This strategic transition reflects a fundamental change in how companies approach their planning processes, aligning more closely with their vision, mission, and the ever-evolving business landscape.

Ujwal Landge

Ujwal Landge, Partner at E.A. Patil & Associates LLP (EAPA), succinctly captures this shift, stating, “In the fast-paced world of business, Annual Operating Plans have emerged as the compass guiding companies through the complexities of today’s market dynamics. It’s not just about numbers; it’s a comprehensive blueprint for success.”

The Rise of Annual Operating Plans

Unlike budgets that often concentrate solely on financial goals, Annual Operating Plans take a holistic approach, integrating both financial and operational objectives. This shift in strategy acknowledges the interconnected nature of financial success and operational efficiency, providing a more flexible framework that adapts to changing circumstances throughout the fiscal year.

“In essence, Annual Operating Plans represent a departure from rigid financial control to a more adaptable and responsive approach,” notes Landge. “They emphasise achieving a balance between financial performance and operational excellence, fostering a culture of agility and innovation.”

Measurables and Benefits

The core of Annual Operating Plans lies in their measurability and tangible benefits. These plans offer a set of clear, measurable parameters that serve as guideposts for stakeholders, ensuring transparency and accountability. From elevated customer satisfaction and enhanced operational efficiency to working capital optimisation and market positioning, AOPs provide a comprehensive roadmap for success.

Sameer Gavli, Partner at EAPA highlights, “Measuring success is integral to any plan’s effectiveness. Annual Operating Plans not only provide a strategic direction but also offer a tangible way to gauge progress and identify areas for improvement.”

Methodology for AOP Development

The methodology for developing Annual Operating Plans involves a systematic approach to identifying challenges, evaluating their impact, benchmarking against industry standards, and integrating best practices. This thorough process ensures that the plan not only addresses routine challenges but also prepares the company to navigate non-routine and unforeseen challenges proactively.

“As businesses evolve, so do their challenges. Annual Operating Plans are designed to be adaptive and forward-looking, fostering continuous improvement and innovation,” affirms Mr. Landge.

As the business landscape becomes increasingly dynamic, the shift from budgets to Annual Operating Plans is a strategic necessity. It’s not about abandoning financial control; it’s about embracing a more nuanced and responsive way of achieving success. In the words of Peter Drucker, ‘The best way to predict the future is to create it.’ Annual Operating Plans empower companies to do just that.”

The transition from budgets to Annual Operating Plans represents a fundamental shift in how companies strategise and navigate the complexities of the modern business environment. These insights underscore the significance of this change, emphasising the need for businesses to not only plan for the future but actively create it through adaptive and forward-looking approaches like Annual Operating Plans.

Who is Orry – Indians turn to Alexa for answers

07th December 2023 (Mumbai): Amazon Alexa customers in India are ever curious to know more about trending topics and personalities. Questions about celebrities and public figures often lead them to turn to Alexa for a factual, and sometimes even entertaining, response. Most recently, netizens are curious about Orry, a.k.a Orhan Awatramani, the enigmatic socialite capturing the spotlight alongside Bollywood elites. Alexa adds a dash of entertainment to the intrigue by answering the question, ‘Who is Orry’ – that’s been on everyone’s minds lately.

Indians turn to Alexa

Who is Orry

If you’re still unable to figure out who Orry is or what he does – just ask Alexa! Just say, “Alexa, who is Orry?” or “Alexa, what does Orry do?” to satiate your curiosity about the identity of Orry but in his style!

In the past, Alexa has fielded several questions from customers about celebrities and trending personalities. For example, questions like “Alexa, what is Alia Bhatt’s age?”, “Alexa, what is Anushka Sharma’s baby’s name?”, “Alexa, tell me about Rashmika Mandanna” and “Alexa, Salman Khan की girlfriend कौन है?” emerged as popular requests.

Over the years, Alexa has become a trusted and beloved companion for users to interact freely and find quick answers to any question – all by just using their voice. Alexa’s clever quips and entertaining remarks make interacting with it a joyful experience – akin to talking with a friend or family member. Making Alexa a part of one’s day is as simple as asking a question, playing songs, catching up on trending news, controlling smart home devices, paying bills, and much more.

Better Body Bombay, a personal care brand, expands its Line with launch of its new ‘Clean Beauty Range’

Better Body Bombay,

Mumbai,7th December 2023 Better Body Bombay, a leading personal care brand, proudly introduces its innovative range of clean beauty products, embracing the allure of exotic ingredients to revolutionize skincare regimens. The brand’s diverse collections, including Blood Orange, Aloe & Coconut, Tea Tree & Kaffir Lime, Milk & Forest Honey, Lavender & Chamomile, Onion, Pistachio & Argan Oil, embody a commitment to natural elements for glowing, healthy skin.

Crafted meticulously without parabens and sulfates, Better Body Bombay’s dedication to purity and quality shines through its cruelty-free and sustainable approach. The brand stands firm in its promise of responsible beauty practices, ensuring a guilt-free, luxurious skincare experience.

CEO Sandeep Saxena shared, “Our bbb skincare range harnesses the potency of natural, exotic ingredients while upholding our pledge to clean, sustainable beauty. Better Body Bombay caters to diverse skin needs, prioritizing wonderful experience, effectiveness, and rejuvenation while staying environmentally conscious.”

Driven by a mission to transform beauty regimens, Better Body Bombay invites beauty enthusiasts to embrace a luxurious and eco-friendly skincare journey with its exquisite formulations. The brand’s vision extends beyond mere effectiveness, aiming to revolutionize beauty rituals with an environmentally responsible approach.

Urban Square Mall Celebrates Winners of ‘Kaun Banega Lakhpati’ Campaign

Urban Square

Udaipur’s premier shopping and entertainment hub, Urban Square Mall, recently concluded its exhilarating campaign, ‘Kaun Banega Lakhpati,’ designed to bring joy and excitement to its patrons. The winners were announced during a grand event attended by retailers, shoppers, and 350 enthusiastic schoolchildren.

Hansraj Dhangar claimed the 1st prize, earning a well-deserved reward of Rs 1 lakh. Shanu Jagetia secured the 2nd prize, receiving a cash award of Rs 50,000, while Dr. Vandana Chhabra was honored with the 3rd prize, a sum of Rs 25,000. The announcement resonated with cheers and applause, fostering an atmosphere of celebration and camaraderie.

The joy extended beyond cash prizes; Urban Square Mall distributed 1100 silver coins as assured gifts during ‘Kaun Banega Lakhpati.’ Lucky draw winners also received 4500+ coupons, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event. The prize distribution ceremony witnessed Mr. Uddhav, Managing Director of Bhumika Group, personally presenting the cheques to the winners, adding a personalized touch to the felicitation.

Expressing his excitement, Mr. Uddhav Poddar, remarked, “We are thrilled to see an overwhelming response to the ‘Kaun Banega Lakhpati’ campaign. Witnessing the joy on the faces of our winners is truly heartening. The participants exhibited tremendous enthusiasm, and the winners showcased remarkable knowledge. Urban Square Mall remains dedicated to creating memorable experiences for our shoppers, and we eagerly anticipate more engaging campaigns in the future. Stay tuned for something more interesting in the month of mid-December!”

5 lucky winners win a Bumper Draw of 1 kg Gold at IJSF23

5 lucky winners

Bengaluru, 7th, December 2023: India Jewelry Shopping Festival 2023 (IJSF23) the jewelry shopping festival organized by All India Gem and Jewelry Domestic Council (GJC) that concluded on 26th November 2023, today announced the Bumper Prize Winners of 1 kg Gold at a draw that was conducted today in the presence of EY, who were the process advisors for the event. The winners who hail from Hyderabad, Nagpur, Cuttack, Kanpur and Chhattisgarh were selected by EY, the process advisors, fairly and transparently in the presence of the legal fraternity and media. In all, 135 prizes ac5 lucky winners ross 48 cities were also announced.

IJSF 23 started on 15th October and went on till 26th November. As a part of the festival offering IJSF will distribute prizes to the tune of Rs.11 crores to its participants.

Mr. Dinesh Jain, GJC Director & IJSF Convenor, said “I am very happy to announce these winners today and would like to congratulate them on their wins. The entire process of selection has been very fair and transparent. We are very happy with the response that IJSF has received across the country. This has given us lot of confidence and encouragement to come back next year in a bigger and better way. This is one positive step towards making India a jewelry shopping hub.”

(TTT) Terribly Tiny Tales welcomes Jitin Babu to its leadership team as VP – Operations

India-wide release, 7th December 2023: India’s much-loved content company and storytelling platform Terribly Tiny Tales (TTT) has announced the appointment of Jitin Babu as Vice President – Operations. This strategic addition to TTT’s leadership team reflects its dedication to enhancing operational effectiveness and advancing its purpose of amplifying the power of storytelling.

A passionate problem-solver, Jitin brings wide-ranging expertise and a proven track record in business management. He has over 13 years of experience in strategy, growth, innovation and business development. He embarked on his professional journey as a novice trader, delving into the intricate world of finance. Over time, he transformed into a successful founder, steering multiple functions and business verticals with adept leadership. Jitin also earned his MBA at the Indian School of Business (ISB) in Hyderabad, specialising in Finance & Strategy.

While finance was his career, content was his passion which manifested in the creation of Curateus, a marketplace dedicated to human-curated content, where he served as the Co-Founder & CEO. Curateus was acquired by a Delaware based content publishing company earlier this year.

In his new role as the Vice President of Operations, Jitin will leverage his experience and apply his skills across the board to create value and impact. He will play a pivotal part in shaping and executing TTT’s operational strategies, ensuring seamless processes across the organisation and productising revenue across verticals, starting with TTT Academy.

Jitin Babu,Jitin Babu, Vice President – Operations, Terribly Tiny Tales said, “TTT is at the epicentre of the Indian digital content and modern storytelling scene, and being a part of this amazing team only makes me incredibly happy. I am looking forward to this new chapter where I intend to use my past expertise in the media-tech and digital content space to positively impact TTT Academy and TTT at large and create opportunities to drive it forward.”

Anuj Gosalia, CEO of Terribly Tiny Tales said, “At TTT, we’re always looking for people who want to work at the cutting-edge of the content and creator economy. And we are delighted to welcome Jitin to TTT as part of our leadership. We believe that his background in operations, his founder-mindset aligns perfectly with our vision for TTT’s future. His expertise will contribute significantly to our growth.”

This appointment proves essential for TTT and TTT Academy since it allows the organisation to pursue new opportunities, including integrating AI-tools for the community and broaden its global reach. Without a doubt, Jitin Babu’s leadership will be crucial in directing TTT through these exciting opportunities.

DSP Mutual Fund launches first-of-its-kind DSP Nifty Smallcap250 Quality 50 Index Fund

New Delhi,6th December 2023 Companies in the small cap space have the potential to deliver a larger return on investment than large cap companies. However, they also have the potential to fall more than large caps from their peaks. Small caps are also less liquid when compared with large and mid-caps, less studied by experts. The number of stocks in the small cap space is also markedly higher compared to large and mid-caps and they are also held by a smaller number of institutions. Hence, investors who look to invest in small cap companies need to exercise higher diligence in choosing the companies that are fundamentally sound for a better return on their investment.

To address this, DSP Mutual Fund announced the launch of the first-ever ‘Quality-Focused’ Smallcap Fund DSP Nifty Smallcap250 Quality 50 Index Fund (DSP NSQ50IF), an open-ended scheme tracking Nifty Smallcap250 Quality 50 Index. Out of the 250 stocks in the Nifty Smallcap250 universe, the index applies exclusion criteria and stock selection criteria to filter out companies which do not make the cut and choose 50 stocks that fit the criteria. The quality filters include Return on Equity, Debt to Equity and Earnings Per Share. Hence, the Nifty Smallcap250 Quality 50 Index (Quality Index) has companies that have higher ROE and lower leverage compared to the Nifty Smallcap250 (broader Index).

The Quality Index has outperformed its parent broader Index since its inception. In 12 out of 19 calendar years – the Quality Index performed better than the broader Index. In fact, on a 10-year basis, the Quality Index has always outperformed the broader index as well as active Smallcap funds.

Investors are recommended to buy DSP NSQ50IF via the SIP route. 10-Year SIP returns have shown that long-term SIP in the Quality Index has given similar returns irrespective of the market being at peak or lows, and considerably better returns compared to the broader Index. In fact, during periods like 10th December 2007 to 10th November 2010, 10th November 2010 to 19th May 2014 and 15th January 2018 to 16th March 2021, when a lumpsum in the broader index gave 0% returns, SIP returns in the broader Index were anything between 18 to 41% and that in the Quality Index would have been between 20 to 52% in the same time periods.

The Quality Index has also outperformed in rallies and during falls compared to the broader Index. Data also shows that the probability of better returns increases, and negative returns decreases with longer tenure for the Quality Index compared to Broader Index.

The New Fund Offer for DSP NSQ50IF will open for subscription on December 5th, 2023, and will close on December 15th, 2023.

“Smallcaps have the potential for outsize returns when held for the long term. However, the space is inherently vast, relatively less studied and poses a challenge to investors to find quality companies among small caps. Our passive offering aims to reduce the risk of capital loss by choosing ‘Quality’ companies with better fundamentals with an aim to keep wealth destroyers away to a great extent. We recommend investors to invest in DSP NSQ50IF for the long term via the SIP route for a better experience across market cycles,” says Anil Ghelani, CFA, Head – Passive Investments & Products, DSP Mutual Fund.

Union Bank of India Collaborates with Accenture to Accelerate Data-Driven Transformation

Hyderabad/Mumbai: 6th December 2023 – Union Bank of India, a leading public sector bank in India is collaborating with Accenture (NYSE: ACN) to design and develop a scalable and secure enterprise data lake platform with advanced analytics and reporting capabilities. This program will boost the bank’s operational efficiency and enhance its ability to offer customer-centric banking services and manage risk.

Using predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, this platform will leverage structured and unstructured data from within the bank as well as from external sources to generate business-relevant insights.

The program will enable the bank to develop robust data visualization and reporting capabilities including interactive dashboards and reports for business, operational and regulatory purposes. Employees will have access to business intelligence that can enhance customer service and operational agility across the bank’s branches, contact centers and digital channels. As a result, the bank will be able to make informed decisions and identify new data-led opportunities for value creation. These will have an impact across its business portfolio including corporate, retail, and micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) banking, and as well as across functions like risk management, treasury, customer service and operations, among others.

A. Manimekhalai, Managing Director & CEO, Union Bank of India said, “Leveraging advanced analytics and AI, we see potential to unlock tremendous value from data – to form meaningful customer relationships, enhance employee productivity and achieve profitable growth. This collaboration with Accenture is a key step towards our goal to evolve into a data driven and digitally forward bank that supports the next generation of banking services.”

Accenture will work with Union Bank of India to build new AI and machine learning models that can help generate actionable insights for improved business forecasting, facilitate personalized offers for customers and enable intelligence for fraud detection, prevention, and mitigation.

Sandeep Dutta, Senior Managing Director and Lead – India Business, Accenture said, “The democratization of data-driven insights enabled by AI, generative AI and analytics is crucial to fostering a culture of customer-centricity, agility, and innovation. We look forward to working alongside Union Bank of India to shape their growth journey.”

Scaler School of Technology Launches “Indian Silicon Valley Challenge” to Uncover India’s Top Teen Techies

Mumbai, 6th December 2023: Scaler School of Technology, a fully residential undergraduate program in Computer Science by Scaler, today announced the launch of the “Indian Silicon Valley Challenge”, a nationwide competition designed to identify and nurture India’s brightest young minds. The challenge is open to students in Grades XI and XII who are passionate about technology and problem-solving. The competition will be hosted by the founders of Scaler alongside industry CXOs from the startup space who will also serve as the jury.

The challenge is centred on recognising students with the ability to adeptly leverage technology to tackle real-world issues in areas like education, healthcare, agriculture, environment, and community development. Participants will be judged on their problem-solving skills, creativity, and the potential impact of their proposed solutions.

This opportunity offers students a chance to connect with the minds behind some of India’s successful tech companies and gain insights from their experiences. By presenting their ideas directly to industry leaders, participants have the opportunity to showcase their innovative solutions and potentially access resources and support that can assist them in bringing their ideas to fruition


“We believe that India has a wealth of untapped talent in the field of technology,” said Bhavik Rathod, Head of Scaler School of Technology. “The Indian Silicon Valley Challenge is our gateway towards empowering young innovators and providing them with a platform to showcase their ideas and solutions to the world. We are looking for students who are not only passionate about tech but also have a deep understanding of the social and environmental challenges facing India. We want to find students who can use technology to create a positive impact on the lives of others,” said Rathod.

The winner of the Indian Silicon Valley Challenge will be awarded a trip to Silicon Valley, California. During the visit, they will have the opportunity to explore the campuses of Apple and Google, gaining insights from some of the world’s most accomplished tech entrepreneurs and innovators. The school represented by the winner will also be recognised as a leading institution in the field of innovation and technology. Moreover, the top three winning schools will be presented with trophies and receive personalised letters signed by prominent entrepreneurs as a gesture of acknowledgement.

In addition to this, all participants will receive access to a CS & Machine Learning Essentials course for beginners, delivered by ex-Google instructors from Scaler, along with a range of other awards and recognition opportunities.