Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao share stories around the making of Laapataa Ladies

Mumbai, 26th February 2024 Bollywood Stars Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao shared the stories around their latest venture “Laapataa Ladies” at the ‘Ideas of India’ Summit 3.0.

Critically acclaimed for several blockbusters and poignant movies as an actor and filmmaker, Aamir Khan has achieved much success in movies like 3 Idiots, Lagaan, Tare Zameen Par, and PK.

Speaking at the session “Telling Lapaataa Tales: Scenes from an Invisible Country Nation”, Aamir Khan, said, “Kiran is a very honest filmmaker, and Lapaataa Ladies is such a dramatic story that I thought this should be made.”

Speaking about the preparation he does for his roles, Aamir Khan, said, ‘I believe in doing rehearsal and being prepared. I feel first and foremost a script should entertain me which gives me confidence about it’

Speaking about the misfortune of his last release, Aamir Khan, said, “Laal Singh Chaddha was one movie which gave me a lot of learning opportuning. Thank God I made all the mistakes in one”

Known for making movies that were loved both by critics and the people, Kiran Rao, Producer and Director, has achieved tremendous acclaim for contributing to the making of thoughtful entertainers like Dhobi Ghat, Peepli Live, Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na, and Dangal.

Talking about her movie Laapataa Ladies which will hit the screen in March, Kiran Rao, said, “There’s a different excitement in working with new actors, and this movie gave enough opportunity to do so. The social issues work as a subtext in the movie.”

Responding to a question on the use of artificial intelligence in movies, Aamir Khan, said, “We have to learn to evolve with Artificial Intelligence and new technologies.”

Kiran Rao, remarked, “I don’t think AI can be stopped. We all are using some form of technology of what we do.”

The ABP Network’s ‘Ideas of India’ Summit 3.0 spotlighting the ‘The People’s Agenda’ brought a confluence of ideas and ideators to a common platform celebrating the country’s people and its plurality. The two-day summit hosted policymakers, cultural ambassadors, industry experts, celebrities, business leaders, economists, and leading luminaries to delve into the fundamental ideas of liberty, justice, equality, and diversity that define India, its society, culture, and politics. The meaningful deliberations on diverse topics had the brightest minds across sectors providing insights about the nation’s trajectory and its journey to become Viksit Bharat.

” I would be nowhere without my last name: Ananya Birla at ‘Ideas of India’ Summit 3.0″

Mumbai,26th February 2024 : On the inaugural day of ABP Network’s flagship event, the ‘Ideas of India’ Summit 3.0, Ananya Birla, Social Entrepreneur and Artist and Navya Naveli Nanda, Podcaster, Founder, Project Naveli and Co-Founder, Nimaya Foundation shared their views on the theme ‘The Next-Gen: A Different Vibe’ in Mumbai today.

Giving a peek into the minds of Gen-Z and the feel of the next-gen vibe, Ananya Birla, shared a refreshing perspective of what the new India wants. “I realised early on that in our society that women didn’t have the freedom to do what they wanted because they were not financially independent. I think once a woman is financially independent, that takes the edge off a little bit, and to do that has been my mission. Svatantra means ‘freedom,’ and I started Svatantra at 17, and today, it stands as the second-largest microfinance institution in India.”

Speaking about her artistic pursuits, Ananya Birla, expressed, “The turning point in my life came when I went to Oxford and struggled with my mental health. Music became my solace, and performing gigs allowed me to express myself. Balancing music and business is a constant challenge, but I am grateful for the support of my family. I would be nowhere without my last name and I feel like I am adding to the family legacy, and it has been a huge blessing. As soon as you become more comfortable in your skin, you become better.”

Having taken a different route than her famous Bollywood family members, Navya Naveli Nanda, spoke about her journey as podcaster, and shared, “Doing the podcast with my mother and grandmother has been fun. They have always been very opinionated women, never shying away from voicing opinions and we have tried to keep it organic. For me, carrying forward a legacy or surname is about making my family proud and achieving my own ambitions. I have been given opportunities most girls my age wouldn’t get, and I credit that to my family.”

Advocating for social responsibility, Navya expressed, “Giving back is both a moral and individual choice, we must give back in whatever way we can. The past three years have been about creating impact and feeling a personal responsibility for the work I carry forward, while also creating a separate identity for myself.”

The ABP Network’s ‘Ideas of India’ Summit 3.0 spotlighting the ‘The People’s Agenda’ brought a confluence of ideas and ideators to a common platform celebrating the country’s people and its plurality. The two-day summit hosted policymakers, cultural ambassadors, industry experts, celebrities, business leaders, economists, and leading luminaries to delve into the fundamental ideas of liberty, justice, equality, and diversity that define India, its society, culture, and politics. The meaningful deliberations on diverse topics had the brightest minds across sectors providing insights about the nation’s trajectory and its journey to become Viksit Bharat.

Air India Launches New Inflight Safety Video

Air India

Bengaluru, 26th February 2024: Air India, India’s leading global airline, today unveiled ‘Safety Mudras’, the airline’s new inflight safety video that seamlessly blends safety instructions with the kaleidoscope of India’s vibrant culture. Developed in collaboration with the visionary trio of Prasoon Joshi of McCann Worldgroup, Shankar Mahadevan and Bharatbala, the video is meticulously crafted to engage passengers and showcase the diversity and depth of the Indian culture, while delivering essential safety information.

For centuries, Indian classical dance and folk-art forms have served as mediums of storytelling and instruction. Air India’s new inflight safety video integrates safety instructions with mudras or dance expressions in eight diverse dance forms – Bharatnatyam, Bihu, Kathak, Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Odissi, Ghoomar, and Giddha – from around the country. Each featured dance form presents a specific safety instruction, providing vital information in an engaging and culturally immersive manner.

Campbell Wilson, CEO & MD, Air India, said: “As a flagbearer of the country and a longstanding patron of Indian art and culture, Air India is delighted to present a work of art that is designed to deliver essential safety instructions while showcasing India’s rich cultural diversity to travellers around the world. Our guests will find this inflight safety video to be more immersive and informative, and a warm welcome to India from the moment they step onboard.”

Featuring music composed by Grammy Award-winning music composer and singer Shankar Mahadevan, the video invites passengers to experience a harmonious fusion of safety and culture. This project, spanning approximately six months, involved creators travelling and capturing the essence of India visually through mesmerizing locations across the length and breadth of the country.

The safety video will be initially accessible on Air India’s recently introduced A350 aircraft, which is equipped with state-of-the-art inflight entertainment screens. It will be progressively deployed on other aircraft in Air India’s fleet.

Air India’s new inflight safety video can be download here: https://bit.ly/AirIndiaSafetyVideo

Khoya Presents Its All-new Holi Collection Celebrating the Festival of Colours and Tradition

Khoya Presents

Khoya is a bastion of premium mithai, dedicated to the art of crafting exquisite delicacies using age-old recipes and the finest ingredients. With a penchant for innovation and a reverence for tradition, we craft experiences that transcend the ordinary, making every moment a celebration of luxury and nostalgia.

This Holi, brace yourselves for a lineup of crispy, flavourful Chandrakala Gujiyas. Each delicate fold tells tales of tradition, while every golden crimp holds within it a pursuit of culinary perfection. ‘Chandrakala,’ meaning “Ray of Moon,” pays tribute to the moon that appears on the night before Holi. This moon marks the end of winter and the start of spring.

Our gujiyas capture the essence of this festive moon’s richness, charm and beauty; where buttery pastry meets a luscious filling of Khoya and top tier nuts with a satisfying crunch. The Classic Gujiya is a medley of Kaju, badam and pista, garnished with aromatic saffron and pistachio flakes, the Walnut Gujiya is crowned with delicate saffron and almond flakes and The PaanGujiya offers a delightful mixture of khoya, and gulkand, topped with rose petals.

Also, introducing their gluten free Premium Gujiya Range, Khoya ensures to add more exclusiveness to your celebrations. The star of this range is the PistaGujiya, featuring a delicious outer layer made entirely of pishori pistachios and a tasty filling of pistachios, cashews, gulkand, and almonds. The Kesar KajuGujiya is the perfect choice for those with a taste for finer things. Its outer layer is made from kesari cashews, filled with a heavenly mixture of coconut powder, pistachios, almonds, and Saunf. Experience the mouth wateringflavours of California almonds with the BadamGujiya. It is adorned with premium-candied walnut kernels tossed in pure honey.

But Holi isn’t just about sweets; is it: Thandai is fundamental to every Holi celebration. Khoya’s Thandai Powder, a balanced blend of nuts, seeds, and spices, is a true embodiment of Holi’s spirit. Whether enjoyed with warm or cold milk, this versatile drink offers a burst of flavor while nourishing the body, making it the ideal drink for your celebrations.

Furthermore, Khoya presents the Holi mithai collection that perfectly blends the exquisite taste of Khoya’s mithai infused with the nostalgic Holi flavours.. The Thandai Burfi combines the nature of Thandai with the sweet texture of burfi, embellished with chopped nuts. For a cooling after-meal treat, the MeethaPaan Barfi carries the bold flavors of betel leaf, cashews, pista, almonds, and gulkand. The Khoya MalaiLadoo, with its creamy richness, expertly combines khoya, roasted almonds, cashews, pistachio, and aromatic ingredients with a four-day shelf life for a truly scrumptious experience. Feast on the traditional charm of MewaVatti, with an outer layer of khoya and a filling of chopped “AngooriPeetha,” with a shelf life of over four days.

Transport your taste buds to the regal origins of Ras Malai with a Thandai twist. The rendition features soft and spongy Chhena soaked in a thandaiflavoured milk reduction, Each bite offers a balance of creamy richness, subtle sweetness, and aromatic spices; laced with the refreshing notes of Thandai.

Take a lovely trip through history with the Rajasthani Heeng Kachori, a delicate treat that originates in the brilliant minds of the Marwaris. This wholesome Kachodi has a shelf life of two days, making it the perfect travel companion.

This Holi Khoya brings forth a range of SKUs – mithai and more that represent the flavourful and colourful taste of tradition of Holi. Now choose from a variety of luxurious and exquisitely packaged gifting options – Gujjias, Khoya Holi range of mithais, Holi special hampers and the works.

Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts Qualifies for Incentive Under PLI Scheme

Bangalore, February 24, 2024: Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts Pvt Ltd (TKAP), a part of Toyota Group of companies, today announced that it has received the Domestic Value Addition (DVA) Certificate for xEV Transaxle (e-Drive) under the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme for Advanced Automotive Technology (AAT) products. This development renders TKAP eligible to avail incentives under the Scheme.

TKAP’s product has also met the Testing criteria of Advanced Automotive Technology, and it is certified by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI).

Established in 2002, TKAP is engaged in the manufacture and sale of automotive rear axles, propeller shafts, and transmission units. Over the years, the company has grown rapidly to emerge as a significant manufacturer of drive train parts and assemblies (xEV Transaxle) in the Toyota group.

Aligned with “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” and in resonance with Toyota Group’s commitment towards “mass electrification”, TKAP in 2022 set up an advanced manufacturing facility to produce xEV Transaxle (e-Drive) for domestic supply to Toyota Kirloskar Motor and export to Japan and other Asian countries, in a step towards making India Toyota Asia’s Electrification Hub. The new facility, fourth outside Japan, has an annual installed capacity of 135,000 units making it the best-case point of India’s emergence as a global manufacturing hub for EV parts. The product is a core component in all Electrified Vehicle technologies (xEVs) including Strong Hybrid Electric Vehicle (SHEV), Plus-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV), Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV), Flex Fuel Strong Hybrid Electric Vehicle (FFV-SHEV).

xEV Transaxle

Furthermore, apart from the localization of the electrified parts/components, TKAP has also been successful in localizing its plant and machineries that are being used to produce these local parts/components to a large extent.

Commenting on the development and expressing his gratitude to the Government, K N Prasad, Managing Director, Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts, said “Given the renewed capability of Indian auto industry and the strong continued Government support through schemes such as PLI, we have made visible progress in establishing India as a critical manufacturing hub of advance, clean and efficient vehicles aimed at attending competitive pricing in the future,”

For rapid electrification, it is necessary to localize and manufacture EV parts in India at a global scale and quality. Hence, the mandatory local value addition criteria set by the Ministry of Heavy Industries, Government of India enables further competitiveness in the locally manufactured Advanced Automotive Technology products.

The robust and thorough SOP established by the Ministry of Heavy Industries and IFCI in consultation with stakeholders has enabled applicants to prepare appropriately and meet the established criteria.”

Over the years, Toyota Group of companies has been a significant contributor to the country’s “Make-in-India” Mission. The Group, including Toyota Kirloskar Motor, Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts and Toyota Industries Engine India have invested more than INR 16,000 crores until December 2023.

Zomato Unveils Gold Carnival: Brings exclusive offers & experiences for Gold members

New Delhi, February 24, 2024 – Zomato, India’s food ordering and delivery platform, has introduced Gold Carnival, a carnival providing a range of exciting offers and experiences exclusively for Zomato Gold members across 29 cities in India. In addition to offers on food ordering and dining out, the carnival provides exclusive access to privileges at 20,000+ partnered restaurants. To sweeten the deal, the carnival also brings member-only benefits from top payment partners and lifestyle brands.

Rakesh Ranjan, CEO, Food Delivery, Zomato, said, “Gold Carnival is a celebration of our Gold members and partnered restaurants, where we are offering exclusive access to never-seen-before culinary delights and privileges. Delivering exceptional customer experience remains our utmost priority. We are confident that the Gold Carnival will be a delight for both our key stakeholders, restaurant partners and customers.”

Gold Carnival brings exclusive bragging rights for Gold members. Be it limited edition menus from select restaurant partners, or never-seen-before exclusive benefits on Amazon Prime membership, Adidas, Cleartrip, and many more, Zomato Gold membership has truly been elevated. Zomato has also partnered with Amazon Pay for the Gold Carnival, which will enable members to receive cashback on making payments using Amazon Pay balance.

On Delivery, Gold members can enjoy a variety of exclusive offers by partnered restaurants such as Flash Deals where members can get 35% to 50% Flat OFF, or Happy Hours which gets them 1 + 1 deals every day from 4 pm to 7 pm. There’s also Deal Of The Day, which drops a new amazing offer every day.

On Dining, Gold members can enjoy up to 50% off on their dining bills when they pre-book and pay through the Zomato App. Gold members also get to participate in “The Gold Heist ” where they can choose to dine in at five restaurants of their choice and transact to win a reward.

CUT&STYLE Salon Unveils Exquisite New Branch in Bangalore’s Vijaya Bank Layout

CUT&STYLE Salon Unveils Exquisite New Branch in Bangalore's Vijaya Bank LayoutCUT&STYLE Salon, a trailblazer in the beauty and wellness industry, proudly announces the grand opening of its newest branch nestled in the heart of Bangalore’s Vijaya Bank Layout. This state-of-the-art salon promises an unparalleled fusion of contemporary design and cultural richness, embodying the essence of Bangalore’s harmonious spirit.

Inspired by the city’s ethos of harmony and diversity, CUT&STYLE Salon’s Vijaya Bank Layout branch offers a seamless blend of modern elegance and traditional charm. As guests enter the salon, they are enveloped in a serene ambiance adorned with lush greenery, reminiscent of Bangalore’s well-deserved moniker as the Garden City.

The interior design, characterized by soothing earth tones and natural textures, transforms the space into a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. This thoughtful approach reflects the salon’s commitment to providing a holistic experience for its clientele.

“We are thrilled to introduce our latest salon in Vijaya Bank Layout, a space where beauty meets tranquility,” said Mr Aditya Sharma, CEO at CUT&STYLE Salon. “Our aim is to create a haven where guests can escape the bustling energy of the city and indulge in a holistic journey of beauty and wellness.”

CUT&STYLE Salon’s Vijaya Bank Layout branch boasts an array of services tailored to cater to diverse beauty needs. Clients can choose from indulgent options such as pedicure, manicure, hair spa, styling, haircuts, head massage, premium facial, and hair color. The salon takes pride in its team of skilled professionals who are dedicated to enhancing the natural beauty of each client, boosting their confidence with personalized care.

“We invite everyone to experience the magic of CUT&STYLE Salon at our Vijaya Bank outlet,” added Mr Aditya Sharma. “Treat yourself to a rejuvenating experience, and let our skilled professionals elevate your beauty and confidence.”

The grand opening of CUT&STYLE Salon’s Vijaya Bank Layout branch marks a significant milestone for the brand as it continues to redefine beauty and wellness in Bangalore. The salon invites journalists and influencers to witness the grandeur and sophistication of this new establishment.

Habitat for Humanity India organises the 5th edition of its annual Charity Golf Tournament in Mumbai to support families in need of decent housing

Habitat for Humanity India organises the 5th edition of its annual Charity Golf Tournament in Mumbai to support families in need of decent housingMumbai, 24th February 2024: Business leaders from Mumbai came together to champion the cause of housing for underprivileged families at the 5th edition of annual Habitat Charity Golf Tournament organised by leading housing non-profit organisation Habitat for Humanity India. 

Held at the prestigious Willingdon Sports Club in Mumbai, the proceeds from the charity golf tournament will be used to improve the housing conditions of tribal families in Palghar district (Maharashtra). Through the past four editions of the tournamentHabitat for Humanity India has touched the lives of more than 250 families through interventions in housing, WASH (water, sanitation, hygiene) and disaster risk reduction and response.

The 5th Habitat Charity Golf witnessed a total of 85 participants – including 10 women – who are distinguished business leaders, entrepreneurs and Golf enthusiasts. Some of the prominent leaders who took part in the 5th edition include Harsh Mariwala, Founder and Chairman – Marico; Arjun Nohwar, General Manager, South Asia – Warner Bros. Discovery and Luis Noda, Area Vice President – Asia Pacific, Habitat for Humanity International.

 They were joined by renowned industry leaders for a gala dinner held later in the evening to raise awareness about the need for housing. 

Commenting on the tournamentJames Samuel, National Director (Interim), Habitat for Humanity India said, “Habitat for Humanity India believes that the right to decent shelter is a fundamental right of every citizen and is committed to create a world where everyone has a decent place to live. The annual charity golf tournament is our effort to raise awareness about the need for housing. We thank all the participants and our supporters for advocating the cause of affordable housing. This initiative will help families in need of decent shelter achieve the strength, stability, and self-reliance they need to build a better future.” 

“A decent shelter provides a foundation for a family to build a better future. I believe in the profound impact of housing which empowers people’s lives. Through this charity golf tournament organised by Habitat for Humanity India, we come together to support this meaningful cause,” said Harsh Mariwala, Founder and Chairman, Marico who participated in the tournament. 

“Shelter is a human being’s fundamental need and this unique initiative by Habitat for Humanity India enables us to make a difference to the lives of families who need decent shelter. We also see, firsthand, the impact Habitat India is making on ground. This is one of the main reasons why I look forward to taking part in Habitat for Humanity India’s Charity Golf Tournament, every year,” said Arjun Nohwar, General Manager, South Asia – Warner Bros. Discovery, who took part in the tournament. 

The 5th edition of Habitat for Humanity India Charity Golf Tournament is supported by Value Quest, Goodrich Maritime Private Limited, Chemical Process Piping and The Pant Project.  

Epson Unveils Two New Cutting-Edge Document Scanner

Epson Unveils Two New Cutting-Edge Document ScannerIndia, 24th February, 2024: Epson, a global leader in digital imaging solutions, announced the addition of two cutting-edge document scanners, the DS-C330 and DS-C490, to its existing product lineup. These compact scanners are designed with a small footprint, delivering efficient scan speeds, and enhancing productivity for businesses.

The scanners are the rollover models of the DS-310 and DS-410, offering additional value with increased speed, reduced footprint, and capabilities such as passport and passbook scanning. With a persistent commitment to environmental sustainability, the main body consists of 34% recycled plastics without compromising performance.

The DS-C330 excels with a minimal footprint, versatile media handling, and efficient scan speed. It is ideal for compact spaces. Meanwhile, the DS-C490, with its ultra-compact design, handles diverse media types, including passports and 5mm thick booklets. Its U-turn feature enables scanning without increasing the device’s footprint. This design allows 2 in 1 scanning functionality of U-turn path & straight path, making the scanners more versatile to handle different paper types. Remarkably small and lightweight, it features a vertical paper feed system, saving up to 60 percent of desk space, ensuring productivity in limited spaces.

These exceptionally versatile scanning solutions are designed to handle a wide range of A4 and legal-size documents, envelopes, PL cards, long paper etc. With numerous enhancement features, users can improve text sharpness, correct edge folds, tears, border shadows, and even remove punch holes. The built-in Ultra-sonic sensor guarantees the prevention of double feeding, providing space so that all pages are captured accurately.

Key features of the newly launched scanners 


  • Saves 60% of desk space with a compact design.
  • Captures both sides in a single pass at 40 ppm/80 ipm.
  • Equipped with a 20-page Auto Document Feeder for efficient scanning.
  • Scans documents of varying sizes up to 215.9 mm x 5580 mm.
  • Ultra-compact with the smallest footprint, even in use.
  • Versatile scanning for passports, receipts, invoices, cards, and more.
  • Two-in-one functionality with U-turn pass and straight pass options.
  • Lower environmental impact with power consumption of 3.3W in ready mode and 1.0W in sleep mode.
  • Includes Document Capture Pro, a powerful document capture software.


  • Super-speeds of up to 30 ppm/60 ipm (Simplex/Duplex)
  • Maximum resolution of up to 1200 dpi
  • Document size support of up to 215.9mm x 3048 mm
  • Capacity to handle up to 20 sheets.
  • Fast scan speeds of up to 30 ppm/60 ipm
  • Flexible scanning with Vertical Path and Straight Path
  • Scan modes Versatile media handling, including envelopes, long paper, and passports.
  • Compact design with dimensions of 296x104x125mm
  • Made from up to 34% recycled plastics.

Prabagaran S, Senior General Manager, Epson India says “Epson’s latest document scanners, the DS-C330 and DS-C490, seamlessly blend innovation with functionality to improve your business operations. These compact scanners, with swift scan speeds and versatile capabilities, are designed to boost productivity in limited spaces. The commitment to environmental sustainability adds an extra layer of value, aligning technology with eco-conscious practices. Whether managing passports, booklets, or various document types, these scanners ensure precision and efficiency, providing a seamless solution for diverse needs.”

Empowering Global Growth: Top 5 Companies Shaping the Future of the Private Market Sector

In recent years, the global private market sector has experienced remarkable growth, reflecting a dynamic shift in investment strategies towards more private transactions. With the market’s value surpassing $7.3 trillion in 2020 and projected to reach an impressive $14.2 trillion by 2026, the sector is experiencing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.2%. This upward trajectory is even more pronounced within the private equity market, which stood at $4.74 trillion in 2021 and is expected to exceed $8.6 trillion by 2025, showcasing a CAGR of 14.4%. The venture capital market, not to be left behind, valued at $392 billion in 2023, is anticipated to grow to $594 billion by 2026. This expansion is fueled by several factors, including low-interest rates, ample investor capital, and significant technological innovations, particularly in high-growth sectors like technology and healthcare. The average valuation of private equity companies is projected to increase from $3.7 billion in 2022 to $4.5 billion by 2025, while the number of venture capital-backed companies achieving “unicorn” status is on the rise, indicating a robust and burgeoning industry.

Amid this flourishing landscape, several key players have emerged as pivotal forces, shaping the future of the global private market sector through innovation, strategic investment, and a deep understanding of market dynamics. These companies, including Oxane Partners, Motilal Oswal Private Equity (MOPE), IDFC, Accel Partners, and Barclays, have made significant contributions to the sector’s growth and evolution. By enhancing market transparency, providing cutting-edge platforms, services, and technologies, and facilitating streamlined processes for market participants, they have not only propelled their own growth but have also played a crucial role in the overall expansion of the global private market. Each of these organizations brings a unique set of resources, expertise, and strategic approaches to the table, ranging from technological innovations to specialized investment strategies in high-growth sectors. As the private market sector continues to evolve, these leading companies are well-positioned to drive further growth, unlocking new opportunities for global investors and companies alike.

1- Oxane Partners-

Oxane Partners (“Oxane”) plays a pivotal role in enhancing the private market sector on a global scale as it is a global management consulting firm and technology-driven solutions provider for the private market industry. They are revolutionizing the way investment firms and banks analyze and manage their investments, offering compelling solutions to industry challenges. Their proven track record is evidenced by over $400 billion in notional value for over 100 clients, spanning global investment banks, private credit, private equity, hedge funds, and alternative asset managers. With offices in Gurgaon, Hyderabad, London and New York, their team of 250+ professionals supports clients in more than 20 geographies worldwide. playing a pivotal role in enhancing the private market sector on a global scale.

2-Motilal Oswal Private Equity-

Motilal Oswal Private Equity (MOPE) is an India-focused private equity firm that primarily invests in mid-market companies across various sectors such as consumer, financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing. The primary focus is investing in mid-income residential projects of these developers. MOA has expertise across all investment structures (equity, structured equity, mezzanine debt, senior debt) and across all asset classes (residential, commercial and retail). A sound and robust investment strategy, along with hands-on approach of asset management has helped deliver consistent and superior performance to investors over the years.

3- IDFC- 

IDFC (Infrastructure Development Finance Company) is primarily an Indian financial institution that focuses on financing and promoting infrastructure projects in the country. As one of India’s top financial institutions, IDFC offers a variety of services, including financing and developing infrastructure. It is one of the most trusted companies, offering a deep engagement model that seeks to institutionalize family-owned businesses, develop strategies to help these companies achieve transformational growth, and implement systems for sustained success that facilitate a profitable exit within a 4-6 year timeframe. IDFC is a pioneering private equity investor in several businesses, ranging from healthcare to clean energy.

4- Accel Partners-

Accel, formerly known as Accel Partners, is an American venture capital firm that operates within the private market sector on a global scale. The company invests in early-stage and growth-stage companies across different sectors, providing them with the financial support needed to grow and scale their businesses. By backing innovative startups with strong potential, it contributes to the development of new technologies and business models, driving progress in various industries. Beyond financial investment, it provides strategic guidance and operational support to its portfolio companies. This assistance helps startups navigate challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and build sustainable businesses.


Barclays, a British universal bank, provides support to consumers and small businesses through its retail banking services, as well as to larger businesses and institutions through corporate and investment banking services. It stands as a significant global financial services provider, encompassing retail banking, credit cards, corporate and investment banking, and wealth management.

In a bid to raise capital privately and sidestep direct equity investment from the UK government, which was being offered to bolster its capital ratio, Barclays held firm to the belief that maintaining independence from government intervention was in the best interests of its shareholders.

The aforementioned companies have made crucial contributions to the tremendous expansion and evolution of the global private market industry. These companies have improved transparency in the market while also offering innovative products, platforms, and technologies that simplify procedures for players in the private market. Every participant contributes different resources and experience to the table, ranging from promoting entrepreneurial innovation to changing investment analysis. These powerful organizations are in a position to propel more expansion as the private market environment develops, opening doors for global investors and companies.