May the Fourth Be With You! 5 Enthralling Sci-Fi Series to Binge in this Star Wars Day

May the Fourth Be With You! 5

May the 4th be with you! As we celebrate Star Wars Day, what better way to embrace the spirit of the galaxy than by diving into some of the most captivating sci-fi series? These series promise to take you on a thrilling journey through space, time, and technology, transporting you to a realm beyond your wildest imagination. So strap in and prepare for an adventure that will make your heart race and your mind soar, as we explore the top sci-fi series that are perfect for Star Wars fans everywhere.

Star Wars Resistance

With stunning animation and exciting space battles, Star Wars Resistance is a must-watch for any Star Wars fan. The series explores the early days of the Resistance and the rise of the First Order, providing a fresh perspective on the events leading up to the sequel trilogy. As Kazuda navigates his mission, he faces both danger and adventure, meeting new allies and uncovering secrets along the way. With beloved characters from the original trilogy making appearances and new characters adding to the rich Star Wars lore, Star Wars Resistance is a thrilling addition to the franchise. Don’t miss out on the action and excitement of this animated gem, now available to stream on Disney+Hotstar.


Shoorveer on Pocket FM is a perfect listen for sci-fi fans who are looking for an escape this Star Wars Day. This audio series takes listeners on a journey to the world of Titan, where humans have discovered the power of teleportation. However, they soon realize that the planet is filled with dangerous creatures and they must learn to adapt and survive in this strange new world. With a mix of action, mythology, and science fiction, Shoorveer is a thrilling listen that will keep you hooked from start to finish. The sound design and voice acting are top-notch, creating a fully immersive experience that transports you to different worlds and makes the characters come alive.

Stranger Things

With nods to classic sci-fi and horror films from the era, Stranger Things is a thrilling ride full of twists and turns. The series’s attention to detail in recreating the 1980s and its pop culture makes it a must-watch for anyone who loves sci-fi and fantasy. The young cast, including Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard, deliver standout performances that will keep you invested in their characters’ fates. Stranger Things is a perfect blend of suspense, humor, and heart, making it an excellent choice to celebrate Star Wars Day.

The Expanse

The Expanse is the perfect series to invest in this Star Wars Day. With its intricate plot and compelling characters, this sci-fi drama on Prime Video is a standout in the genre. Set in a future where humanity has colonized the solar system, tensions between Earth and Mars are at an all-time high. Amidst the political unrest, a group of unlikely heroes sets out to uncover a vast conspiracy that could change the fate of humanity forever. The series is a masterclass in world-building and features stunning visuals that bring the futuristic setting to life. If you’re a fan of space opera and intergalactic adventures, The Expanse is not to be missed.

The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian is a thrilling addition to the Star Wars universe, with a Western-inspired storyline that follows the bounty hunter as he travels through the outer reaches of the galaxy. The series features stunning visuals, epic action sequences, and a captivating storyline that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. But it’s not just about the action; it also explores deeper themes like loyalty, family, and the power of connection. And let’s not forget the breakout star of the series, Baby Yoda, who has captured the hearts of fans around the world. Whether you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan or just looking for a new sci-fi adventure, The Mandalorian is a must-watch on Disney+Hotstar this Star Wars Day.

India is emerging as a favourable destination to conduct clinical trials: PwC-USAIC Report

 4 May 2023: Through several key drivers, India is emerging as a favorable destination to conduct clinical trials, as per a joint report by PwC India & USAIC (US-India Chamber of Commerce) titled, “Clinical Trial opportunities in India”. The report was released at the USAIC BioPharma & Healthcare Summit held virtually on May 3.

Sujay Shetty, Partner & Global Health Industries Leader, PwC, said, “Clinical trial activity in India has been increasing steadily since 2014 due to several key regulatory reforms aimed towards global harmonisation, enabling open access to clinical trials in India. The country’s diverse population, combined with its rapidly advancing healthcare infrastructure, provides a fertile ground for clinical trials to flourish. This is an opportunity for top biopharma companies to develop a long-term strategy that focuses on the key enablers of innovation and strategic partnerships in India.”

Biopharma can benefit from the critical enablers of innovation in the private healthcare system in India and leverage the rapidly expanding healthcare infrastructure in the country. Commenting on the opportunity for the private sector, Karun Rishi, President, USAIC said, “The growing interest in clinical trials in India presents a significant opportunity for private biopharma companies to leverage the country’s rich diversity and robust healthcare infrastructure. With a large and diverse patient pool, streamlined regulatory processes, and a highly skilled workforce, India offers a favourable environment for biopharma companies to conduct efficient and cost-effective clinical trials. By tapping into this opportunity, companies can accelerate their drug development timelines, increase the efficiency of their research, and bring innovative treatments to patients in need, ultimately advancing global healthcare.”

Key takeaways from the report:

1) The private sector is a well-suited channel for the top biopharma to conduct more efficient clinical trials with easier and faster access to investigators and patients.

2) Indian states with high disease prevalence (e.g., cancer) also have the most number of tier-1 cities, with advanced medical infrastructure and availability of investigators. Targeting these states can provide biopharma companies with faster access to patients, sites, and investigators

3) Total number of investigators has increased by 2x between 2015 and 2020, with the majority of the increase occurring in the internal medicine and oncology specialisations. However, the growth in the number of investigators is largely restricted to tier-1 and 2 cities.

4) While the top 20 pharma activity for the major therapy classes in India has remained largely constant in the last decade, growth opportunities exist across key diseases (e.g., pain, epilepsy, cervical cancer) and orphan diseases (β-thalassemia, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy)

5) India has an overall clinical trial participation of ~3% but contributes upwards of 15% to the global burden of most high prevalent diseases (e.g., respiratory infections, cardiovascular, diabetes, cervical cancer), representing an untapped potential for top pharma

6) Top biopharma should align their strategy towards tier-1 cities (e.g., Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai) where the higher bed capacity, number of doctors, and presence of tertiary care multi-city hospitals can support enablement efforts of running faster and more efficient clinical trials

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India commences all India despatches of Shine

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India commences

Karnataka, May 04, 2023: Continuing in the direction of creating a new paradigm in mass mobility, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) commenced all India despatches of Shine from its 3rd Factory in Narsapura (Karnataka).

The roll out of the newly launched motorcycle was celebrated by conducting a special line-off ceremony in the august presence of Mr. Tsutsumu Otani – President, CEO & Managing Director (HMSI), Mr. Vinay Dhingra – Senior Director, Human Resource and Administration (HMSI) and Mr. Naveen Awal – Director, Production (HMSI) along with other senior members from HMSI.

Launched in March 2023, Shine comes with the all new 100cc OBD2 compliant engine powered by eSP (Enhanced Smart Power) and as many as 12 new patent applications, making it one of the most reliable, affordable, and fuel-efficient motorcycle in India.

Engineered with other essential features and technology, Shine offers utmost comfort, convenience, durability, and elegant styling to the riders, making their ride joyful in any kind of road conditions.

The stylish and versatile Shine is available in five color options – Black with Red Stripes, Black with Blue Stripes, Black with Green Stripes, Black with Gold Stripes and Black with Grey Stripes. It is priced at Rs. 64,900 (ex-showroom, Maharashtra).

NIIT Launches Pivotal Initiative: Announces Strategic Partnership for Green Energy Skills with EIT InnoEnergy Skills Institute

Gurgaon, India/Atlanta, GA, May 04, 2023: NIIT Limited (NIIT), a global talent development corporation and leading provider of managed training services, announced today it has been selected as a strategic partner of the EIT InnoEnergy Skills Institute.

EIT InnoEnergy is the innovation engine for sustainable energy supported by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology, a body of the European Union (EU). The company operates at the center of the energy transition and is the leading innovation engine in sustainable energy, bringing the technology and skills required to accelerate global decarbonization efforts. With access to top subject matter experts from stakeholders across academia, industry, and government, EIT InnoEnergy has deep know-how and experience in all aspects of energy transition innovation, business models, regulation, energy markets, and industrialization.

The launch of the InnoEnergy Skills Institute is an evolution of EIT InnoEnergy’s highly successful European Battery Alliance (EBA) Academy, expanding to also include green hydrogen and solar photovoltaics (PV) value chains. Its agile, modular approach to training will deliver the latest trends and training with adaptable, customizable courses and programs that meet specific needs, regardless of location, size, or technology. Greater numbers benefitting from industry-leading training is a vital step in equipping the global workforce with the knowledge and expertise needed to decarbonize the energy economy.

NIIT has been chosen as a strategic partner of the InnoEnergy Skills Institute, providing services including onboarding, learning journey creation, training of teaching staff, and ensuring local training nuances are catered for. NIIT and EIT InnoEnergy will work together on thought leadership initiatives as part of the strategic relationship. Being a top tier education provider, NIIT brings global market reach, a large and diverse customer base, and unparalleled operational excellence and capacity to achieve quality at scale along with its strong balance sheet, cash position and global credibility. The main goal of the partnership is to leverage NIIT’s presence and capabilities as a global talent development leader to rapidly scale and create the highly skilled and certified human capital essential for rapid transition to Green Energy and become the thought leader and partner of choice for corporations and governments in Europe and globally.

Decarbonization is the biggest opportunity of the century, triggering an unprecedented race for talent and skills globally. The transition to net zero will require retraining up to 18 million workers around the world. For example, between 2015 and 2030, the amount of solar PV jobs is expected to quadruple. With 2023 marking the EU’s Year of Skills, the launch coincides with wider governmental initiatives to address the growing concerns about future-proofing the workforce.

The InnoEnergy Skills Institute will benefit from NIIT’s global reach and infrastructure, ensuring it can deploy services at pace and scale, accelerating training across Europe, Asia, and North America. NIIT will also drive the go-to-market program to take the offering to a large variety of industries and companies across the green energy value chain globally. NIIT will also create and manage a network of local training partners across several countries to further accelerate adoption.

Oana Penu, Director of the InnoEnergy Skills Institute said: “Industries central to the energy transition will see a dramatic uplift in the need for new skills and expertise to drive progress. In fact, in the battery workforce alone, more than 700 new job types will come into play as required skillsets highly diversify. So, it is not a surprise that 71% of CEOs already cite skills shortages as their most significant business challenge. We’re dedicated to supporting green innovations of the future and ensuring there is a trained workforce to achieve climate goals. Our strategic learning services partnership with NIIT will leverage its leadership in global talent development to help make this a reality.”

EIT InnoEnergy’s leading role in key industrial alliances spanning energy, storage, green hydrogen, and PV mean it is perfectly placed to expedite the upskilling of workers across the energy industry. Through the InnoEnergy Skills Institute, businesses, universities, and training providers can benefit from courses supported by a range of sector experts, alliances, and partnerships.

Sailesh Lalla, Chief Business Officer at NIIT said: “Decarbonization is the next industrial revolution leading to an unprecedented demand for skilled clean tech professionals. We are launching a pivotal initiative in Green Energy Skills with this partnership. With EIT InnoEnergy’s domain expertise and industry knowledge and NIIT’s education services industry leadership, our goal is to ensure that the InnoEnergy Skills Institute is recognized as a pre-eminent and leading destination and thought leader for decarbonization and green skills across Europe, North America, and Asia. With the combined strengths of both companies, we aspire to create a world-leading solution to the burning need for upskilling and reskilling across industries to create a flexible workforce that is adaptable to changing requirements.”

AIIMS & Medtronic partner to launch new surgical robotics training center at AIIMS, New Delhi

AIIMS New Delhi and India Medtronic

Bengaluru, 4 May 2023: AIIMS New Delhi and India Medtronic Private Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Medtronic plc, announced the opening of a state-of-the-art surgical robotics training center at AIIMS, New Delhi. The center will provide surgeons with best-in-class training in robotic-assisted surgery. It is the first such center at AIIMS utilizing Medtronic’s HugoTM robotic-assisted surgery (RAS) system, which was first introduced in India in September 2021. The new training partnership was announced in the presence of Dr. Minu Bajpai, HOD Paediatric Surgery and Dean Academics, AIIMS and Michael Blackwell, Vice President & Managing Director, Medtronic India. The partnership brings together novel technology and decades of surgical expertise to train surgeons nationwide and expand access to the benefits of RAS.

RAS is an emerging medical technology that can help standardize surgical procedures and enable surgeons in performing complex surgeries. The training center will offer a broad spectrum of training to enhance the knowledge and skill set in RAS, ranging from basic skills training to procedural training to more advanced and specialized areas in soft-tissue surgery. The training will help impart procedural knowledge skills using surgical robotics among surgeons, fellows, and residents from across the country.

“Medtronic’s partnership with AIIMS is a cornerstone of our commitment to make the benefits of RAS available to more patients in India. Together, we will make training and education on the latest technology more accessible and enhance the skill sets of both current and the next generation of surgeons,” said Michael Blackwell, Vice President & Managing Director, Medtronic India.

“Robotic-assisted surgery allows surgeons to perform complex procedures with more precision, flexibility and control than is possible with conventional techniques. Though surgical robots have been around for many years, the adoption has been limited due to multiple factors, training being one among them. Surgical robotics and artificial intelligence are already changing the way surgical care is delivered. This initiative will pave the way for surgeons to progress from open and laparoscopic surgery to advanced RAS and will shorten their learning curve to master robotic techniques,“ said Dr. Minu Bajpai, HOD Paediatric Surgery and Dean Academics, AIIMS.

The HugoTM RAS system is a modular, multi-quadrant platform designed for a broad range of soft-tissue procedures. It combines wristed instruments, 3D visualization, and Touch Surgery™ Enterprise, a cloud-based surgical video capture and management solution, with dedicated support teams specializing in robotics program optimization, service, and training. It is designed to bring the benefits of minimally invasive surgery — fewer complications, smaller scars, shorter hospital stays, and a faster return to normal activities1–3,† — to more patient around the world. And, in doing so, help address global inequities in access to care.

Jawa Yezdi Motorcycles range boosted with tech for a superlative riding experience

Jawa Yezdi Motorcycles range

Pune, May 04, 2023: Renewed and reimagined, Jawa Yezdi motorcycles has injected substantial tech enhancements to its range of motorcycles that elevate the riding experience to the next level. With this update, the motorcycles have gained a massive boost in rideability and refinement, while increasing the value proposition of the range. The new motorcycles are available across the brand’s dealership network pan-India. The changes come along with the motorcycles also confirming to the BS-VI Phase 2 (OBD2) emission norms.

Making the announcement, Ashish Singh Joshi, CEO – Jawa Yezdi Motorcycles said, “Right from the beginning, Jawa Yezdi Motorcycles has prioritized technology to offer the best performance and riding experience to its consumers. While the shift to OBD2 regulations was imminent, we also bundled a host of enhancements, some based on rider feedback, across our range of motorcycles. The new motorcycles offer a remarkable shift in everyday rideability, refinement and overall performance to our riders. The marginal hike in prices make them a great value proposition and a very compelling choice.”

Aimed at making the motorcycles smoother and more refined while maintaining the same thrilling performance, the changes are applied across Jawa and Yezdi models.

The Jawa range, which includes the 42 sports stripe, 42 Bobber and Perak, now comes with key engine components fine-tuned for better NVH levels. The engine has also been remapped and features a larger throttle body and exhaust ports for improved rideability and performance while keeping emission under check.

The new Jawa 42 now gets an Assist & Slip clutch for light clutch feel and smoother operation. It also gets a redesigned muffler for better exhaust note. Feature wise, the bike now comes with an updated digital speedometer and hazard lights as standard.

The Yezdi range that includes the Roadster, Scrambler and Adventure, also receive similar updates for better NVH and rideability. Further enhancing the low-end performance is a larger rear sprocket on all three models. The motorcycles also get redesigned mufflers for a better exhaust note.

With the abovementioned developments, the new Jawa & Yezdi range of motorcycles promises superlative levels of refinement and performance while staying true to their original ethos of thrill and excitement that defy the myth that classic motorcycles can’t go fast.

Even then, the price hike has been marginal; to the tune of 0.8 – 2% depending on the model and variant. The new prices are as follows:

Model New Price

(ex-showroom, Delhi)

Jawa 42 Dual Channel (Orion Red, Sirius White ) 1,96,142
Jawa 42 Dual Channel (Allstar Black) 1,97,142
Jawa 42 Bobber (Mystic Copper) 2,12,500
Jawa 42 Bobber (Moonstone White) 2,13,500
Jawa 42 Bobber (Jasper Red) 2,15,187
Jawa Perak 2,13,187
Yezdi Scrambler (Fire Orange) 2,09,900
Yezdi Scrambler (Bold Black, Yelling Yellow, Outlaw Olive) 2,11,900
Yezdi Roadster (Smoke Grey, Inferno Red, Glacial White) 2,06,142
Yezdi Roadster (Crimson Dual Tone) 2,08,829
Yezdi Adventure (Slick Silver) 2,15,900
Yezdi Adventure (Mambo Black) 2,19,900
Yezdi Adventure (Whiteout) 2,19,942


Paytm announces Travel Carnival until May 5, offers exciting discounts on Flights, Buses and Trains

One97 Communications

One97 Communications Limited (OCL) that owns the brand Paytm, India’s leading payments and financial services company and the pioneer of QR and mobile payments, has announced Paytm Travel Carnival from May 1-5. With this sale, users will be able to book flight, train and bus tickets for the summer holiday season through Paytm app and get attractive discounts.

Paytm Travel Carnival will see participation from major airlines — IndiGo, SpiceJet, GoFirst, Vistara, Akasa Air, AirAsia, and Air India. Paytm is offering instant discounts of up to 15% on domestic and up to 10% on international flight ticket bookings through bank offers from RBL Bank (Credit Card and Credit Card EMI), Yes Bank (Credit Card) and HSBC India (Credit Card and Credit Card EMI). Additionally, it is offering a special fare for students, senior citizens and Armed Forces personnel. For further convenience, users can opt for zero convenience fee charge.

The company is also offering up to 25% discount on bus bookings with an additional 10% off on specific operators. Under Best Price Guaranteed, it assures users of the lowest price across 2,500+ operators.

For train tickets, the company is offering a zero payment gateway charge on payments through UPI. With Paytm app, users can book tatkal tickets, check the PNR status of their bookings, track trains live, and get 24X7 customer support for all the train travel queries.

Additionally, if users are unsure of their plan but want to lock in their tickets at the sale fares, they can purchase ‘Cancel Protect Cover’ which enables them to claim 100% refund if they cancel their flight, train and bus tickets on Paytm, without any hidden charges or cancellation fee. This gives users the opportunity to book tickets now during the Paytm Travel Carnival and plan their trip later or cancel if needed, without losing any money.

Paytm provides the flexibility of payment modes as users can pay for their tickets via Paytm UPI, Paytm Wallet, netbanking, debit cards and credit cards. The company is the preferred online platform for travel bookings and is an International Air Transport Association (IATA) accredited travel agent. It provides a seamless experience with free cancellation and refunds, and travel insurance.

SAP to Embed IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence into SAP® Solutions

INDIA — May 04, 2023 — SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) and IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that IBM Watson® technology will be embedded into SAP® solutions to provide new AI-driven insights and automation to help accelerate innovation and create more efficient and effective user experiences across the SAP solution portfolio.

SAP will use IBM Watson capabilities to power its digital assistant in SAP Start, which provides a unified entry point for cloud solutions from SAP. With SAP Start, users can search for, launch and interactively engage with apps provided in cloud solutions from SAP and SAP S/4HANA® Cloud. New AI capabilities in SAP Start will be designed to help users boost productivity with both natural language capabilities and predictive insights using IBM Watson AI solutions built on IBM’s trust and transparency and data privacy principles.

“This milestone collaboration with IBM aims to provide SAP customers a better user experience, faster decision-making and greater insights to help transform their business processes,” said Christian Klein, CEO and Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE. “Working together to incorporate additional AI, machine learning and other intelligent technologies into SAP solutions can lead to better business outcomes for our joint customers. Today’s news, along with the recent news of our expanded use of Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a prime example of how the rich, 50-year partnership between our companies continues to grow stronger and move the industry forward.”

New digital assistant capabilities in SAP Start will be extended across SAP solutions to help answer diverse questions for managers and employees. By automating and speeding up common tasks, the capabilities are designed to help unlock employee productivity to focus on more strategic work. SAP Start will allow customers to benefit from intelligence at the point of decision-making with the ability to use AI and machine learning to extract information from a variety of data sources and answer user questions across lines of business. Today, IBM technology currently available in the TripIt mobile app from SAP Concur is helping nearly 13 million users easily access AI-derived weather insights to make more sustainable travel choices before and during their trips.

IBM delivers market-leading AI capabilities with Watson products deployed by more than 100 million users across 20 industries. In addition, SAP and IBM Consulting are currently supporting customers with 25 joint intelligent industry solutions that use IBM Watson capabilities underpinned by SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). These industry solutions help customers across industries such as retail, manufacturing and utilities accelerate their business transformation and use data to make more informed decisions.

“IBM and SAP are joining forces to give businesses new and exciting ways to harness the transformative power of AI and use it as a source of competitive advantage,” said Arvind Krishna, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, IBM. “With this announcement, we are infusing IBM Watson’s powerful, enterprise-grade AI capabilities into SAP’s leading ERP platform to help businesses reimagine customer experiences, boost productivity and fuel growth.”

In addition to natively embedding IBM Watson AI capabilities into SAP solutions, SAP and IBM are collaborating on generative AI and large language models aimed to deliver consistent continuous learning and automation based on SAP’s mission-critical application suite.

Honda announces name of its upcoming All New SUV as Honda Elevate

Honda announces name

Mumbai, 4 May 2023: Honda Cars India Ltd. (HCIL), leading manufacturer of premium cars in India, today announced that its upcoming All New SUV will be named as Honda Elevate. Developed as a global model, the All New Elevate is Honda’s brand new mid-size SUV which will have its World Premiere in India next month.

The All New Elevate represents Honda’s pursuit to introduce a perfect urban SUV appealing to the elevated taste for finer things in life. It symbolizes the aspiration to achieve success and wanting to keep elevating to the next level.

Honda Elevate has been developed as a new global model in Honda’s line-up to cater to the robust demand for SUVs world-wide. The new model incorporates people’s lifestyle requirements and their expectations for Honda’s New SUV. India will be the first market to launch the Honda Elevate.

Delta Electronics’ Americas Headquarters Becomes the First LEED Zero Energy-Certified Green Building

Delta, a global provider ofIoT-

FREMONT,Calif., May 4, 2023—Delta, a global provider ofIoT-based smart green solutions,today announced its Americas regional headquarters (HQs)has become the first green building in Fremont, CA, and second in the Silicon Valley Bay Area, to achieve the LEED Zero Energy certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. The accolade, granted to green buildings that generate as much electricity as they consume, has been attained thanks to the further implementation of Delta’s own solutions on this originally LEED Platinum facility. A new solar PV carport, supported by a 330kWh Delta energy storage system,now helps toincrease the building’sannual green electricity generationto over 1.4 million kWh. With 32 green buildings(1)enabled worldwide, Delta’s solutions arenurturingsustainable cities.

“Just as Fremont leads the way in clean technology, Delta Electronics continues to set the industry standard for building performance. The company’s built-to-suit Americas HQ in Fremont previously laid claim to being one of the earliest private sector LEED Platinum facilities in California.Today, Delta Electronics sets another milestone as only the second facility in the entire Bay Area to achieve LEED Zero-Energy.”,said Lily Mei, Mayor of Fremont. She added, “As one of the greenest cities in the nation, we’re proud that Delta Electronics continues to showcase sustainability through thoughtful application of technology, including using its Fremont facility as a proving grounds for many of its own products while working through pandemic disruptions to invest even further in our community.”

Kelvin Huang, President of Delta Electronics (Americas), said, “Fremont has been Delta’s home in the Americas for over 30 years, so it is an honor for us to contribute to our community with the environmental and social benefits of the city’s very first LEED Zero Energy green building.With its net-zero energy capabilities, our Americas HQs green building will contribute even further to Delta’s RE100 initiative, which is a promise to power our worldwide operations with renewable electricity by 2030. By developing smart energy-saving solutions capable of fostering green buildings and sustainable cities, Delta demonstrates that its ESG-embedded business model can bolster mankind’s environmental goals.”

Aided with an energy-conscious design that utilizes geographical advantages unique to Fremont while considering the productivity and needs of its operations, the Delta Americas HQs building is an example of what a total integrated solution can look like. The most recent upgrades made possible with Delta’s own IoT-based Smart Green Solutions are:

 The facility generates over 1.4 million kWh of renewable electricity through a 616kW rooftop solar PV system and a recently constructed 504kW bi-facial PV carport system, both supported by Delta’s high-efficiency PV inverters. That green energy output covers 100% of its consumption needs over a full calendar year.

 The recent addition of a 330 kWh Delta energy storage system helps to optimize energy management in the facility.

 A recent enhancement of Delta’s data center cooling solution, featuring a dedicated economizersupported by our own DC brushless electronically commutated (EC) fans and variable frequency drives for HVAC applications, have contributed significantly in lowering the annual power usage effectiveness (PUE) of the building’s data center from 1.5 originally to as low as 1.25.

 Optimized energy management is also attained by the implementation of Delta’s next-generation SCADA system and building control platform. The former is VTScada, the industry’s most powerful SCADA system, developed by Canadian-based Trihedral, a Delta Group Company;the latteris the enteliWEB building control platform, developed by Canadian-based Delta Controls, also a Delta Group Company. These platforms integrate seamlessly with the existing building sub-systems, such as HVAC, LED lighting and other energy-intensive applications, to create set points, collect data and track trends, create reports, and manage alarms, remotely. With unlimited scalability, this solution grows with the facility as new solutions are integrated to ensure lower energy consumption.

(1) Delta has created 32 green buildings worldwide since 2006 to promote the environmental, social and health benefits of green buildings. Several of these green buildings have been donated to academic institutions to inspire next generations to foster sustainable development.