EuroKids Preschool Inspires Unity and Pride among 2000+ Young Hearts on Republic Day

EuroKids Preschool Inspires Unity and Pride among 2000+ Young Hearts on Republic Day

EuroKids Preschool Inspires Unity and Pride among 2000+ Young Hearts on Republic DayMumbai, January 29, 2024:  EuroKids Preschool, the country’s foremost preschool expert, continues its legacy of instilling values and pride in the hearts of young learners nationwide as they celebrate India’s 75th Republic Day. A dynamic blend of enthusiasm and learning unfolded across 50+ EuroKids centers as more than 2000 children enthusiastically participated in various activities designed to teach them about the significance of Republic Day.

Republic Day celebrations were not just a celebration but also a determined effort to instil in young minds a profound understanding of the country’s democratic journey. The highlight of the Republic Day celebrations at EuroKids was the interactive and age-appropriate activities tailored for toddlers. EuroKids preschools conducted a series of engaging and educational activities aimed at instilling a sense of patriotism and civic responsibility in young minds, which included a Patriotic Dress-Up event, in which children adorned themselves in traditional and patriotic attire, fostering a sense of pride in their cultural heritage.

The celebration commenced with a flag hoisting ceremony, symbolising unity and national pride. Following this, the young learners showcased their artistic talents through a vibrant Tri-color painting activity, infusing the surroundings with the colors of the Indian flag. The festivities continued as the children delivered heart-warming and insightful patriotic speeches, expressing their understanding of the significance of Republic Day and their deep-rooted love for the nation. EuroKids aims to go beyond traditional classroom learning and impart values essential for children’s overall growth and development through these activities.

Commenting on the celebrations, KVS Seshasai, CEO, Pre-K Division, Lighthouse Learning (EuroKids), said, “At EuroKids, we believe in nurturing young minds with a strong sense of responsibility towards the nation. Our Republic Day celebration was designed to be both educational and enjoyable, creating lasting memories for our students. These celebrations serve as a foundation for instilling values like patriotism, unity, and respect for the nation in our young learners. The enthusiasm and spirit displayed by our students during the Republic Day celebrations was truly heartening. We want to create an environment where children learn skills and develop a strong sense of social responsibility and love for their nation and its democratic principles.”

Speaking on the joyful celebration of Republic Day, Mrs. Divya Balaji, Centre Head, M.G. Road, EuroKids, Said, “We celebrated the spirit of unity in diversity on this Republic Day at EuroKids, where every child’s potential shines bright, paving the way for a future of strength and harmony. It was delightful to witness the enthusiasm and patriotism displayed by our students during Republic Day celebrations. The activities conducted not only instilled a sense of pride but also helped the children connect with the rich cultural heritage of their nation.”

With over twenty years of expertise in providing top-notch early childhood education, EuroKids is committed to not only imparting essential skills but also emphasizing the importance of celebrating India’s significant festivals and national days. These celebrations play a crucial role in enriching children’s cultural knowledge, making them aware of their significance, and adding an element of fun to their learning journey. EuroKids continues to lay a strong foundation of values and respect for India’s heritage, ensuring a holistic education that prepares children for the skills required in the 21st century and fosters a lifelong love for learning.