FADA Academy Steers Automotive Skill Development Revolution in Collaboration with BSDU

FADA Academy Steers Automotive Skill Development Revolution in Collaboration with BSDU

FADA Academy Steers Automotive Skill Development Revolution in Collaboration with BSDUHyderabad/Jaipur, 29th January 2024:  In a landmark event held today in Jaipur, FADA Academy, the academic arm of Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations and Bhartiya Skill Development University (BSDU) officially inked a transformative Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to spearhead skill development initiatives in the automotive sector for the state of Rajasthan.

FADA Academy empowers dealership leaders for comprehensive excellence. It meticulously hones front-end and back-end processes, elevates customer and technical operations, and optimizes financial outcomes across departments. The Academy’s proactive curriculum design and unwavering commitment to excellence underscore its crucial role in shaping the future of automotive skill development.

BSDU, renowned for its commitment to providing skill development education and training based on the Swiss Dual System of Skills Training, offers a comprehensive range of certifications, diplomas, advanced diplomas, and Bachelor of vocational study degree with the curriculum aligning rigorously with UGC/AICTE/NSDC/Sector Skill Councils.

The primary objective of this collaboration is to cultivate a pioneering vocational education ecosystem coupled with on-the-job training (OJT), fostering mutual benefits for BSDU and the Dealerships under the influential umbrella of FADA.

The MOU’s strategic plans include comprehensive workplace training (internship) for students at designated dealerships, providing invaluable hands-on experience essential for their future roles. The collaboration includes tie-ups with renowned Dealership Brands for workplace training, featuring a commitment spanning three years. Stipend fixation over the course of three years and the direct involvement of dealership experts in student selection and mentoring stand out as pivotal components of this collaboration.

In the current scenario, FADA boasts a workforce of 5 million individuals across our expansive network of dealerships and workshops. Anticipating future growth, we project this figure to double, reaching an impressive 10 million within the next five years. Furthermore, the state of Rajasthan currently employs 2 lakh people across various dealerships and we foresee a similar doubling effect in the next five years in the state as well. The strategic alliance between FADA and BSDU serves as a linchpin, providing a robust framework for the acquisition of trained and skilled manpower. Such collaborations are instrumental in meeting the escalating demand for highly skilled professionals in the automotive sector. 

Mr. Vinkesh Gulati, Chairman Academy and Research at FADA, expressed unwavering enthusiasm, stating, ‘This partnership signifies a quantum leap in nurturing skilled professionals for the automotive service industry. FADA Academy, with its distinct industry insights, is committed to not just endorsing, but actively shaping a talent pool ready to meet the current and future demands of the sector. Recognizing the substantial shortage of skilled manpower in Auto Retail, we stand at the threshold of remarkable growth. This initiative by FADA Academy is our initial stride in earnestly addressing this critical gap.’

Mr. Sai Giridhar Secretary FADA added “through the strategic alliance between BSDU and FADA Academy, we are paving the way for a skilled workforce that will empower the Indian automobile dealership industry. This MOU not only promises hands-on training for aspiring professionals but also ensures a sustainable future for our dealerships. By bridging the gap between education and industry needs, we are shaping a landscape where innovation and proficiency thrive, fostering growth and excellence in our dynamic industry.”

Mr. Sharvik Shah – Chairman Rajasthan Chapter at FADA also highlighted that “the Synergy between FADA Academy & NMIMS has helped curate a course with a sweet blend of theory & practical Experiences from the Best of Auto Retail, Media & Industry experts. The GenX Programme has helped to Motivate the Newly Joined GenX to Join the business through peer learning & Knowledge sharing from Experts. We look Forward to many more events like this in Future.”

Prof. Vivek Bhandari President BSDU on the occasion said “we are delighted to enter into this strategic partnership with the Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations of India. This collaboration will enable BSDU Jaipur to align closely with our primary stakeholders–our industry partners.  Since we are committed to the highest quality skilling education to meet the needs of the fast-changing automobile sector, this wonderful partnership will ensure that students can hit the ground running as they enter their professional life while also meeting the highest standards expected by industry.”

Mr. Sandeep Kumar Tomar Registrar BSDU added “this collaboration will enable us to align our academic programs at the Faculty of Automotive Skills Education with the practical needs of the automotive industry, ensuring that our students receive cutting-edge training and are well-prepared for successful careers in this dynamic sector of the Automobile service Industry.”

The signing ceremony witnessed the presence of key representatives from both FADA Academy and BSDU, underscoring their resolute commitment to the success of this groundbreaking collaborative effort. Anticipated as a game-changer in the automotive skill development landscape, this partnership between FADA Academy and BSDU is set to establish a new standard for industry-academic collaborations, directly contributing to the creation of a highly skilled and proficient workforce.