Heritage International Xperiential School Elevates Educational Excellence and Innovation with the Unveiling of its new Heritage Avenue Campus

Heritage International Xperiential School Elevates Educational Excellence and Innovation with the Unveiling of its new Heritage Avenue Campus

Gurugram,7th September 2023 Heritage International Xperiential School (HIXS), a distinguished institution in the international education space and ranked among the top 3 International Schools in India, is delighted to announce the inauguration of its new middle and senior campus at Heritage Avenue, near Sec 58 in Gurugram.

Committed to delivering unparalleled educational experiences, the avant-garde facility is meticulously designed to foster holistic development and innovation in education. The school’s state-of-the-art infrastructure, well-equipped labs, advanced classrooms, maker-centred and design thinking centers, sports infrastructure, and vibrant learning spaces create a conducive environment to nurture young minds and foster holistic growth.

The inauguration of the new campus is a testament to HIXS’s dedication to shaping the future of education via experiential learning, critical thinking, and collaboration.

The inauguration ceremony also encompassed a host of captivating events, including-:

Grade 7 Student Learning Expedition, Humanising Building Structures

The highlight of the event was the presentation by students of grade 7 on their learning expedition, Humanising Building Structures. At HIXS, learning expeditions are a way of organising the curriculum to develop skills and content area knowledge to prepare students for global citizenship. These are long-term, in-depth interdisciplinary studies that involve the students in sophisticated research in a real-life context, engage with the community in authentic ways, and demonstrate their knowledge with high-quality products that are presented to an authentic audience. The construction of the new school campus for HIXS Middle and Senior School provided the real-world and local context for the expedition with a special focus on learning spaces as the third teacher and brick-and-mortar structures as organic entities. The student’s presentation on the Learning Expedition exemplified the transformative potential of learning expeditions in empowering students to become active and engaged learners.

Panel Discussion on the Future of Education

The event also witnessed an insightful panel discussion on “The Future of Education in the World of AI”. The panel featured prominent experts and thought leaders who are also parents of the school. The thought-provoking discussion explored the changing education landscape, including emerging trends, challenges, and innovations.

“The Heritage Avenue Campus inauguration marks a significant milestone in HIXS’s journey to redefine education, empowering students to excel in an ever-changing world. The institution is committed to providing a transformative educational experience that nurtures creativity, innovation, and holistic growth. With our new campus, we aim to inspire students to embrace challenges, ignite their curiosity, and become the change agents of tomorrow while upholding HIXS’s core values,’’ said Daisy Rana, Principal & Head, HIXS

“The Heritage Schools have been at the forefront of research, innovation and thought- leadership in the field of education in India. The launch of the Heritage Avenue campus is a testimony to our commitment to excellence and we hope to continue this legacy of being a thought-leader in education.” Said Vishnu Karthik, Member of Advisory Board, The Heritage Schools and Co founder HIXS.

As part of the consecration of the new building, a collaborative mosaic panel, ‘The HIXS Spirit’ created by parents, students and educators was also unveiled, symbolizing the strong sense of community and unity that defines HIXS. The inauguration of the Heritage Avenue Campus marks a new chapter in HIXS’s journey, where innovation and education come together to shape future leaders.