Jasudben ML and Bloomingdales Pre-Primary School Introduces New Uniforms Featuring Endangered Animals

Jasudben ML and Bloomingdales Pre-Primary School Introduces New Uniforms Featuring Endangered Animals

New uniforms

Mumbai, 29th March 2023: Bloomingdales Pre-Primary is excited to unveil our new uniform for the upcoming academic year. We are proud to introduce colourful t-shirts for our students, featuring the image of an endangered animal on the front. Our goal is to instil in our young learners a sense of responsibility towards our planet and its inhabitants. By wearing these t-shirts we hope to create awareness among our students about the importance of being environmentally conscious and the urgent need to conserve and protect endangered species.

Our new school uniform includes t-shirts in three vibrant colours, each featuring an endangered animal that represents the three essential elements of our planet – Air, Water and Earth. The Red Panda represents Earth, the Forest Owlet signifies Air, and the Blue Whale symbolises Water. The School Mascot, AWE, is a reminder of the interconnectedness of these elements and the importance of taking care of our planet. By wearing these t-shirts our students will not only look great but also be reminded of the need to protect and conserve our environment.

Mrs Damayanti Bhattacharya, Principal of Jasudben ML School and Bloomingdales Pre- Primary, said, “The new uniforms reflect the school’s theme of the year – Happy at School. We believe that a happy school environment begins with creating a sense of belonging among our students towards the environment at large. By introducing the new uniforms, we hope to create a sense of unity and responsibility among our students while also making them environmentally conscious, which will contribute to their overall well-being as well as happiness.”

She further added, “We understand that parents want their children to feel comfortable and confident at school but also conscious of the world beyond its school gates since their early years. And the new uniforms are designed to be comfortable and practical while also being unique, relevant and meaningful. We believe that this change will be appreciated by parents and contribute to their happiness and satisfaction with the school. With this new uniform, we hope to inspire our students to become ambassadors of change and make a positive impact in their communities and beyond. ” The school is excited to begin this new chapter and looks forward to seeing its students wear the new uniform with