Kalam Appoints Renowned Public Policy Expert & Educator Deepanshu Singh as Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer

Kalam Appoints Renowned Public Policy Expert & Educator Deepanshu Singh as Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer

NEW DELHI, India —21st September  2023: Kalam, India’s first AI-backed Adaptive Learning Ecosystem, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Deepanshu Singh as the new Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer effective from September 12, 2023. Deepanshu, an alumnus of IIM-Kozhikode, joins Kalam with an extensive background in technology, strategy, public policy, and education.

Singh’s expertise extends beyond the boardroom into the realms of Civil Services, Government consulting, and youth empowerment. His unique blend of experience makes him a critical asset to Kalam, as it seeks to revolutionize education in India through its ground-breaking AI technology and mentorship programs.

“Deepanshu Singh is an extraordinary addition to our team and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome him on board. His innovative strategies in education and his wealth of experience in public policy embody the ethos of Kalam. Deepanshu’s passion for leveraging technology to benefit the youth aligns perfectly with our mission to create a social impact, and we’re confident that his contributions will be instrumental in expanding the growth and reach of Kalam,” said Vimal Singh Rathore, founder of Kalam.

With a career that spans multiple sectors, Deepanshu has been a game-changer in the educational field. His revolutionary idea of analyzing ‘The Hindu newspaper online became a national trendsetter in 2016. This and his numerous other initiatives helped him earn a reputation as a top educator for UPSC civil services aspirants in India. Over the last decade, he has mentored more than 250,000 students online, helping them crack one of the most challenging exams in the country. He has also been actively involved with Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Abhyuday Yojana since 2022 for providing quality and free guidance in cracking UPSC examinations for aspirants from rural areas and marginalized sections of the State.

During his time at Unacademy, Deepanshu managed the UPSC section, introduced products, and contributed to the introduction of paid live classes. Singh has regularly been in the top 5 educators on the platform for several years, accumulating over 100 million views across YouTube and Unacademy.

Deepanshu Singh

“Joining Kalam represents a compelling blend of challenge and opportunity that deeply resonates with me. I’m invigorated by the company’s vision of transforming education through AI and personalized learning, which aligns perfectly with my own passion for building impactful products. Given India’s burgeoning youth population, I firmly believe that now is the pivotal moment to scale Kalam’s transformative educational offerings. Together, we aim to empower students across the nation and foster a more equitable educational landscape,” said Deepanshu Singh

Deepanshu is also a renowned TEDx speaker and the author of two Amazon best-selling books on India’s foreign policy. His passion lies in building products that solve everyday problems, understanding the global implications of local actions, and tapping into the synergy of technology or the T3 approach.

His recent stint with the Government of India for G20, where he was a core team member that designed the High-level principles on Digitalization of trade documents under the Trade and Investment working group, adds another layer of acumen to his profile, making him an unparalleled addition to the Kalam team.

Deepanshu’s leadership promises to synergize well with Kalam’s mission of personalizing education for each student and revolutionizing the learning ecosystem in India.