The Increased Use of AI

The Increased Use of AI


AI technology continues to improve, it may have a substantial impact on the economy concerning growth, productivity, inequality, market power, innovation, and employment.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) faces numerous debates regarding potential impacts on individuals although it could be risky it’s also a fantastic opportunity.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is helping cyber-security, e-commerce, and robotics education. It is estimated that the global artificial intelligence market will reach people who are worrying about losing their jobs as artificial intelligence continues to advance because it has revolutionized industries across all sectors but AI (Artificial Intelligence) has increased the number of jobs and possibilities available to individuals across all industries every machine needs a person to ruin although Artificial Intelligence has replaced certain occupations, it still creates more jobs for humans. It performs specific tasks, general AI performs tasks like a human. General AI performs tasks like a human, and the super AI is more capable than a human, but both general AI and super AI are hypothetical because these technologies are not developed yet and research is ongoing. However, the development of such AI will take more time in the development of Artificial General Intelligence will accelerate. We can say that- without AI, we might not have made the incredible recent advancements in fields like robotics, robot advisors, and many more.

o Arpita Singh

According to Arpita Singh, CEO of NICS EducationsAI has the potential to fundamentally change the relationship between automation technology, labor demand, and inequality. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning will become more prominent in the consumer market which will immediately affect how well web development functions virtual assistants will provide professional advice. Other advantages include strengthening governance through better decision-making processes shortening time to market for streamlining and supply chain networks given all these scenarios.