The first edition of SFA Championships in Bengaluru aims to bring 20000 school athletes on field

The first edition of SFA Championships in Bengaluru aims to bring 20000 school athletes on field

The first edition of SFA Championship

Bengaluru, 21st September 2023: The Kanteerava stadium and Koramangala Indoor stadium will now have school athletes compete across 30 sports, a first for the silicon valley of India! Putting school sports on centre-stage, SFA Championships will enable the first exposure to multi-sports, for every school athlete. The very first edition of SFA championships in Bengaluru, beginning in January 2024, will discover the sporting potential of the city to identify the number one school in sports. SFA Championships is an endeavor by Sports For All (SFA), India’s leading tech-enabled multi-sports school competition platform.

Extending the vision to transform the grassroots sporting culture in India, schools in Bengaluru can now register on and motivate school athletes to pick a sport to compete. Visualize this multi-sport platform similar to an Olympics platform, where every school can send their contingent of athletes to compete in over 30 sports. The SFA Championships is enabling a platform to identify the best sporting talent and ensure young athletes experience the joy of playing multiple sports. And eventually discover the best school in sports in Bengaluru!

The Championships will equip young athletes with professional infrastructure and equipment, certified match officials and referees through Sports Associations, fully equipped medical stations, physiotherapists, clinics and workshops along with a digitally integrated system for detailed statistics, performance analysis and match videography.

Rajas Joshi, Chief Operating Officer, Sports For All (SFA), expressed, “Introducing kids to multi-sports at an early-age has often been attributed as the key factor for their overall development. A city that has the tech world, food enthusiasts and education masters captivated – Bengaluru – has very quickly emerged as an essential ground for discovering future sporting Champions. With an infrastructure of stadiums for every sport to enriching academy and training centres, the city is a testimony to the immense passion for sports. This is what motivated us to bring the first-ever edition of SFA Championships in Bangalore, with an attempt to enthuse every school athlete to play and compete across 30 sports. Now is the time for every parent, coach and school to nudge their kids towards that Olympian dream!”

Athletes in the age group of 3-18 years can secure their participation, for the sport of their preference, as schools register for this city-based Championships. In 2023, SFA has pledged to encourage 2 lakh athletes to play through 10 SFA Championships in a span of 4 months!