Orchids The International School Hosts Successful Astro Camp In Gurgaon

Orchids The International School Hosts Successful Astro Camp In Gurgaon

Orchids The International School

Gurgaon,11th April 2024: Orchids The International School, one of India’s leading K12 school chains hosted an exciting Astro Camp at Moksha resort, Sariska recently with an aim to create curiosity and a sense of wonder about the universe among young minds. The students were able to gaze at the celestial bodies through a reflecting telescope, immersing themselves in the practical experience for their Astronomy class within the enjoyable settings of a fun-filled space camp.

During this memorable camp, students delved into astronomy trivia, views of double stars, and binary systems, such as Alcor and Mizor in the Big Dipper, showcasing the diversity and beauty of the universe. The program also featured engaging sessions on navigating the night sky using celestial charts, discussions on various celestial objects including stars, galaxies, and nebulae along with exploration of constellation myths. It also provided a spectacular view of the Milky Way with the naked eye, setting the stage for observations of the Orion Nebula using telescopes.

The event concluded with mesmerizing observations of the moonrise through telescopes, complemented by additional solar observations using solar filters, providing students with a holistic and enriching experience. Despite its limited viewing window near the horizon, students were fortunate to witness this celestial marvel.

Sumitra Goswami, Senior VP Academics of Orchids The International School stated – “Our Astronomy Curriculum doesn’t just educate but also ignites wonder and curiosity about the cosmos. This hands-on field trip sparks a passion for Astronomy, leaving students with a lasting sense of awe. It’s a unique opportunity for them to step beyond the classroom and embrace the wonders of the universe firsthand. This initiative aligns with Orchids’ commitment to providing practical experiences, fostering lifelong curiosity and real-world understanding that strengthens classroom learning and prepares students for national and international space science competitions.”

Orchids The International School remains dedicated to nurturing the inquisitive spirit within each student, offering experiences that go beyond traditional classroom learning and inspire a lifelong love for knowledge. The school’s Astronomy curriculum provides students with practical, hands-on experiences with astronomy tools, helping them develop a deeper appreciation for the relevance of astronomy in their daily lives. With these objectives in mind, the field trip left a lasting impression on every participant, igniting a lifelong passion for the mysteries of the night sky.