ViewSonic Introduces Revolutionary Software Platform EdSync, customized for Indian Education System

ViewSonic Introduces Revolutionary Software Platform EdSync, customized for Indian Education System

New Delhi, India 11th April 2024 ViewSonic Corp., one of the leading edtech solution providers, expands its ecosystem with the introduction of ViewSonic EdSync, an integrated platform for Learning Management systems (LMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Designed in India, and tailored exclusively for Indian schools and institutes, it is a comprehensive end-to-end solution for school operations. This software will prove to be a significant addition to ViewSonic’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the education institutes.

ViewSonic forayed into the Edtech sector with the introduction of their hardware, ViewBoard (IFP) in 2018 and has retained the No. 1 position since 2020. Further, in the year 2019, the company introduced myViewBoard, a technology-agnostic, comprehensive learning software suite that provides a customizable environment for online and physical learning. The brand expanded its sustainable education ecosystem with content – like ViewLessons in 2023. This pre-made educational lesson plan is specifically developed for the Indian market aligned with National Education Policy and embedded with 800 CBSE and 800 ICSE lesson plans with 2400+ assessment sheets for the students. The company also focuses on developing educators’ communities by encouraging peer-to-peer learning and exchanging various resources and information to build a sustainable education ecosystem. ViewSonic is providing tailored solutions to educators for engaging and personalized classroom experiences.

They’re continuously improving their education offerings and therefore have expanded its ecosystem by introducing ‘EdSync’, a complete solution to all the stakeholders – inside and outside of the school – Principal, admins, course co-coordinators, teachers, parents and the students.

One of the distinguished factors is that it is a highly customizable platform that consolidates various modules and features into one holistic solution. EdSync aims to streamline educational institutes’ daily operations by seamlessly integrating all stakeholders including the vendors of the school. In addition to this, EdSync also provides separate web interfaces & mobile apps for all of them, for seamless operations. With such an array of offerings, EdSync will help replace 7-8 different software and will become a one-stop integrated solution for the school management

EdSync is AI-powered and offers automated timetable generation, AI chatbot trained on all the school documents and offers lesson plan generation for the educators that would save their time and focus on student engagement rather than a multitude of paperwork.

Muneer Ahmad, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ViewSonic India, said, “We at ViewSonic are always thriving with our aggressive approach to building a strong presence in the education space. Over the past five years, we have transformed our education segment from hardware to service provider. Bringing a complete solution to the Indian education landscape, we have tailored our education segment with innovation and have created an ‘Ecosystem as a Service’ (EaaS). Our target is not only restricted to educators but has moved beyond focusing on other stakeholders. Our newly introduced EdSync is an end-to-end multiple solution provider equipped with the user-friendly interface, robust features, and comprehensive support across stakeholders. With our new software, we are leveraging our expertise to provide a holistic solution to educational institutions. We hope to enhance learning outcomes and daily operations of educational institutions”.

EdSync is an amalgamation of LMS, Admin ERP, and Academic ERP. Some of the key features embedded in EdSync include the comprehensive LMS empowering educators and students throughout the educational journey. By digitizing learning and student assessments, it improves educational experiences for both educators and students, fostering accessibility, efficiency, and effectiveness in learning. The system also enables student Tracking System, admission, fee and transport management.

It ensures Data Security by centralizing storage and enhancing protective measures. Cloud-based ERP systems play a crucial role in safeguarding sensitive student and staff information.

  • · Another important feature EdSync possesses is Scalability, that is, the flexibility to adapt functionalities to current needs while seamlessly ensuring growth and future expansion.
  • · EdSync prioritizes mobility with dedicated applications for students, teachers, parents, principals, and administration enabling real-time access to essential tasks on mobile devices.
  • · The Marketplace feature in EdSync connects schools with reputable vendors, providing quality educational resources.

ViewSonic EdSync will play an imperative role in transforming the education ecosystem in India, offering tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of educational institutions across the country.