“Transforming Broken tile into Style”, Somany Ceramics collaborates with College of Architecture Trivandrum on National Tiles Day

“Transforming Broken tile into Style”, Somany Ceramics collaborates with College of Architecture Trivandrum on National Tiles Day

Somany Ceramics collaborates with

Trivandrum, 24th February 2024, Somany Ceramics Ltd., a leading name in the tile industry, on National Tiles Day 23rd February 2024, collaborated with the students of College of Architecture Trivandrum to spotlight the artistic potential inherent in waste tiles and to promote sustainability in design. “Transforming broken tile into Style”, showcase the creative potential of broken tiles by repurposing them into stunning mosaics. It promotes the mindset of sustainability in design and aims at waste reduction. Over 20 skilled architecture students utilized their creativity and expertise to repurpose waste tiles into a stunning piece of art measuring approximately 8 by 10 feet in height, which was installed within the College campus.

Anshuman Chakravarty, Head of Marketing at Somany Ceramics, shared his thoughts on the initiative saying, “We are committed to promoting sustainability and innovation in the tile industry. Transforming broken tiles into stylish mosaics is not only a creative endeavour but also a step towards building a more sustainable future. By reusing and recycling materials, we can reduce waste and minimize our environmental impact. We are excited to see the innovative designs that the students have created. We hope that this initiative will inspire others to adopt a more sustainable approach to construction and renovation projects”

We are collaborating with Somany Ceramics Ltd. on an art installation project “Transforming Broken tile into Style,” to celebrate National Tiles Day. This collaboration promotes sustainable design by repurposing scrap tiles into creative artworks. Our students are excitedly transforming waste into style, showcasing the power of creativity and sustainability. Together, we’re building a more sustainable future, making mosaics that speak volumes about creative expression and environmental responsibility said Mr. Jayakumar, Director of CAT.

The ‘Transforming Broken tile into Style’ aims to raise awareness about the potential of broken tiles as valuable resources that can be repurposed and used creatively. By showcasing the versatility and beauty of mosaic art, Somany Ceramics and the College of Architecture Trivandrum hope to inspire consumers to adopt a sustainable approach to construction and renovation projects.