Actor-Rapper SlowCheeta collaborates with Rocketman Pizza

Actor-Rapper SlowCheeta collaborates with Rocketman Pizza


Mumbai, 23rd May 2024: In the vibrant streets of Mumbai, a new kind of bawaal (uproar) is brewing—one that melds the gritty rhymes of hip-hop with the savory slices of New York-style pizza. The instigator? None other than Chaitnya Sharma, better known as SlowCheeta, whose latest EP, Scene Mein Bawaal, has captured the city’s imagination. Now, in an unexpected twist, this musical fervor has spilled over into the culinary world with a never-seen-before collaboration with Rocket Man Pizza for a groundbreaking ‘Kar De Kaa?’ menu.

But wait – this isn’t just a collaboration; it’s a cultural dialogue. SlowCheeta’s EP, with its standout track “Kar De Kaa?”, challenges listeners with its raw portrayal of the Indian hip-hop scene’s struggles and triumphs. The phrase “Kar De Kaa?”—a rhetorical query in the dialects of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar meaning “Should I do it?”—echoes the audacity of challenging the impossible. It’s this spirit that Rocket Man Pizza has sought to channel into its new menu.

Each pizza on the limited-edition menu is not just a dish but a narrative, embodying the cheeky, daring ethos of “Kar De Kaa?”. Imagine biting into the ‘Slow Tikka’—a bold concoction of three peppercorn chicken tikka, brie, and truffle oil, or the ’90s Ke Ladke’, which reimagines the Bombay-style mutton keema on a modern pizza canvas. Additionally, the ‘Kar de Kaa?’ pizza itself is a meal to remember—rich butter paneer paired with stuffed pickled chilies, a feta drizzle, and grilled lacha onions, each bite a blend of creamy and spicy notes that echo the audacious spirit of the track. Meanwhile, the ‘Bawaal’ pizza brings the monsoon’s spirit into play, its tandoori achari mushrooms and masala corn cream topped with corn and pickled onions capturing the essence of Mumbai’s beloved rainy season street snack, Bhutta.

SlowCheeta himself sees this collaboration as an extension of his art. “Food and music are universal languages that cross-cultural barriers,” he explains. “This menu isn’t just about flavor; it’s about feeding the spirit of anyone who dares to dream big.”

On the other side of the collaboration, Rocket Man Pizza’s founders, Chef Anand Morwani and Rohan Mangalorkar view this as a continuation of their own story. Starting with Detroit-style pizzas and transitioning to lighter, New York-style sourdough bases, their journey has been anything but conventional. “The ‘Kar De Kaa?’ menu embodies our philosophy of innovation and audacity,” says Morwani. “It’s about pushing boundaries, in both taste and tradition.”

As Mumbai’s foodies and music lovers alike queue up to taste these lyrical dishes, the ‘Kar De Kaa?’ menu serves as a delicious reminder of the city’s ever-evolving cultural landscape. This collaboration isn’t just about adding a new flavor to the menu—it’s about creating a moment in time where music meets meal, where lyrics lace through layers of cheese and sauce, and where every bite tells a story of hustle, harmony, and hope.

To experience this unique blend of flavors and rhythms, order this limited edition menu from Rocket Man Pizza’s website or Swiggy / Zomato from May 24th to June 2nd, 2024. And for those yet to hear it, SlowCheeta’s “Scene Mein Bawaal” is streaming across all major platforms, promising a musical journey as bold and indomitable as the pizzas it inspired.