Actress Kiara Advani and Director Atlee share secrets of appealing to masses through movies

Actress Kiara Advani and Director Atlee share secrets of appealing to masses through movies

Mumbai,26th February 2024: Two Bollywood celebrities spilled the beans of their secrets of success in the Indian film industry. Famous Actress Kiara Advani and celebrated Director Atlee joined the podium at the ‘Ideas of India’ Summit 3.0 sharing the two very different journeys but same destination that of success.

Known for her exceptional performances and a journey marked by determination, Kiara Advani, spoke in the session the Outsider’s Uphill Battle: The Struggle and the Success. Speaking on how she handles fame and admiration, Kiara Advani expressed, “I have a sense of gratitude from the starting of my journey. My base years have kept me grounded, and the art of balancing is what has made me sail through these 10 years.”

Motivating the young women, Kiara added, “It is really mind over matter, definitely there are more expectations from women when they step out of the traditional role. For me, it is really about prioritizing between my social life, fitness and family.” She applauded the audience’s mind set which has evolved over time with married actresses being popularly accepted.

Commenting on the Instagram trends of setting impossible beauty standards and self-doubt, Kiara Advani said, “There is a lot of hard work that goes behind curating the feed. We don’t want to set impossible beauty standards, but at the end it is a visual medium and our work requires us to give the best shot.”

On her association with Don 3, she said, “It was a conscious decision to step in the action genre, and I am very excited to be a part of this movie.”

Kiara shared her learnings over the years from the industry for keeping it real, “Have the courage to be disliked, don’t seek external validation, rather seek constructive criticism.”

Known for delivering nothing short of blockbuster movies, Film Director and Screenwriter Atlee shared the secret to his filmmaking at the session How to Make a Blockbuster: It Takes Guts and Glory.

Atlee remarked, “Movies are not bounded by language but by love. Even if I am not familiar with Hindi, I can make a Hindi movie because I understand the emotions of audience coming to watch my cinema.”

Asked about his work experience with Shah Rukh Khan, he said, “I love all his films Chennai Express, DDLJ, Om Shanti Om. He has an unmatchable screen presence. God has been kind for giving me a chance to work with him. I will definitely work with him again once I crack a new subject”.

Elaborating on his art of filmmaking and appealing to audience across India, he said, “The most genuine time is layman’s time and layman’s money. If a viewer is investing 300 rupees in a movie, I feel responsible for keeping them entertained. Violence in my movies is not to provoke anyone but to voice out the bitter truth. I need to give a social message to my audience, it is important to me. Politics is a part of life; it should be brought to the fore when we are living in a democracy.”

The ABP Network’s ‘Ideas of India’ Summit 3.0 spotlighting the ‘The People’s Agenda’ brought a confluence of ideas and ideators to a common platform celebrating the country’s people and its plurality. The two-day summit hosted policymakers, cultural ambassadors, industry experts, celebrities, business leaders, economists, and leading luminaries to delve into the fundamental ideas of liberty, justice, equality, and diversity that define India, its society, culture, and politics. The meaningful deliberations on diverse topics had the brightest minds across sectors providing insights about the nation’s trajectory and its journey to become Viksit Bharat.