Space2Grow Unveils Vibrant Rebrand Reflecting Five Years of Social Impact and Vision for Future

Space2Grow Unveils Vibrant Rebrand Reflecting Five Years of Social Impact and Vision for Future

India, 19th April 2024: Space2Grow (S2G), the visionary social impact consultancy known for its commitment to creating safer, skilled, and empowered communities, proudly unveils its dynamic rebranding. This proud moment not only celebrates S2G’s five years of remarkable contributions to social change but also ushers in a new chapter of innovation, inclusivity, and impactful action. With a rich portfolio of 50+ cross-sector collaborations and clients spanning diverse sectors, S2G has tirelessly championed the cause of ensuring the safety, skillfulness, and freedom of children and young individuals. Through pioneering Digital Safety Initiatives and Inclusive Skilling endeavors S2G has positively impacted the lives of over 2,00,000 children and young individuals, equipping them with the awareness and tools needed to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of the internet securely.
A Journey of Empathy and Impact

Founded on the principles of empathy, strategic thinking, and a genuine desire to effect change, Space2Grow has been at the forefront of addressing critical societal challenges. From advocating for digital safety and fighting against human trafficking to empowering the marginalized through skill development, S2G’s journey is a testament to its unwavering commitment to a safer, more inclusive world.

“In the past five years, our mission has been clear – to bridge the gap between intent and action. Our rebranding is a reflection of our growth, learnings, and the deeper understanding we’ve gained from our work,” shared Chitra Iyer, Co-founder and CEO of Space2Grow.

Adding to this, Chairperson Shri. Priyank Kanoongo, National Commission for Protection of Child Rights said, “Space2Grow has been associated with us since its inception. Their work especially during COVID of supporting and raising funds for children who lost their parents and in creating safety in the cyber space for children and stakeholders is commendable. I congratulate Chitra Iyer and Anuj Singhal for their relaunching of their brand and wish them luck for continued work in making children safe and empowered.”

The Essence of the New Brand

Embracing a refreshed identity, the rebrand showcases a vibrant color palette and a redesigned logo that symbolizes S2G’s core values. Pink represents the consultancy’s nurturing approach and commitment to women and children, while green symbolizes growth, optimism, and prosperity. The new logo, centered around the idea of safe spaces, encapsulates S2G’s dedication to fostering environments where individuals, particularly children and young adults, can thrive.

“Our rebranding is more than a new look. It’s a reaffirmation of our promise to protect, skill, and empower the young and vulnerable. It’s about being bold, fearless, yet caring and empathetic,” explained Anuj Singhal, Co-founder and Partner at Space2Grow.

The Path Forward

With the rebrand, Space2Grow is set to deepen its impact across its key focus areas. The consultancy remains dedicated to its ‘Concept to Impact’ framework, translating into tangible societal benefits. Over the past five years, our efforts have catalyzed significant changes such as:

● Digital Safety Initiatives: Over the past five years, our targeted interventions have significantly heightened protections in digital spaces. Our research shows alarming trends: 40% of children meet strangers online, and 60% of these interactions lead to offline encounters. Through landmark initiatives, such as crafting the Child Safety Policy for India’s largest EdTech and establishing benchmarking standards for child safety compliance, we have impacted over 200,000 stakeholders across platforms, setting a robust precedent for digital safety.

● Skilling and Inclusion Efforts: Our innovative skilling models have successfully included marginalized communities, particularly trafficking survivors, into the workforce. These programs have not only provided over 200 survivors with vital life and sector-specific skills but have also prepared them for real-world job opportunities, ensuring their successful reintegration and sustainable independence.

“Partnering with Space2Grow has been a game changer for Vedantu. Their expertise was crucial in areas we were less familiar with, especially in understanding the unique risks associated with children’s online interactions. With their guidance, we’ve implemented comprehensive policies and trained our teams to prioritise child safety above all. Beyond policy, Space2Grow helped us conduct essential research on children’s internet usage, enhancing our understanding and approach. They also played a key role in extending our CSR efforts to reach underprivileged children. Space2Grow didn’t just advise us; they transformed our philosophy to ensure that child protection leads every decision in our platform’s development. They are true partners, not just in a few projects, but in our ongoing mission to make learning safe and accessible” said Pulkit Jain, Co-Founder Vedantu Innovations Ltd, one of the largest Edtech Unicorns in India.

“Our commitment remains steadfast: to create a future where every child and young person is safe, skilled, and free. Fast-paced changes – both in the economy as well as in Technology are only creating more reasons to be vigilant and one step ahead. Our new identity is a bold step towards this vision and commitment, inviting partners, stakeholders, and the community to join us in making this dream a reality,” said Iyer.

An Invitation to Collaborate

Space2Grow extends an invitation to like-minded organizations, investors, and individuals passionate about creating meaningful social change. Whether it’s through partnerships, support, or advocacy, there’s a role for everyone in this journey toward building safer, more inclusive communities.