Kintree Launches KinWill: A Revolutionary Will Feature for Effortless Legacy Planning

Kintree Launches KinWill: A Revolutionary Will Feature for Effortless Legacy Planning


Mumbai, 22nd February 2024: Kintree, a FamTech Social Family Tree App centered around family bonds and togetherness, proudly unveils its latest feature – KinWill – empowering users to preserve a legacy for their loved ones seamlessly. The new feature aims at simplifying the often-overlooked process of creating a Will. Most people think that it is something to be done towards the end of life. Life is uncertain, and with more and more emergencies like the Covid-19 pandemic happening, having a Will in place is a crucial step in ensuring that your legacy and loved ones are protected.

Why KinWill?

Kintree aims to deliver an exceptional social Family Tree App platform that makes it easier for people to stay in touch with their immediate and extended families. In a community-based society like India’s, it is important to make sure that every individual has a Will in place, regardless of age or health. Having a Will saves time, effort, and stress for your loved ones and lowers the potential for future family disputes. Not having a Will in place may lead to conflicts, which could be taken to court, causing an unnecessary brush with the law among your loved ones.

Vikram Lad, Co-Founder & COO, expressed his insights on launch of KinWill to Kintree users, “Kintree has launched KinWill, which is designed to empower individuals to create a Will effortlessly, ensuring that their desires are clearly communicated, and their legacy is safeguarded. In this way, we contribute to making the often-complex process of heritage transfers and oversight simple, intuitive, and available to all Kintree app users. A Will created by users on KinWill, will have a double security feature to be accessed by the user themself.”

The Significance of KinWill:

A Will is not just a wish list; it is a way to communicate your instructions clearly and precisely, ensuring a smooth transition of legacy and the appointment of guardians for minor children. KinWill addresses these concerns, offering a user-friendly platform that allows anyone to create a Will in just 5 minutes, free of charge for Kintree app users, and without taking any information of your assets.

Creating Your Free-of-Cost Will in Easy Steps:

  1. Create your Family Tree on Kintree with your family members.
  2. Provide Basic Personal Information: Input the necessary details to personalize your Will.
  3. Add Beneficiaries: Specify relatives and non-relatives on your family tree who will benefit from your legacy.
  4. Allocate/Distribute Legacy: Easily distribute your Legacy according to your wishes.
  5. Choose Executor: Designate the person responsible for carrying out your wishes in case of demise, he/she should not be from your family tree.
  6. Authenticate with your Selfie with Aadhar Card, printed on your Will.
  7. Safeguard the KinWill with 4digit PIN.

Notarizing the Will:

While registration is not compulsory in India, it is advisable to notarize the Will for added security. KinWill offers notarization services at a nominal cost . This unparalleled offering ensures the authenticity of the document, providing added assurance for both the testator and beneficiaries.

In a world where the unexpected can happen, KinWill stands as a beacon, offering a simple yet comprehensive solution to an often-neglected aspect of Legacy Planning.