Accio Robotics unveils AccioPick Air; Set to revolutionize warehouse automation

Accio Robotics unveils AccioPick Air; Set to revolutionize warehouse automation

New Delhi, February 28th 2024: Accio Robotics,, is set to introduce its latest groundbreaking product, AccioPick Air, at the prestigious ‘LogiMAT 2024’, an International Trade Show for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management. To be held at IEML, Greater Noida, the event will focus on solutions that are designed on the Representing a leap forward in warehousing technology, AccioPick Air is a cutting-edge Mobile Automated Storage and Retrieval System (mASRS) that robotically combines the strengths of fixed and flexible automation to redefine operational efficiency and adaptability in medium to high throughput applications.

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AccioPick Air offers a set of key features that redefine warehousing automation. The robot’s unique capability to latch onto storage aisles and climb vertically enhances space utilisation and retrieval speed. Its core functionality lies in the seamless, reliable, and accurate retrieval and delivery of bins to the induction station. Employing a hybrid automation approach, Accio Pick Air integrates fixed and flexible automation elements, ensuring stability and adaptability to various storage layouts.

Furthermore, the decoupling of bin retrieval and transportation allows dynamic task allocation, enabling any child robot to retrieve a bin and dock with any available mother robot, effectively reducing wait times. The system simplifies operations by eliminating the need for specific tote-to-robot pairings, thereby reducing tote marrying complexity. The mother robot efficiently transports the child robot and tote, streamlining the retrieval and delivery processes.

Accio Pick Air’s continuous retrieval and return process minimises idle time, ensuring consistently productive robot operations. The system further addresses the challenge of aisle congestion by allowing empty child robots to travel underneath aisles without totes, optimising space usage. Its flexibility and scalability shine through dynamic task allocation based on robot availability and location, providing an easily scalable solution for varying demands.

Tuhin Sharma, Co-Founder, Accio Robotics, said, “AccioPick Air marks a veritable paradigm shift in warehousing automation, seamlessly blending innovation with efficiency. Its unique features are set to push and redefine the possibilities of operational excellence. Accio Pick Air is not just a standard robotic system; it’s a catalyst for heralding an exciting era of streamlined, adaptive, and productive warehouse solutions that will set new innovation benchmarks for the entire industry.”

The system promises an optimisation of picking labor force by about 90%, and increases the pick rates by about 5 times. The vertical advantage of the robot also promises to save about 85% of the space as opposed to manual picking operations.